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Friday, April 18, 2014

The One Before The Kentucky Marathon

I made it to Indianapolis last night and I enjoyed a nice dinner and relaxing evening chatting with the Thomases. I got to sleep in today, in an amazingly comfortable bed! And I am currently enjoying a bagel (edited to add, my second bagel) while jotting down some thoughts for tomorrow.

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time now mainly because I just really have no idea what to say. For the first time ever I don’t have any concrete thoughts per say about how my training went and I just really don’t have many expectations for tomorrow. I expect to finish the race but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Marathon training started out pretty rough actually; I was coming off of an injury and I was supposed to be training for an Ultra marathon. I didn’t put too much initial thought into marathon training because I just figured if I trained for and completed an ultra then this would be no big deal. Then when I decided to pull out of the ultra I still intended to run the full marathon on that same day but that also didn’t lend itself to be the case.

By the end of February it was safe to say that while I was getting a few good workouts in here and there I wasn’t overly thrilled with my running. In fact I was downright frustrated. Between the months of January and February I only logged 125 miles. After Cowtown I really got my act together though. I forced myself into better eating habits (which resulted in an 11lb weight loss over the last 6 weeks!) and I started trying to incorporate the Hanson Marathon Method into my training.  But mostly I just kind of let go and tried to enjoy running. I stopped worrying about pace and times and I just ran.

March ended up being the best running month I have ever had. I logged 130 miles in March alone. And while my pace wasn’t comparable to what it was a year ago preparing for my marathon I had more good runs than I did bad ones. I can’t say that I successfully followed the Hanson’s marathon plan but I like the idea of it and in the future I plan to try to utilize it more. I actually didn’t really follow a specific plan for this marathon at all, I just ran.

I think that’s why I really don’t have too many expectations for tomorrow. While I can see that I’m not undertrained necessarily I also don’t really have a plan to look at and to give credit to, or blame should things go wrong. Well I guess if things go wrong I could blame it on the lack of a plan… Either way I feel oddly comfortable with my fitness level and preparedness heading into tomorrow.

It’s been a year, exactly, since I’ve run a marathon and while that wasn’t my intentions it’s just how it happened. That does make me a little nervous. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten just what I’m in store for. But on the other hand that may be to my advantage.  I’m sure you can see by now that I really have conflicted feelings about this whole thing.

I am actually excited to run a marathon tomorrow; as much as I absolutely love the half distance there is just something so rewarding about completing a marathon. I know this will not be a perfect race for me (and if it is I’ll gladly come back and say I was wrong!). My goal originally was to go sub-5 (as was my goal last year…) and I would like to come in as close to 5 hours as I can but my real goal for the day is to just run as much of the race as I absolutely can. And, to just enjoy the day. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow (mid-40’s at the start!) and I’ve never been to Louisville so I want to enjoy the sites.   

So, do I think I’m prepared? Physically I may be slightly under-trained but I honestly feel great. No injuries, no pain or soreness and I’ve been running well the past couple of weeks. Mentally is where I’m not sure if I’m totally prepared or not but I think in this case it’s to my advantage. Since it’s been a year I’ve forgotten the mental struggle and battle and since my plan is to go into the race and have fun I think I’m in the best position mentally I can be in. I do wish Alex was going to be there tomorrow but I will be with the Thomases, and that’s just as good as family.  

Here’s the marathon #4!


Nicole Nolen said...

Godspeed! It will be a good race for you, I just know it. :) said...

I hope when you wake up on race morning, you find that mentally your game comes together. Even if it doesn't, you are running your 4th (!!!) full marathon! That's pretty amazing. Have a great time!

Tyly said...

I'm excited to read all about how it went!!