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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The One With Some Perspective

I sit here with only about an hour left in 2013 and I’ve really struggled to accept the way my running and racing went this past year; the year did not end on a very good note for me when it came to my running. However, I had to stop a take a moment today and really actually sit and think about all that I really did accomplish this year when it came to running.

During 2013 I ran:

8 half marathons (7 road races and 1 trail half marathon); I set a new PR of 2:16 at the Little Rock Half marathon during my bachelorette weekend. I also got to run my sister’s first half marathon with her at the Cowtown Half marathon in February. And I ran with my friend Kristie in November as she finished her first half marathon, which also happened to be my 26th half marathon. The trail half marathon that I did in September was by far the hardest, most tiring and terrible thing I have ever done. EVER!

1 full marathon in Kansas in which I ran an 11 minute PR. While I did happen to miss my goal of a sub-5 marathon by 3 minutes I was very proud of this race and how well I ran.

2 10k’s (1 road and 1 trail); I set a new PR of 59:49 in February as part of the Cowtown Challenge that I am super proud of.

1 15K in which I also set a new PR. This race was a big surprise for me because it was during the Texas summer heat and I was definitely undertrained. However, my old PR was over 2 years old and there was rain on race day which really helped.

1 20k race which was a new distance for me; I was also undertrained during this race but I did enjoy the course and the beautiful venue of the Dallas arboretum.

2 5k’s, one resulting in a new PR in April only 2 days before my marathon. The other 5k was run on our wedding day. I organized a family and friend wedding day 5k which was so very fun and a great way for us to start our wedding day.

1 20 miler race which was run as a training run for the St. Jude Memphis marathon. This race was the day after I ran a half marathon with my friend and I was already struggling with an ankle injury. It was in this race that I learned just how much tenacity I really do have; I ran with first 12 miles in some minor pain but by mile 15 that pain was almost too much to continue. The last 3 miles of this race was pretty much just a walk to the finish all the while battling the heartbreaking feeling of the terrible pain in my foot/ankle. That injury took me out of running and pretty much any activity for 4 weeks.

I also competed my very first multisport event by doing the Esprit De She duathlon in McKinney. I was so nervous about this race because biking it not my strength at all but I actually had so much fun at this race and cannot wait to do more multisport events in the future.

I did not however get to run the St. Jude Memphis marathon; I was not going to be able to because of my injury but then due to weather they wound up canceling the race. I’m actually kind of glad it worked out this way because I was heartbroken over not being able to run it.

So as you can see, January-April brought some awesome races my way and I was on fire with my running, but I really struggled during the summer and fall of this year. But after gaining a little perspective I have come to the conclusion that I am still beyond blessed to do all I have done, I mean for goodness sakes I did in fact set a PR in every single racing distance this year and you can’t argue with that.

I also experienced some very significant life changes this year as well with getting married, changing my career path/getting a new job, buying a house {read my husband's blog here about our adventures as homeowners} and having my husband start law school, all of which I plan to blog about soon. To say God has blessed me in more ways than I can count is an understatement for sure. While running has been one of the biggest priorities in my life the past few years God taught me a lot this year about just how many other ways in which He plans to love and bless me, it might have taken me a little while to figure this out but I think I’m finally getting it.

I’ve taken a fairly long break from blogging because honestly, I just haven’t felt passionate about it. Along with starting a new job and struggling through running this fall I just didn’t have the motivation to blog. But I’ve missed it, a lot. I plan to blog a whole lot more in the next coming months starting with going back and giving updates on the past few months (hello, we bought a new house!!!)

So here’s to an awesome and blessed 2014 and a whole new perspective on God’s love and faithfulness in my life.


Kim Turner said...

I'm sorry that your running year didn't end the way you wanted it to but it sounds like every other area of your life is going pretty well - marriage, new job, new house!!!
I hope your injury is better and that you are back to running!
Happy 2014!

Suz and Allan said...

I'm so happy to see you posting again. A PR in every distance is incredibly impressive so in my opinion you rocked 2013! I hope 2014 is an even better year for you!