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Monday, July 1, 2013

The One About My Fall Racing Schedule {2013}

I think fall racing is probably my favorite time of year to race! Every summer I get excited thinking about what races I have coming up in the fall and all the potential there is for new PR’s and new distances and new medals for my collection, it’s just all very exciting. This year I won’t have quite as many races as I did last year but I do have a few good ones coming up and I also haven’t completely finalized my schedule so there could be a few more that get added in there as well.

I am also really excited to start my “Weekly Workout” posts again on Mondays. I’m going to do it a little different this year and instead of posting my entire training plan at once I will post a monthly training plan at the beginning of each month and then continue with my weekly updates. It will be a little easier to follow on your part and a little easier for me to manipulate since sometimes things change from week to week. I do try to set my weekly long runs in stone as far out as I can so that I know they get done and I know I can plan around them and what to expect when. But during the week I’m not entirely sure what my weeks will look like come August so for now I will just start with July’s training plan and go from there. July is actually my “pre-marathon training” month and my get back into shape for my first fall half marathon. Marathon training will officially start August 5th!

So now, without further ado here are the races I have coming up:

I have some mixed feelings about this race….this was a last minute decision last Friday and while I’m very excited to finally be running a race after 2 ½ months off I am also kind of nervous since I’m not in racing shape at the moment. The 15K is one of my favorite distances but I have only done 2 other 15K’s in the past. I would really like a PR and if I can do that then I would have achieved my goal of setting a PR in each racing distance this year. I know it’s doable BUT I also don’t want to overestimate how undertrained I am at the moment. These next 2 weeks will include lots of speed work and just working my way back into getting mileage on my legs and then we will see what happens. The only good thing is lately we seem to be having some very unusually cool weather (we set a record this morning for the lowest temp ever recorded on this day at 67 degrees!!!) so I’m really hoping that stays and plays into my favor.

This race is totally for fun and actually one that Alex and I get to run for free because I volunteered at another race. I am super excited for the crazy short distance of 2.62 miles and I think it’s hilarious! They also have a mini moo cow half of 1.31 miles. There will be lots of fun post-race activities as well and we are looking forward to just a fun racing morning. I will be adding mileage on that day but at least there’s a fun little race in there!

This half marathon starts right at our front door and I am so excited about that! Our apartment complex is right across the street from the Plano convention center where they have the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival every year – this is a HUGE event in our area and I actually have never been but always wanted to go. This will actually probably be my only half marathon this fall so I really want to work hard to make it a good one. I am pretty familiar with a lot of the course because I run there now so I’m hoping that plans into my favor. Alex has also agreed to run this with me as well as Rachel and I think I’ve talked a friend from work into running this as her first half marathon as well. It should be a fun day. We will also get tickets to go to the balloon festival so I will finally get to go!

October 26th: Esprit De She Duathlon
I have already mentioned that I am ambassador for this race and will be doing my first Duathlon! I am very excited to try something new and add biking into the mix as well. I have already been researching and trying on bike shorts to find something that will work for both the bike and run portion of this race so hopefully I can update you on that soon, I’m also taking any suggestions you may have. You will also be seeing more weekend bike rides with my long runs during the month on September as well as I prepare for this.

November 10th: Forth Worth Marathon (20 miler)
This one is not official yet, but as soon as my spending money comes in this month this will be the first thing I sign up for! This marathon is unique because it offers a 20 mile distance to race and I really like that idea. This weekend is the perfect weekend for me to do a 20 miler for marathon training so why not just go ahead and get myself a medal for it? I also really love Ft. Worth and I think they put on some great races so I’m very excited about this one!

I cannot tell you just how incredibly excited I am for this race; I am so excited to be running for St. Jude and supporting such a great cause! Last year when I was running the Columbus Half and I got to see each mile dedicated to a child at the children’s hospital there I knew that I wanted to run a marathon in honor of a children’s hospital someday. My aunt and uncle have run this marathon before and had great things to say about it and when I saw that I could do it for charity I knew that was going to be my goal race this fall. I have committed to raising $500 for St. Jude by November 15th and I know that I will need your help! I plan to have a post set up tomorrow with links to my fundraising page and information on how you can help. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will also be joining us on this trip and Mr. T is also running for charity as well, if you would like to help him out I can get you that information as well. I’m also excited to be going to Memphis because that means we will get to see Alex’s aunt, uncle and cousins while we are there so it makes for a great trip all around.

So that’s my line-up so far; there are a couple of races that may get added here and there as my training goes along but we shall see. I have only listed those that I am definitely doing right now.

And here is what July will probably look like as far as training is concerned but as always life happens and things change. I do always try to get my workouts in one way or another and sometimes I move days around to accommodate different scheduling issues but I am only human and sometimes workouts don’t happen.

Week 1 (July 1-7)
Run easy 4 miles + weights
Speed work
BodyPump + elliptical
4th of July
Run 3 miles
Run 7 miles easy

Week 2 (July 8-14)
Run easy 3 miles
Speed work + weights
4 miles + weights
Run 3.5 miles
Racquetball + spin
Too Hot to Handle 15K
23+ miles

Week 3 (July 15-21)
Elliptical + weights
Speed work + weights
BodyPump + elliptical
5 miles + weights
Racquetball + weights
Mini Moo Cow Marathon + 5 miles
17+ miles

Week 4 (July 22-28)
Run 4.5 miles
Speed work + weights

BodyPump + elliptical
5 miles + weights
Volunteer trail race

8 miles
21+ miles

Week 5 (July 29-Aug 4)
Run 5 miles
Speed work + weights
BodyPump + elliptical
5 miles + weights
Racquetball + weights
9 miles
23+ miles


Curly Pink Runner said...

Reading this post totally gave me the racing bug! I have a 5k this week, but I have no races planned for this fall.......need to remedy that asap!! :)
You will do fantastic at your 15k! even though you haven't raced in a couple months, I think you're still wayyy stronger and faster than you think!

armyamy said...

I love reading about other people's race schedules. It gets me motivated and excited! Also, looking at those fall race dates makes me think of cool weather. (This time of year, the best we can hope is to think cool.) Best of luck with all your training!