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Monday, April 7, 2014

The One With A New Weekly Series; Sort of…

I plan to start deviating a bit from the “The One…” titles and so I say sort of because my new weekly series will be called “Monday’s Miles”. I already sort of do this, or I guess have done this frequently in the past so it’s not entirely new but the title is new and hopefully will bring a fresh approach to my weekly postings. I actually have a few ideas for different types of series that I want to start incorporating it’s just a matter of getting myself organized and together…

Anyways, all of that to say I’m bringing the weekly workout recaps (as lame as they are lately) back! So here is the first installment of

I actually chose a pretty poor week to bring back my weekly workout recaps because well, I was pretty much a dud all week. I took 4 days off, 2 were unplanned, 1 was planned and the other day was just pure laziness. How’s that for some honesty. I always find myself getting close to taper time and just overall struggling. I can’t find my motivation, I can’t find energy, I feel physically AND mentally exhausted and just once I would like for a training plan to go well, as planned!

This go around marathon training has actually been really frustrating, really sketchy and all at one time both really good and terribly poor. Maybe I should just say marathon training has been a little bit bipolar…. I will update you later this week on this training cycle as a whole and my overall thoughts about it and why it hasn’t worked but what are some of the good things I’m gleaning from this time around.

But for now here’s what I did this week:

Monday: Nothing - I was debating making this a rest day after the A2A half - I was leaning towards a short shakeout run but my left calf muscle had other plans for me.

Tuesday: Nada - This was definitely an unplanned day because in my mind I was going out to do at least 6 miles but my left calf continued to spasm all day long. I was told (by a semi-professional) that I was dehydrated and needed to drink lots of water and take some electrolytes. I sat on the couch yet again (that futon, that I really hate, and I have become quite good friends lately) and guzzled some Nuun.

Wednesday: Nilch - this was a “planned” rest day. However, after 2 days off I really should have gotten my act together but goodness, it’s my planned rest day, it’s precious to me… Or something more along the lines of I just felt lazy and depressed that I had already had 2 rest days.

Thursday: Negative - the “I haven’t done a single productive thing so why start now” depression set in. Also, thunderstorms kind of prevented this run, at least the planned run outside that is. I have text message proof that Kristie and I planned to run, Mother Nature just had other ideas and I was too tired to argue and make my way to the gym instead.

Friday: 3.5 miles of sloth-like running with Kristie. We ran some and walked some; basically we just needed to get moving again.

Saturday: Fairview Half Marathon. A race report is definitely coming on this one.

Sunday: planned 9 miles but it rained all day long.

So, yea, it was a rough week but here’s to a much better week this week! Less than 2 weeks left until the Kentucky Marathon!!

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You should go easier on yourself! I know it wasn't the week of training that you were hoping for, but you were listening to your body. That's smart. I was just listening to a recent Everyday Runners podcast episode, and they said that if you are running regularly, it will take 2 weeks of zero running to lose you stamina. While I'm not advocating missing that much, I think that 4 days in the grand scheme of training is okay.