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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The One With A Tough {But Necessary} Decision

A couple of months ago (beginning of November to be exact) I announced on Instagram that I had signed up to train for my very first Ultra marathon. I signed up to run the Cowtown Ultra 50K (31 miles) the end of February in Fort Worth, TX. Five days later I got injured….

I never got an official diagnosis but the PT that I work with thinks I may have displaced a bone on the outside of my foot which obviously made it painful to walk and caused irritation in my ligaments in my ankle as well. I spent 2 weeks wrapping it, icing it and resting it as much as possible even though my job requires lots of walking. After 2 weeks of no gym time I slowly started adding back spin class and then after another week a few slow, short runs. And then I got sick and Dallas had an ice storm and after it was all said and done I missed a good 6 weeks of ultra marathon training.

I was still optimistic heading into the holidays thinking that would be a good time for me to log some miles and build my mileage up back to where it should be, but that plan did not work so well either. Being on someone else’s time makes it hard, the weather makes it hard, not having a gym makes it hard and building my base back up in an area where I am not familiar running made it really hard. I know this all sounds like excuses but building mileage back up from an injury really is hard, end of story.

Finally on New Year’s Eve I sat down and discussed all my thoughts and concerns about my ultra training with Alex; he may not really understand all this running stuff and heaven only knows he has never followed a training plan a day in his life but despite all that he really is a good sounding board for me when it comes to my running and ambitions. My main concern was that with a 16 week training plan for my very first ultra I already missed a huge chunk of it and could I safely {key word} build myself back up to where I wanted to be? And would I be capable of finishing giving what would be a lack of training?

I think eventually my deciding factor boiled down to this: I know that given my personality I would get to the finish line, undertrained or not. However, I would more than likely be very disappointed in my performance due to being undertrained, and that would really get me down. I don’t necessarily have a time goal in mind but I do know that I am capable of putting much more into this than I have been able to over the past month.

So my final decision is to drop the ultra and run the marathon at Cowtown on February 23rd.

I am fully confident that this is the right decision for me right now. It was a tough decision because I really don’t like the thought of not following through on something I have set out to do, however I want to safely continue to run and so that being said this is the right decision. I’m actually a little bit hesitant at a marathon that soon but since this will not be my first or even second marathon I know I will be fine. I won’t be running for a PR by any means but I am confident enough in my running abilities at this point to run a strong race that I can be proud of.

I actually have a very full late winter/spring race calendar right now (which I will share soon!) that I am excited about and I am ready to finally be healthy, be settled in our house and at my new job and just focus on running again.


Kim Turner said...

My sister-in-law is running the Cowtown marathon as her first - Im thinking about coming down and doing the Ultra (not 100% sure yet).

armyamy said...

Good call! It sounds like you put a lot of thought into making this decision, so hopefully you feel good about it. A full marathon is still a huge accomplishment. Sure, it's not an ultra, but there is still plenty of time to run one.

Tyly said...

I know you fully thought this through and will do what's best for you. There will always be another race!

kelsnsher said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear that but I do think you made the right decision. You'll get healthier then be ready to build mileage for another ultra then rock it!

Suz and Allan said...

I know this was a very tough decision for you but I think you made the right call.