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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The One About Week 1 Of Pre-Marathon Training

So already I’m a day behind for recapping my weekly workouts but I was home with a minor little stomach bug yesterday and spent the day curled up on the couch with my doggies and watched movies all day. But that’s ok, I can still give my recap today!

Although I have been working my way back into training and working out July really signified “training” for me. I mentioned that I won’t officially start my training for the Memphis marathon until August 5th but I am training for and hoping for a decent half marathon at the end of September so I needed to get my booty into gear. I also have that 15K this weekend….ugh, not sure what I was thinking there, other than I really had the racing itch and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…..

Anyways, week 1 of half marathon/pre-marathon training went really well:

Week 1 (July 1-7)
Run easy 4 miles + weights

4 miles @ 11:06 + biceps & triceps
Speed work

BodyPump + elliptical

Speed work 5x400 + 2 miles & BP
4th of July

Run 3 miles

3 miles + boot camp workout

Run 7 miles easy

7 miles @ 11:14

18.25 miles total

Monday I powered my way through some tough miles to get 4 miles at an 11:06 pace; still not the pace I would like to be seeing right now but I’m trying to be patient with myself and trust that I just need a little more time to get back into running shape. These miles hurt though but I am glad I was able to see a decent pace. I also did this workout for biceps and triceps.

Tuesday wound up being a crazy day – I had to work really late and didn’t get home until after 7. Then I had to take my dogs up to my mom’s and by the time I left there it was almost 9 pm and I was having some major allergy attack from I don’t know what, so I moved speed work to Wednesday and did away with the elliptical.

Wednesday I did speed work; I really love speed work and I’m excited to add that weekly into my running plan this year. Again, I am still not seeing the “speed” I would like but at least I have something to work towards. My splits were pretty even but my goal for July is to get those down to the 2:10 range for 400’s. I am using an app called Sport Me to get all my speed work from but in the future I will also probably use some of the other ones I have used in the past, but for now its 400M repeats.

Thursday was my second favorite holiday – July 4th!! We spent time in Austin with my sister and her husband and the rest of our family; we seriously had the most fun I think I have had in a long time! I will get all our pictures together and do a post on our long weekend.

On Friday my sister, her boyfriend, Alex and I headed to nearby Cedar Park to take advantage of the trails they have there. I needed an easy 3 miles but my sister’s boyfriend also thought we needed some cross-fit/boot camp type work as well.

 I think I pretty much nearly died that day but it was a great workout!! I honestly couldn’t tell you everything we did but it included lots of lunging, squatting, push-ups, burpees, bear crawling, sit-ups, leap-frogging and play time on the jungle gym equipment. I have no idea my pace for the run because I didn’t have my Garmin and we would stop every quarter of a mile to every half mile or so and do more crazy stuff. Once we got half way we used a soccer field for more work and the play-ground there as well. Then on the mile and a half back I did 10, 15sec sprints throughout the walk/run.

The highlight of my day though was running into Erin! I have followed Erin’s blog for a long time now and I have mentioned before just how much she inspires me and encourages me. We have never actually met in person but as Alex and I were making our way back on the trails after our butt-kicking I looked up and immediately recognized Erin speeding down the trails. She recognized me too and stopped to chat for a minute. Dang that girl is fit!!! It was so nice to finally meet her and it totally made my day. She ran off and I immediately kicked myself for not taking a picture with her. Thankfully she turned around on the trail and came back by and so I stopped her again and said we definitely needed a picture. Seriously, she amazes me and any time I have doubts or fears about what I am capable of I just go read about her weekly workouts or read her marathon stories and I’m immediately fired up. She probably thinks I’m crazy for being as excited as I was to meet her but next to meeting Kara Goucher out running the Austin trails I couldn’t think of any other runner I would have rather run into, seriously!

After our butt-kicking session we all headed out to play sand volleyball and spend some time in the pool, over all Friday was a very active day indeed.

Sunday I hit up the cardio cinema for my 7 miles; man I just love that thing. I got to watch practically a whole movie while doing my miles. I had some soreness in my right calf most of the run but about mile 5 I was able to step it up some and speed up just a bit. My stomach bothered me most of this run as well but I think that mainly had to do with all the junk I had eaten over the weekend. I had an overall pace of 11:14 which isn’t too shabby; that’s about 3 seconds below what I want my race pace to be for this coming Sunday so that’s good. Now if only I can run that 15K on a treadmill while watching a movie…..

Since I was sick yesterday I did miss my 3 miles that was scheduled, but I went ahead and moved that to Wednesday instead of spin, I’ve got lots of miles this week and a race but I’m really ready to get back into some higher mileage weeks!!!
Here’s what this week will look like:

Week 2 (July 8-14)
Sick day
Speed work + weights
3 miles easy
4 miles + weights
Run 3.5 miles
Racquetball + spin
Too Hot to Handle 15K
23+ miles

Have you stopped by my fundraising page yet?

A HUGE thank you to Tyly from One Mile At A Time Blog for her donation – I now owe her 75 miles!!!! (well make that 65…Friday and Sunday’s miles were for her!)


Tyly said...

I'm happy to help!

I have been super active as well lately. I need to start doing a weekly workout post like you do! I want to add more miles in, but my right ankle was really bothering me after my July 4th 5k. Then next day it really bothered me again during high impact stuff in my cardio challenge class, so I was told to rest it for a week. I'm still been working out every day, but I've been talking spinning, weight classes, using the elliptical, etc. I will cry if it still hurts after resting it!!

Curly Pink Runner said...

Sounds like a great week of 'fake training'!! I always get so inspired reading you weekly workout recaps because you are so dedicated and disciplined- totally motivating!!!

Hayley E said...

As a fellow Texan, I admire you working out in that heat! Looks like you had a great week! :) I'm inspired by all the races you've completed!!

Erin said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words - they made my day!

It was so nice to meet you and Alex (and as I said before, you guys are so cute!). What a nice surprise to see you on the trail and finally meet you in person! It's been fun to follow your blog and see all of your hard work pay off in the form of PR's and now marathons - so awesome! What a treat to meet you in person.

Hope to run into you again!

Meredith said...

You're doing a marathon in Memphis? How did I miss this? If your training starts in August you must be doing St. Jude??

It will be my 3rd time to run St. Jude but my first FULL! My training starts same week as yours:)

Good luck to you!

meghan said...

I'm quite a bit late commenting here, but awesome job on your workouts! Sorry you were sick, but it looks like you made a good recovery and had a great week after it!

HalfMarathonTrainingTips said...

Sounds like an incredible week of fake preparing I generally get so propelled understanding you week after week workout recaps in light of the fact that you are so devoted and taught completely inspiring. Marathon coaching