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Friday, June 28, 2013

The One Where Alex Is Fighting To Get Enough Time In The Gym

For the third week in a row, work is becoming a 60-80 hour week. I took a few hours Wed night to watch a movie with Lauren just so we got a few minutes together that didn’t involve driving to or from the gym. This is a physical and mental strain that is having effects on my gym work. Wed was a bit of a disaster (25 min cardio, and that was it), because I was mentally still working and not relaxed. I ended up jamming my knee while on the elliptical, and that was all the confirmation I needed that I wasn’t all there.

However, we have gotten into the gym Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so I’m really proud of the fact that we are keeping the gym at a high priority.

I’ve been eating fairly healthily, with a notable exception on Monday as we celebrated my birthday. This is the typical 2nd week weight gain that I’ve come to expect when getting into a new gym routine. If my body responds like it has in the past, I’ll be sub 250 by this time next week.

I’m finding that it’s difficult to do the cardio, but the resistance training is working great! I may try to add a little bit more of racquetball to the routine so that I don’t get bored with the cardio machines. I really struggle with boredom both in running and in cardio machines. I have music that I listen to, but that doesn’t always help (like Wednesday).

Lauren has been super supportive as we have gotten into this routine, and I’m extraordinarily grateful to her for that.

Next week’s goal is to get into the gym before work at least once. I’m absolutely NOT a morning person, so it’s hard to will myself up early enough to go to the gym.

What do you all do when you get bored on a cardio machine? How do you deal with getting up early and working out before work?

Thursday to Thursday weight change: +1.4 lbs.

Total weight change (from 253.8 lbs on June 13, 2013): +0.4 lbs.


Tyly said...

It's really hard to get that routine going, but once you find what works for you, you'll be good! Cardio can get very boring, and unfortunately I have no advice in that regards. Many people read during that time, but I can't!! Me reading while on a machine is a disaster waiting to happen. I think using raquetball as an enjoyable way to get in the cardio would be smart. You wouldn't dread it as much, and raquetball is tough! We're all here cheering you on!! :)

armyamy said...

Cardio machines for me are all about distraction. I've had good luck listening to podcasts while I run or "playing games" with intervals. (I saw an idea on Steph Runs On about making a game out of the treadmill while watching basketball, but you could do it with any sport, if that's your thing.)

How often are you aiming to workout a week? I know you have big goals, but if you do too much too soon, you run the risk of burnout.

Alex Bridge said...

The most i've ever been able to sustain was 4 days a week on cardio equipment, and that was during my senior design class in college, where i was just happy to be out of lab for an hour.

Most of the time I've only been comfortable with 2 or 3 days a week, with an additional 2 or 3 days of supplemental tennis or racquetball.

If i had the connections and the time, I'd be playing tennis/racquetball those 2 or 3 days a week, but i know that my tolerance for racquet sports is relatively high compared to Lauren's.