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Friday, December 21, 2012

The One About What’s Next For Me

Now that my marathon is done you would think I would sit back and relax and just enjoy it all, however if you think that then you really probably don’t know me very well at all. I have in fact taken the last 2 weeks off and I feel like the hugest slacker in all the land, KILLING ME! I tell you.

Anyways, regardless of how painful this break has been I have needed it. I need to reward my hard work with some time off so that I don’t get injured. I also needed just kind of a mental break as well. As you can tell I took some time away from the blog and I took myself away from my normally rigid schedule and I have tried to enjoy holiday things, family time and over all rest for my body.

All of that being said I have kind of fallen prey to the “I just don’t care right now” mindset and I gave up on my squat challenge for this month. I made it 17 days which is good but this week I have had something going on every single night and with Christmas next week it won’t be any better. I also don’t get any time off from work either so my stress level is pretty high right now. And since my stress level is high my eating has been like crap as well. I keep reminding myself that this is not my life I’m simply just letting my guard down for a bit to give myself a break and I’ll get back into the swing of things in no time.

Ok now that my pity-fest is over let’s talk about how tomorrow all of that is going to change shall we?

I think I have mentioned before that I actually have already got another marathon on my calendar for the spring; this wasn’t really an accident. I knew that I would enjoy the distance and I knew that one marathon was never going to be enough for me. I also knew that I needed something in the spring before it got too hot and something to help keep my motivation up. If I only had half marathons planned for the winter and spring I knew I wouldn’t train as hard. My next marathon is set for April 20th in Olathe,Kansas. My running friend Lucy ran both the Dallas Marathon last year and then ran this following that race and she said the timing worked well, so I’m hoping it works for me too. As it stands my new 16 weeks to marathon #2 starts on Monday!

I think this works out perfectly because I feel like 16 weeks will be the perfect amount of time for me to train. I also happen to have 4 half marathons sprinkled in there (ok, that’s a lie, they aren’t sprinkled, they are in fact quite clustered together and it wasn’t until I was writing out this training plan that I realized I put 3 half marathons in 3 weekends...oops!!)

Since I have 3 halfs in 3 weekends I am in no way chasing down any sort of PR's, in fact most of these races will be fun races for me.

In Austin (Feb. 17th) I will be running with Tyly from One Mile At A Time! I am so excited for team “Tweet and Meet” to hit the streets of Austin. I ran this race last year in 2:38, after having run the Stonebridge Half the day before in the exact same time. (read about those here and here) So I know this year will be better. I actually really like the hills in Austin and it will be great to have some company along as well.

The following weekend I will be running the Cowtown Challenge in Ft. Worth, which means I’ll be running the 10K on Saturday (Feb 23rd) and then on Sunday I will be running the half marathon. My sister will also be toeing the line for her very first half marathon that day and I am so very excited that I will get to run this with her! Seriously, words cannot describe my excitement. We have already started training and she is doing amazing! On our run last week she was worried that she was going to slow me down or be running by herself and I told her that I plan to run every single step of that race with her from start to finish. I can’t wait to see her cross her first finish line.

Then the weekend after that we will be having my bachelorette party in Little Rock, Arkansas and I will be running the Little Rock half marathon; I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you that this is going to be one fun and crazy weekend. I’m so grateful that my friends and sisters will indulge me in letting me run a half marathon on my bachelorette weekend; they just know me so well!

However, there is one more half marathon in there that I do have a few crazy plans for…. On January 12th and 13th I will be running in Houston. On the 12th I’m doing the 5K that they have (of course to receive some extra bling!) and then on the 13th I plan to chase down a 2:15 half marathon. Yes, I am crazy!

In Tulsa and ran a rough race and managed a new PR of 2:18 and so that got me thinking that if I could run a 2:18 there on a hard day when I was already tired and at the end of marathon training then I wonder what I could do when I’ve had some rest and on a very flat course? Enter my plan for Houston. Now I know it’s only 3 weeks away and I’ve been slacking for 2 weeks and have been eating like crap but I really would like to see what I can do. So with that being said I’ve front-loaded my training plan with lots of speed work and I intend to see just what I am capable of.

**If you have any specific speed workouts to suggest or advice on how to PR in 3 weeks I will gladly take that advice. Or if you would just like to tell me that I’m nuts, you may do so as well, but you won’t change my mind**

All that being said, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t hit my goal of 2:15, in fact I won’t be disappointed if I don’t PR at all, life will go on, I’ll still run and I’ll move on. But for now I want to try.

So there you have it, that’s what’s next for me. You will be seeing some speed workouts early on and you can expect to hear about how my sister is progressing in her training as well. I will post my official training plan tomorrow morning for anyone that is interested.

Are any of you running any of the races that I will running?


Erin said...

I'll be running the Austin Half as well - yay! We should meet up!

I'm excited to follow your journey to a second marathon. You'll have the advantage of knowing what to expect this time around which will be helpful. Looks like you have some other great races on the calendar as well.

I have been over indulging a lot the past 2 weeks as well. It's hard not to feel guilty, but like you said, it's not a permanent thing. I know I'll be going into the New year carrying a few extra pounds - I think it will just inspire me to work that much harder come January.

Happy Holidays!

The Unlikely Runner said...

Oh that's awesome! Yes we will definitely have to meet up. I will be in town the whole weekend!
And I'm really hoping that marathon #2 will be just as fun and exciting, because like you said now I know more of what to expect and I know what I am capable of and what I want to improve on.
And if I can still fit in my clothes after next Tuesday it will be a Christmas miracle for sure!
Happy Holidays to you, too!

meghan said...

I'm glad to hear about your second marathon! I need to plan mine (or I may already have...). That's awesome that you're running a half on your bachelorette weekend. I wish I'd done something like that one mine. And you're going to be chasing down your half PR the same weekend I'm doing my marathon!! That's like me running my first 20 miler while you were doing your marathon. Kindred spirits. Check out fartlet training and HIIT training plans on Pinterest for speed ideas. You can do it!

armyamy said...

Geeze, woman! You don't waste any time! I personally prefer spring training in Texas to winter. My second full was in April, and the weather was pretty darn cooperative the entire time. (Knock on wood that the same is true for you!)

And look at all those halfs you'll be running preparation! So jealous right now. I've heard that Little Rock has big bling. (Reason enough to run a race, if you ask me.) Austin is a stellar race, really well run, as you know. And the Cowtown challenge sounds neat. Seriously, a great line-up! Good luck with all the races!*

jillconyers said...

Awesome race plans! Have you joined 13 in 2013? With your calendar you should! I can't think of a better idea for a bachelorette party! Very cool!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I did the Olathe half when I lived there. it's a tiny little race, but really flat for that area

PollyAnna said...

I'm hoping for somewhere between 2:10 and 2:15 at Houston too. I'll look for you!