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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The One With Land Of Oz Training {Week 12}

First of all, HELLO! To all my new blog followers! I can see that Lululemon is quite the thing these days (not that I didn’t already know that!). I am so glad that you entered our awesome giveaway (if you haven’t entered yet be sure and do that!) and I am even gladder that you found your way over to follow my blog! I am trying to go through and personally come visit each of your blogs but you will have to forgive me if it takes a while. But I would love for you to leave a comment and say hi and let me know where you blog so I can find you easily!

Usually on Monday’s (this week it’s on Tuesday because I posted about the giveaway yesterday) I post a weekly recap of my workouts in regards to what I happen to be training for at the time; currently I am training for the Oz Marathon in Olathe, Kansas on April 20th. This will be my second full marathon!

Here’s what I had planned for last week:

Week 11 (Mar 4-10)

BodyPump + 5K *5 by the 5th


6 miles

3 miles + yoga ?

4 miles

17 miles


21+ miles

The past 2 weeks I’ve actually been really out of sorts and I’ve struggled with some lack of motivation and energy. I know that my training is at its peak but I just can’t seem to get my act together. I was really hoping that this week would be different but I’m not sure I’m out of the funk just yet.

Monday I took a much, much needed day off after my awesome bachelorette weekend and half marathon PR in Little Rock.

On Tuesday I had intended to do an easy 5K after BodyPump class but when I got off work I could just tell my body really needed just another extra day of rest. I don’t like missing runs and I really don’t like missing BodyPump since it’s one of the only days I can get strength training in but I have also learned to listen to my body and not over do it so rest day it was.

Wednesday is usually my very favorite running day of the week but here again is that nagging lack of motivation coming to haunt me smack dab in the middle of marathon training. I couldn’t get myself to lace up my running shoes and go run but I also couldn’t stomach the thought of another rest day so I forced myself to at least do 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Thankfully Thursday I was able to get a good run in; I would have liked to gone further but I ran out of time.
the motivation that I needed on Thursday!

On Saturday I had my longest run yet for marathon training and honestly I was kind of excited about it. I like the number 17 and for some reason it doesn’t seem quite as daunting as 18 miles but more than 15 makes me feel confident. Alex had voiced earlier in the week that he wanted to try and run at least 6 miles on Saturday and he also really wanted to do some trail running (we are both training for a late April trail race) so I did 11 miles solo and then met up with him to finish the 6 miles on trails. This worked out so much better than I expected it to! I am not a trail runner at all, it’s not really my passion and honestly there aren’t a lot of trails that I can run on close to me but Alex lives near some trails and so I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and spend some time with him. 

My first 11 miles were faster than I had intended but not too fast, however my body was tired and I was hurting by the time I finished; I was really questioning how I would get 6 more miles in. Thankfully the short break from my place to Alex’s was good as well as having Alex for company made those 6 miles easier than I thought. They were also done at a much slower pace (as to be expected) which really helped as well, they almost felt like recovery miles after my hard miles. The weather was perfect for a long run and I was glad that it went so well!

Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

Week 12 (Mar 11-17)
5 miles Off
4 miles
5 miles
20 miles
29+ miles

As you can see Monday was already a bust; I’ve had this project looming over my head lately that needed to be done last night so I nixed running in favor of completing that at a reasonable hour. Hopefully now that that’s taken care I will be able to regain my motivation and energy to get those miles in. The weather has been nice here and I’m feeling like marathon training is going really well all things considered, so it’s just frustrating to have a few bum weeks in there.

This weekend is a big one with 20 miles but I have my sister joining me for the second 10 miles so I’m looking forward to that.

What do you have on the training agenda this week? 
Do you make a plan or just do whatever you want each day? 
Are you training for anything specific? 
Please take a moment and say hi, I’d love to meet all my new (and old!) readers!


Elle Noel said...

Hey Lady! I'm a fellow runner and new follower from that awesome LuLu Lemon give away! I can't wait to hear about your full Marathon- I just ran my first half and I'm looking forward to training for the full! 20 mile run this week- the end is near huh!? So exciting!

Leigh said...

I have a plan, but don't always follow it to a T and I think that's okay. Life gets in the way sometimes you just have to adjust accordingly. And there is nothing wrong with rest's your way of your body saying slow down and better to give your body that then injure it :)

ty said...

Looking at your races makes me wonder if you have an Arkansas connection :) and if you do, I'll gladly take a race with you!

M.Love said...

New reader - stoked to find you :) I LOVE trail runs -- I'm jealous of your race. Since I moved to Jersey from TN -- I miss trails a lot. I'm training for the DC Nike Half in April, but trying a completely different training schedule this time from my CrossFit coach -- we shall see what happens :)

C Channell said...

I was so excited to find new blogs through the that awesome giveaway! You guys are inspiring! I am currently training for a half but I can't wait until I can start training for a full! I had that no motivation week last week however. Trying to get back into the swing of things this week.

Kim Turner said...

I'm not training for a race (well, until my 50 in October) so I don't always have a week plan. This week, however, I have a big run for Saturday - 22 miles (it's my 1/2 b-day run).
I hope this week is smoother for you and the running mojo is back!!

Beka said...

Great job on the 11miler! I love some BodyPump, but have to change from my gym to the YMCA after LA fitness bought out our old gym and took away Les Mills :( It's just not the same!

Rachel Lake said...

I like that picture of you and Alex!!!