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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The One With A Comparison

A couple of months ago I did a post where I compared my daily mile account from the previous year to this year; I really enjoyed this post and I found it was very encouraging to me so I wanted to do another one. In fact, I liked it so much that I plan on doing quarterly updates and comparison posts starting in 2013 because right now my quarters are currently off. I went back and compared August-October of 2011 with August-October of this year and I was shocked!

In August-October of 2011 I logged 38 hours of workouts (this was everything from running to cross training).

I also went 154 miles (this also includes all forms of activity) October of last year was my second highest mileage month.

And my average pace was 11:27. (Thanks to Alex and his math abilities since I was having issues finding an average pace….) I was actually quite shocked at this number because I didn’t feel like I was very fast last year.(Don't even ask me about that 8:48....I'm as baffled as you guys) When I started running 2 years ago a 12 minute average pace was where I was comfortable and where I fell most of the time. I know I’ve always wanted to get faster but like I said, I was surprised to see this number that low.

This year I totally blew it out of the water!

In August-October of 2012 I spent 42 hours running. This doesn’t seem like all that much compared to last year but when you look at how many more miles I ran this year it seems really significant to me.

I ran a total of 217 miles, in 3 months!!! Holy smokes that’s just crazy to me! September was actually the month that I logged my highest mileage ever at 95 miles. But I am currently on track to break that this month….

My average pace this year has been 10:52, and going down.

I know it may seem like bragging to you guys but in all honesty these are the things that motivate me to do better and be better. I love reading all of your blogs and seeing all the great things you are doing in your workouts. I enjoy the accountability of DailyMile and I like seeing the PR’s set and fast paces. But when it’s all said and done the thing that motivates me more than anything else in the whole wide world is this, seeing my own improvement. I could continue to beat a dead horse with all my ramblings of how much I have always desired to be a semi-decent runner but when I prove to myself over and over again that just a pinch of hard work and a dash of determination can inch you closer and closer to what I want it’s empowering to me. Running has given me a confidence in myself that I never knew I had. I know I’m still not amazing by any means but if I’ve proven that in 1 years time I can grow this much, imagine what I can do with one more year, and then the next and the next….

I say all of this to say this: To all the people out there who think they aren’t capable of doing something and achieving a dream, you are wrong. Two years ago I was at rock bottom in my life and the simple idea of me running a marathon, let alone being good at it was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t like myself and I wasn’t proud of who I had become. But I stand corrected. I can be proud of myself and I can do things I have always dreamed of. And you most definitely can as well.

Consistency is the key. It took me a year (well really 2) to get here and I’m ok with that. I only hope that in a year from now I can see growth then as well; it may not be quite so dramatic as it has been this year but growth is all I seek. 

What about you, what motivates you to achieve your dreams?

P.S. If you haven't signed up for the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge then I suggest you get on it! It starts Monday and this will be my first year to participate in it and I am so excited! Just click the link or click on the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge picture on the right sidebar and you can find all the information about the challenge. 


Jessa O said...

Found you through the hop. Absolutely love your blog. I'm trying to get back into running after talking a LONG break. (biggest mistake)One of your newest followers.


Elizabeth said...

Way to go Lauren! That is so exciting to see your improvements! Don't think for one minute that you are boasting- you should be SO STINKING proud of yourself!! :)
I love looking back and realizing that in January I could not run 100 feet, and I just ran a 1/2 marathon!!

meghan said...

Awesome improvement and growth. I love looking back at ways that I'm improving and places I still have room to improve. You're doing awesome. It doesn't sound like bragging!! And we're going to rock this HBBC in our peak time. I can't wait. Glad you're doing it. I want to win a prize!,

Erin said...

I love seeing how much you have improved. And you're completely right - there is no such thing as "I can't"!!