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Monday, January 13, 2014

The One With My 2014 Racing Schedule (Winter & Spring)
I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone around these parts that I already have a full racing schedule set, and if it is a surprise to you then you must be new around here, so “Welcome!”

I believe my sister put it well when she commented with, “OH. MY. WORD. You are sick!” when I told her my racing plans through April. I love to race, I just can’t help it. For me racing is a way for me to stick with running for long periods of time; as much as I love it I like to have something to work towards and for me that’s a race. Most of the time I don’t have a particular goal for each race, I just enjoy the race itself. There are a few races I have goals for but honestly you can’t have a goal for every single one, at least I can’t, I would burn out and overwhelm myself.

With that being said I have only 2 goal races for this spring: a sub-5 marathon and a sub-2:10 half marathon. I think my half marathon goal will actually be the hardest since that will be a 6+ minute PR for me so I have created my training schedule and speed work to specifically train for that. The marathon is after my goal half so if training goes well a sub-5 marathon should definitely be within my grasp.

Here is what I have on the calendar so far:

January 1st: Polar Dash 10K in Noblesville, Indiana (done! 1:06) ← race report to come
January 11th: Hotcake Hustle 10K (done! 1:05) ← race report to come
January 25th: Polar Dash 5K (with my sister!)
February 23rd: Cowtown Marathon
April 5th: Fairview Half marathon *goal half
April 19th: Kentucky Marathon *goal marathon

So as you can see I will be well raced by the end of April! Is anyone else doing any of these races? I love meeting new people or running with new and old running friends.

In the past I have always posted my entire schedule at the beginning of my training program but I think this time I am not going to do that. However, I will post a weekly workout post with both my plan for the week and what I did the past week. That being said last week was a bit of a disaster due to messed up travel plans and by the fact that we moved (yay!) on Saturday so we will just skip last week and look ahead.

Here is what is on the plan for this week:

Week 2
4 miles @ 11:30
3 miles @ 11:50
Speed work 6 miles = wu, 3x1600 @10:00 w/800 jogs, cool
3 miles @ 11:50
14 miles @ 11:50
30 miles

I always make my own training plans after consulting past training plans as well as other resources. This time I decided to do the Smart Coach training from Runner’s World. I have used it in the past and I really liked it. I actually used the Smart Coach to develop both a half marathon training plan and a marathon training plan then I combined the workouts. I really liked the speed work on both training plans which is what led me to ultimately use these plans. The half marathon training plan however did have faster paces than the marathon plan did and over all both plans had seemingly slower paces than I am used to so I would look at the prescribed workout for each day and find a pace that was about evenly split between the 2 plans or a little faster and go with that. I also opted to go for 5 days of running that the marathon plan called for versus the 4 days that the half marathon plan called for. It has actually been a goal of mine for a while now to make running 5 days a week a habit so this is a good time to start. As always with any of my training plans it is just that, A PLAN; it is a guideline that I aim to follow so that I can get to the finish line happy and healthy.
What do you use for your training plans? Do you have any good apps to use?
What are your running and racing goal for 2014?


Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

This is a great schedule! I always plan my races in advance, too. My goals for this year are to break 20 in a 5K race (I think I have this mental block going on with it!) and to cut off some more time on my 10K. I haven't decided if I want to do another half or not.

armyamy said...

Looks like you have some good races lined up! (I haven't run the Fairview half, but you can't go wrong with an Active Joe race.) You are pretty determined, so I have no doubt that you'll meet your goals!

Curly Pink Runner said...

OMG!! I'm running in OKC!! Crazysauce!! I haven't decided if I'm going to run the full or the 1/2, but I have family in OK who run it every year and I'm gonna go run it with them!! WHICH MEANS I GET TO SEE YOU TOO!!!! :) yay!!! we will def have to meet up!!

that said- your racing schedule always inspires me! someday I hope to race like you do! :)

Suz and Allan said...

Great schedule for the spring! Good luck with all of your races especially your goal races!