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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The One With A “Hello” From The Pile Of Wedding Plans

10 days people!

That is all that stands between me and the day I wake up for my wedding day. Oh how long it has taken to get here and my goodness how fast these past few days have flown by me.

I’m past the point of “savor the moment” and instead I’m in “make a list and write” mode! I feel that in the midst of it all I’ve stayed relatively calm; so far no break downs, no tears and no angry lash-outs, therefore I’m calling that a success thus far.

I am having trouble delegating – it’s something I’m not good at in all areas of my life but especially now. I have so many offers from people to help and my family is close by but I tend to take all of the burden for myself. This past week I have done better though and tomorrow my sweet Momma has a list of things to do for me on her day off.

I’m also in the midst of making checklist for every family member and bridesmaid and groomsman; I blame my type A for that one but it’s the only way I can make my brain work and it’s the only way I can manage to keep everyone and everything straight. There’s a lot that goes into a wedding y’all and it’s just amazing to me the things that it takes to pull one off, even a small one like ours. I am thankful for my family and my friends and for my wedding coordinator who answers 12 emails a day right away.

All in all it’s coming together very nicely and I just keep reminding myself that no matter what, at the end of the day we will be married. While right now the little things seem like the “BIG things” in a year I won’t even remember that I found it so important to slice lemons and limes for the water urn and I won’t care that I made sure the photo garland at the reception had 15 photos instead of only 12, it just won’t matter.

And in case you have been wondering what I’ve been up to running-wise, because let’s face it, wedding planning isn’t time consuming enough right? Well I actually have been running and working out like a champ! I haven’t been blogging about it because lately there have been more important things in my life but if you follow me on DailyMile you can keep up.

The weekend after the Garmin Marathon, Rachel, Alex and I ran a 10K trail race in Hamilton, TX. 

This was an inaugural event called the Durty Spur and we were all very impressed. This was Rachel’s first trail race and I’m pretty sure she’s hooked. I still find that my first love is road racing but I love that we can mix it up and do different things together. Our younger sister was able to be there and cheer us on as well. Over all we had a great time and the event was great – if you are looking for a trail race in central Texas this is a great one!

Last weekend Rachel and I ran the Fairview half marathon course so that I could earn a race medal. 

Remember when I volunteered for that race? Well the race director is awesome and offers up a time after the race for the volunteers, police officers and city workers to run the course so that they too can earn a medal. Of course I’m not going to pass up the opportunity for a medal and I wanted to get a long run in so this was perfect. The course was fabulous and Rachel and I ran with a Dallas police officer for the entire second half of the course and we had the best time. We weren’t super fast but it was nice to know that my legs were still in running shape since I haven’t been running quite as many miles.

I have been doing a lot of spin class and BodyPump; just keeping my cardio up and doing all I can to make sure my arms look stellar in my wedding dress!

All I can say is that life is just a blessing right now; it is surreal to be at a point where I am so happy and satisfied and know that in a few short days my life will drastically change, but for the better. I am so thankful for my family and I am beyond blessed to have Alex in my life.

I doubt that I will blog again before the wedding and honeymoon (we will fly to Boston on Monday evening, spend Tuesday in Boston and then drive from Boston to Vermont where we have a cabin for the week!!) but when I get back I will definitely have plenty to blog about.

I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Much love, 
the Soon-to-be-married Unlikely Runners


Kim Turner said...

So exciting to be this close to the wedding!!!
Enjoy every second of your special day!!
Congrats and have a super time on your honeymoon!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with all the last minute details! I know it's going to be a perfect day for you guys!

PollyAnna said...

Exciting!! Have a fabulous wedding day! Enjoy every second!

Curly Pink Runner said...

Yay yay yay-- you are so close! I will be praying for you as you get all the last minute details arranged and taken care of!
Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding and hear all about your honeymoon!! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow you are so close to your wedding day!! yipee! with all the stress weddings bring on exercise is a great way to help with the stress. that is so nice that after volunteering you still got to run the course, how thoughtful

Tyly said...

I CAN'T wait to read all about the wedding!!! And see TONS of pictures, of course!

What are the matching orange shoes you and your sister have??? Brooks, I know, but what style?? The Drift?? Do you like??