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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The One About How To Help Me Help St. Jude


Running is something that I take very seriously, sure it’s a hobby but if you have been following my blog for a while then you also know that running is something so much more personal to me than just a way to stay in shape. And if you are new around here then let me just say that running was/is my life-line. When I started running {almost} 3 years ago my life was in shambles and so I joined a running group simply for something to do (read that story here and here and here) but little did I know at that time that running would be my healing process. Running has given me so much in the way of self-confidence and self-love. Running has taught me that I am enough and that I can do great things. And most of all running had made me happy. Running has blessed my life in more ways than I could count and that only makes me want to share those blessing with others and that’s why I chose to run for St. Jude. I have been blessed with my health when others struggle with health issues that seem so unfair. There are diseases and cancers that are affecting children and their families every day. But thanks to places like St. Jude they are able to get care, treatment, love and support. Now I have a chance to help St. Jude and so do you!

I have a goal set of raising at least $500 to help St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. This is a commitment that I entered after prayerful consideration and I feel that this is an achievable and meaningful goal. I have also figured out that I will run approximately 500 miles during my training for this marathon; I think that $1 for every training mile is a great goal!

So here is where I need your help:
I would ask that you please take time to think and pray about what you can do for St. Jude. I have put together a list of things that St. Jude will use your money for so that you can see just how tangible your donations are. Every dollar donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital counts! Take a look at some of the possibilities that your donations could provide to the kids and families of St. Jude.

Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50
These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.
Wagon: $70
Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.
Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75
St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.
Creative Toys: $100
Play is an essential part of every child’s life, and it’s important for the children to have fun as often as possible. At St. Jude, colorful, toy-filled play areas are just as plentiful as exam rooms.
Delicious Meals: $210
St. Jude provides meal cards so that patients and families can enjoy the comfort and convenience of good, nutritious meals in the Kay Kafe, our cafeteria.
One Day of Oxygen: $447
Oxygen is key to keeping the immune system strong. A gift of oxygen can help a young body thrive and help fight cancer at the cellular level.
Child-sized Wheelchairs: $700
These special wheelchairs help children move easily through St. Jude.
Airfare for a parent and child: $1,000 average
For a patient referred to St. Jude, the hospital covers the cost of airfare for a child and one parent or guardian.

These are just a few things that your donation will help provide. I myself have donated $75 because I just love the idea of helping St. Jude patients celebrate special occasions!

Every penny of what you donate goes directly to St. Jude; none of it benefits me in any way at all. But here’s what I will do for you – for every dollar that you donate on my fundraising page I will run that amount of miles in your honor! So if you donate $10 – I will run 10 miles in honor of you! If you donate $50, that’s right, my next 50 miles will be in your honor! (I cannot guarantee that I will run your miles consecutively, it will depend upon what my training plan calls for that day but I promise that I will run a mile for every dollar you donate.) I will make it my point to document the miles that I run for you as a thank you and share those with you!

So please take a moment and visit my fundraising page and say a prayer for the children of St. Jude and consider making a donation. If you are unable to give at this time I completely understand, however I do ask that you take a moment to pray for my efforts and the work that is being done at St. Jude, prayers and support are just as welcome and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your donations and support!

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