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Monday, January 27, 2014

The One With A Much Better Week

After the past 2 weeks of craziness this next week was definitely much better. My life is still crazy, it always is I guess but at least this past week was self-induced crazy and not the other way around. That being said I technically only missed 1 workout but when it’s all said and done I’m not sad about it since I had a back-to-back racing weekend. I also realized that I did something that everyone would say is a huge no-no by upping my mileage by way more than 10% of what it has been in the past 3 weeks...oops! So with that being said I’ll try to keep it a little more simple to make sure I have recovered and didn’t completely over do it.

Here is how last week turned out:

Week 3
4 miles @ 11:30

3 miles @ 11:50

Speed work 6 miles = wu, 4 m @ 9:50, cool

3 miles @ 11:50


Polar Dash 5K

Miracle Match half marathon @ 11:40

32 miles

Monday I literally forced myself to the gym for 4 easy miles at an 11:20 pace. I was so bored and felt so sluggish but they got done.
Tuesday Kristie and I went to the park by our new house, which was very dark, much darker than I thought and did a quick 3 miles run at a 10:55 pace (oops on that one).
Wednesday was a hard day to get to the gym but when I originally made this schedule I wanted Wednesdays to be speed days but since then I have decided to do a Bible study on Wednesdays as well, so in the future this may need to change but I got to the gym at 9pm and got on the treadmill for my speedwork. Those 4 miles at 9:50 were super hard but I decided that even though I have missed 2 weeks of speed work and haven’t really done any speed work in 2 months I still want that half and marathon PR so I am just going to get after it. I finished all 6 miles at a 10:31 pace.
I wound up taking Thursday and Friday off. On Thursday it was super windy and cold here AND I was having some stomach issues. I could have gone to the gym if my stomach were better but I didn’t really feel like chancing it.
Saturday I ran the Polar Dash 5k with my youngest sister and we had an awesome time! I was so proud of her. Race recap coming soon.
Sunday I drove to Waco for the Miracle Match half marathon; I was super nervous about this race going in because I knew I was under trained and I had heard about the hills and I just really had no idea what to expect but I wound up having an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this race, hills and all! I finished right under my goal time at 2:34:33 for an average pace of 11:34. Race recap for this coming as well.
All in all this week was definitely a confidence booster for me; I have really struggled coming back from my injury to feel like myself again but this week gave me hope that the runner I know I can be is still in there.
This next week I changed up my schedule just a bit to allow myself some recovery miles tonight and I’m moving speed work from Wednesday to Thursday this week and I’m only doing an easy 10 miler race for my long run this weekend so hopefully this will be another great training week in the books!

Week 4
3 miles @ 11:50
5 miles @ 11:20

BodyPump Speed work 6 mile = wu, 4 m @ 9:45, cool
BodyPump + 4 miles @ 11:50

Too Cold to Hold 10 miler @ 11:30
28 miles

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Suz and Allan said...

Congratulations on both races!!!