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Monday, January 20, 2014

The One Where It’s Not Going So Well; But I’ll Persevere Nonetheless

So week 1 of marathon training was rough annnnnd now week 2 didn’t go so well either. I can make excuses for you, like for example I can talk about how hard it really is to come off of an injury. Building your mileage back up is truly harder than you think. But honestly the hardest part is really boiled down to our recent move. Not only did we move last weekend but we have also been experiencing some major plumbing issues all week.

Alex and I bought an older house so we knew that there would be things that would come up along the way that would require maintenance and upkeeping but we did not expect the craziness that was our first week in our new house. It all started when our apartment flooded (for the 2nd time in 6 weeks) 2 nights before we moved out, which then led to a water line breaking at our house the day before we moved in to once that was fixed and the water back on the laundry room flooded and the sink backed up. That led to plumbers coming out and telling us we had roots in our pipes which they supposedly got out for us. Until the next day when our toilet stopped working and our neighbor came over to inform us that our side yard was completely flooded…. At this point we are on day 7 in the new house and have yet to have a normal day. I was about ready to find one of our cats and sacrifice them as an offering to whatever water god we apparently pissed off….

Thankfully, the city was able to come out to our house last night and use a camera to check some of our pipes for us and we discovered even more roots. It’s still an ongoing saga because as I type my husband is at home meeting the plumbers yet again to hopefully get the rest of the tree roots and also hopefully do a full inspection of our 40+ year old plumbing and let us know if and what can be done to prevent further issues. Oh the joys of homeownership….

Anyways, all of that being said I am exhausted and maybe a tad depressed. Add all of this to the fact that I DO NOT deal with change and transitions well and these past 2 weeks I have felt like a complete basket case. I know, that I know that working out and running will definitely be good for me and the stress but I just haven’t gotten that far just yet.

But this week is a new week, and a race week at that! I know I am a strong person and I know that I truly can get myself together and get moving and make my runs and get my workouts in. So with that being said, I’m done being upset over missed run, worrying about them won’t make them happen so I’m moving on. One of these days I will start and finish a training plan in it’s entirety buuuuuut this year is not the year for that right now. I am also learning a lot about other areas of my life as well; as much as running is so very important to me there are so many other areas of my life that bring me great joy and can be just as rewarding and fulfilling to me so I am definitely learning to BALANCE and let me tell you that is not easy. If I discover the secret though I will definitely bottle it up and sell it for sure!

Anyways, enough of all that for now here is what I have planned (and am determined to complete!!) for workouts this week:

Week 3
4 miles @ 11:30
3 miles @ 11:50
Speed work 6 miles = wu, 4 m @ 9:50, cool
3 miles @ 11:50
Polar Dash 5K
Miracle Match half marathon @ 11:40
32 miles

I am super excited about the Polar Dash weekend because my little sister Sara is coming in town to do it with me!! My middle sister and I run together often but I have never had the chance to do a race with my little sister.
On Sunday I had plans to do the Miracle Match marathon in Waco, TX, which is deemed the toughest hills in Texas. I was going to do the marathon as a training run for the Cowtown Ultra but since I had to drop that I will just be doing the half marathon. I’ve considered skipping it altogether but that just goes against my religion and makes me cringe, so I’ll tough it out for a half and that 11:40 is just a lofty little goal there….
Is anyone else racing this weekend?
Has anyone moved recently, or ever?
Am I the only one who really struggles with moving?


armyamy said...

Girl, you are definitely not the only one who struggles with moving! It's a huge life transition! (Just read some of my old blogs about PCSing to get a taste of how crazy it made me. We don't even own a home - just the act of moving made me insane.)

It's good that you are cutting yourself some slack. I know that you know that training plans are built for things to change and for a few runs to be missed. You are brave for tackling Miracle Match. That one scares me! Good luck and have fun!

Tyly said...

When it rains it pours, right? You will get through this tough season of your life and come out even stronger!!!

Leigh said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about all of the apartment and house problems! BUT congratulations on becoming a homeowner :)

Suz and Allan said...

Hugs to you! I promise life as a home owner gets easier. Hope the plumbing situation will have an easy and inexpensive solution.

Nikki Gilson said...

You've been nominated for The Liebster Blog Award! ;)