The adventures of an unlikely pair. Follow us if you dare....

This Unlikely Runner

I began my running journey in the fall of 2010 in an attempt to make new friends and to do something other than sit at home. I had always wanted to run a half marathon and had talked for years about running the 8 mile Turkey Trot here in Dallas. The turkey trot is something my Dad and I do every year and usually we have lots of friends join in.
Turkey Trot 2009

Turket Trot 2010

Turkey Trot finish 2010
Turkey Trot 2011

In August of 2010 I went thru a very tramatic change in my life and my world was flipped upside down when I got divorced. But along the way God was faithful to me and worked so many amazing miracles in my life. Not to be ignored is the fact that I had to move to a new city and right across the street was a Run On! It was there that once again God put people in my life, who I have absolutely NOTHING in common with other than running and a goal. Yet, thru running and goals and accomplishments I have achieved I have learning so much about myself. I may be the most inexperienced and slow runner you will ever know and I may not train properly or always workout like I should, but I always give it my best and leave wanting more. I know that my running journey is much more personal for me than it is for most, but that's what makes this journey all the more important in my life. I have found support in ways I never knew I needed it and have learned just exactly what I am made.
Oh, and so there's this new boy in my life now, Alex, and he apparently hates to run but somehow he always ends up toeing the line with me. It's been the greatest pleasure to have him take on the same exciting races that I do and to be able to share my passion for running with him. So please join us as we travel this journey.

A few things about me:
I love to read. I like the feeling of completing a book. But I actually hate to finish one because I become so much a part of what I’m reading that I hate for it to be over. One day I will have a room devoted just to reading. It will have floor to ceiling book shelves and the most comfortable reading chair in the world and lots of throw blankets.
I make lists. I have lists for things to do tomorrow; List for things to do today; List for things to do in the next hour. Lists of books I want to read. Lists of books I want to read to my kids. Lists of places I want to go. List of things I want to see when I get to those places. Lists of things to accomplish physically, emotionally and spiritually. I like making lists.
Politics confuse me. I wish I understood them better because I feel uneducated when I don’t have an opinion and I really do care very deeply about our government and the preservation of human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but I just don’t get it! I am thankful to my Grandparent’s for teaching us early on its importance, and no one can argue that it’s not important to me, I just wish I knew better what it was I find so important.
I love crime shows. Dateline, 48Hour mysteries, 20/20 etc. I find them fascinating. In high school I would watch Diagnosis Murder with my grandfather and we would always spoil the ending.  It’s my greatest fantasy to one day stumble into a great crime in which I can help find clues and solve an age old mystery; unfortunately real life is never that easy.
I like the idea of traveling more than I actually like to travel. I am a homebody in the most profound way. I have desires to go places and see the world, to experience new cultures and foods and adventures. But when it comes right down to it I’m too scared. Planning stresses me out, packing stresses me out. Flying stresses me out. It’s all so overwhelming and I hate that part of me.
I stress out about a lot of unnecessary things. Type A personality, enough said.
I am a perfectionist.
I am my own worst critic.             
I have finally learned to laugh at myself.
I am fiercely loyal to those I care about. So much so that sometimes I neglect my own needs.
I over commit, yet I always have good intentions.
I love to sing.    
I love Dr. Pepper. My number one weakness! And I am forever trying to "quit" them!
I like big watches.
I can’t watch movies about animals.
I am obsessed with the Olympics. I dream of going to the Olympics someday. If I could be anyone I wanted it would to be an Olympic athlete or coach. And don’t even think about bothering me when they come on every 2 years because I will watch them 24/7. (Opening ceremonies are on July 27th in case anyone was wondering)
My sister’s are the most important people in my life and I would do absolutely anything for them, no questions asked.
I talk to my dogs.
My family names our cars. (RIP Felix, Minnie Ann, Clifford, Sonic and Barney.)
The beach is my favorite vacation spot.
My favorite vacation growing up was Washington D.C.
I am very close to all my cousins and I consider myself blessed because of it.
I despise wearing t-shirts.
I hate to put butter on my popcorn at the movies. Seriously, it’s gross!
I wish I could have run track in high school.
I love to clean and organize things, it’s therapy for me. You might say I have obsessive compulsive tendency’s, I’ll just tell you I get that from my dad.
I love cardigans. I wear one pretty much every day.
I crave a routine in my life. I do the same things every day: same breakfast, same shower routine, same seat on the train…
I talk when I’m nervous. I have learned to fill what would become an “awkward silence” with many topics. I’m good at coming up with things to talk about on the fly.
I hate my signature. But I think I have the coolest name ever.
I only use black ink. Red is ok in necessary times at work, but blue really freaks me out. I refuse to use blue ink.
I am allergic to milk.
My favorite color is green.
My favorite movie of all time is Apollo 13. And I can’t tell you why. Second to that is Little Women.
I am claustrophobic, arachnophobic and ophidiophobic.
I am also deathly afraid of foul balls at the baseball game.

I am a die hard Texas Rangers Baseball fan, hands down, one of my most favorite things in the world!
I HATE scary movies.
I am in love with the Beetles and Elton John.
I think chewing gum is gross and rude. But I won’t judge you.
Christmas is my favorite time of year.
I hate to cook but I know how and always want to eat healthy and try harder at it. I wish I had more time to try new recipes.
I watch at least one Friend’s episode every day, they have helped me through many a good and bad day.
I like James Bond movies, especially the old ones.
I am addicted to texting; it is my number one form of communication.
I love anything in the form of a taco – breakfast tacos, fish tacos, Mexican tacos…!

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