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Monday, March 25, 2013

The One With Land Of Oz Training {Week 14}

This past week was weird; it was already a step down week in training but I didn’t intend for it to be so much of one. I was still struggling with some motivation and this weekend was crazy busy so things got a little weird but I definitely feel like they are finally turning around so I can finish out marathon training strong!

Week 13 (Mar 18-24)


5 miles

5 miles


10 miles


8 miles

13 miles

Monday I had a doctor’s appointment and was told I wasn’t allowed to work out.

Tuesday I went back to BodyPump and had a much better workout than the week before. I’m still not crazy about this teacher but at least it was a good workout for me. BP has made me feel so strong lately and I’m super happy with the results I’ve been seeing!

Wednesday I struggled through another mid-week run; I’m really not sure what is up with Wednesday’s lately – they used to be my favorite run of the week but lately they’ve just been so hard!

Thursday ended up being an unscheduled rest day, I’m not sure what happened, I just didn’t make it out the door.

Friday and Saturday was spend with my family since my step-sister was getting married. Alex, Rachel and I had planned to go log some trail miles but the weather brought freezing cold rain and lots of wind so we had to bail on that.

Finally on Sunday night at 7pm I was able to get my long run in for the weekend. I only got 8 miles but they were a great 8 miles so I will gladly take them.

This week is another crazy week for me, as will be pretty much all my weeks and weekends until the wedding but I’m super excited for the marathon that’s getting closer.

Here’s what’s on the schedule this week:

Week 14 (Mar 25-31)
7 miles *in honor of my 27th birthday

6 miles
Body Pump + 4 miles
22 miles
39 miles

I’m very excited about those 22 miles believe it or not; the last 20 went so well that I’m looking forward to logging those miles!

What do you have on the agenda for your week?

P.S. Today is my Birthday!! J


Leigh said...

Look at those guns! Happy birthday! :)

M.Love said...

Look at those guns is right!! I'm jealous of your arms!! Happy happy birthday - I LOVE birthdays!! Hope today was great :)

Kim Turner said...

Happy Birthday (a day late!!). I hope your whole birthday week is awesome!!

Steph @ Steph Runs On said...

I hope you had a great birthday! Your arms are looking super strong!

Suz and Allan said...

Glad you had a good birthday week! Good luck with your 22 mile run this week!

Beka said...

All your pics on IG say you had a great birthday! :)

22 miles - this is something that I'm terrified of, but will be doing come September!