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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The One About Clean Caffeine

I was recently contact through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink to do a review on a new product that is on the market, it is called Lyft and it is a clean energy supplement. I admit that at first I was actually quite sceptical of the product, I mean a stir stick that has zero calories, zero taste and gives you the caffeine equivalent to a tall coffee? What in the world is this stuff? How can this really work and certainly there’s some weird crazy taste involved?

I was even more skeptical when I actually opened the package and saw this weird stick. You have to remove the outer packaging and there is powder on the bottom that will mix into ANY drink. But as skeptical as I was I was also quite curious; as much as I don’t want to admit my addiction to caffeine I kind of actually depend on it daily in the form of iced teas. While iced tea isn’t terrible for me and while I’ve learned to drink unsweet iced tea to be healthier I still need to drink more water throughout my day and these stir sticks allow me the opportunity to do so.

I was pleasantly surprised that there was in fact so taste at all. The powder mixed right in and dissolved really well and at no calories it’s a great compliment to any drink, yes, ANY drink! I personally have only had it with water but I have another stick that I plan to use in something else other than water, I just haven’t decided what is special enough yet to use it on.

As for energy, I was also pleasantly surprised with the fact that I actually felt a boost in energy yet I didn’t experience anything like jitters or increased heart rate at all. It was subtle but noticeable.

The PureLyft sticks are very portable and easy to stick in your purse and carry with you or toss in a gym bag for a quick pick-me-up. My only complaint would be the cost; at the price of $5.99 for 2 or a 24-pack for $49.99 I’m not sure this is something I would make a priority in my budget. I do like the fact that it’s clean and has no calories but I don’t particularly like the price. However, if it were cheaper it would definitely be something that I would add into my daily routine.

If you are interested in trying out PureLyft for yourself I would recommend it. Be sure and check out their website, along with their Facebook page for product info and for giveaways and samples!

*I was provided a PureLyft sample free of charge via the Sweat Pink ambassador program. The reviews and opinions are all my own and I was not compensated for them.