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Monday, January 21, 2013

The One With Land Of Oz Marathon Training {Week 5}

This past week of workouts was actually a very successful one and it was exactly what I needed! After being sick and then a couple of bummer runs last weekend I really needed to just shake off the bad vibes and get in a good weeks worth of workouts and I did just that! There was only 1 workout that I missed but I wound up changing up a few things and adding in a spin class so I was very satisfied with the efforts this week.

Here’s what happened this past week of working out:

Week 4 (Jan 14-20)



4.5 miles


3 miles + heated yoga



Off (expired yoga)
 9 miles (with Rach)

Spin 90 min

9 miles
16 + miles

17.5 miles

Monday I took the day off to recover from my 2 Houston races (the recaps are here and here if you missed them).

Thankfully by Monday night the hip flexor pain that I had been experiencing on Sunday afternoon and evening was gone; I think it was just the residual effects of having not run much and then running a race in the rain. Running in the rain can really change your stride more than you realize and so you have to be careful to be attentive to aches and pains that you may not otherwise notice. Thankfully for me some icing and ibuprofen did the trick and within 24 hours I was good to go.

On Tuesday I was back and BodyPump and we started a new workout tract (meaning new songs and new moves) and man it was killer! I went a little bit lighter on the weight since it had been a while but I still got a great workout.

Wednesday night was the return of my favorite run of the week! I absolutely love running on Wednesday nights before bible study because it’s such a great way to get over the Wednesday hump and I get to run in a different neighborhood and I get to do hill work. All of this just adds up to a great run for me. This run was a bit tough and the miles weren’t easy but I do love getting it done.

On Thursday I headed to the gym to get some easy treadmill miles in before I headed off to heated yoga class. These miles were also a bit tough but being on the treadmill and only having 3 to do really made me just stick with it. After I got those miles in I went across the street to the local yoga studio where I had a Groupon that was about to expire and I love the heated yoga class so I wanted to be sure and use my classes. As it turns out my Groupon already had expired but the instructor was very sweet and let me take the class anyways since I had made the effort to get there. It’s been a while since I’ve done yoga and my body really needed the good stretching of a heated yoga class. I was very thankful that she let me stay.

On Friday I actually had to work late and since my Groupon was expired I just went ahead and took the day off and my body really appreciated it.

Saturday morning I usually like to get my run in but my sister couldn’t meet me this weekend so rolling out of my warm bed on Saturday was just so hard for me (plus I have had a very sick doggie since Thursday and hadn’t slept much!) so I decided that I would just go to spin class and get a good cross training workout in. I really like Saturday morning spin class and I like it when I have the time to go. I did the 60 minute class and then stayed on the bike for an extra 30 minutes to get in a little bit longer workout.

Sunday morning came way too soon and I knew that I absolutely had to get my run in or it just wasn’t going to happen at all. I almost went with the not happening at all option and I even pushed snooze for an hour before I finally forced myself up. I’m not really sure why I wasn’t motivated to get this run done but it was a chore to get myself out the door. But I did. I would like to say that it was worth it and I guess it really was but goodness gracious that was a crappy 9 mile run. There was nothing particularly wrong with it and no injuries and nothing hurt I was just having an “it really sucks to be running right now” kind of day.

Other than some tired feeling runs and having my yoga Groupon expire I felt very satisfied with the workouts I got in this week. And if you would like to follow my workouts during the week you can friend me on Daily Mile here. You can also read about my humbling moments in each workout on my Daily Mile and you can read {here} why I am doing that with each workout.

I’m looking forward to this week and I think I’ll be able to tackle the workouts as well as I did last week!

Week 5 (Jan 21-27)
4.5 miles
5 miles + hills
4.5 miles + yoga
10 miles (with Rach)
25+ miles

This week I am really looking forward to my Wednesday night hill repeats and then I’m looking even more forward to running with my sister again this weekend! Our schedules have been crazy and so it’s been a month since we have run together but I am so looking forward to her hitting 10 miles!


Kim Turner said...

Once before I tried to comment about your weekly recaps and couldn't get it to go through (or maybe it did and I'm stupid!!).
Anyway, I love that you show your original plan and then what you actually did. Good reminder that training has to include flexibility in all areas!!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh your pup is sick? with what? hope your dog feels better soon. it is harder to get out of bed on saturday mornings especially after a running buddy cancels but im proud of you for still getting out and running, congrats!

armyamy said...

Great week! It's always nice to have the boost of a solid week following a less-than-good week. Just what you needed! Sounds like you are feeling a lot better, too. Yeay!

I love that you always seem to get a good mix of running + other stuff. This is my first time incorporating cross training. I'm hoping that it'll pay off on race day. I know it's good for me overall, but I'm not yet convinced that it's improving my running.*