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Monday, November 12, 2012

The One About Week 19 Of Marathon Training

You guys, 4 weeks from today I will be sitting at home calling myself a marathoner – that just blows my mind! I cannot believe that with all the time I have spent talking about this marathon and training for it that it is almost here; I am so excited and I feel so ready! This week really was a good week for me as far as running is concerned and while I didn’t quite get my 22 miles this weekend I did have a very strong long run that I was proud of as well as several other good runs this week. My right shin has also been feeling better too (or maybe I’m just getting used to it?) and while it’s not 100% and I still think there is something wrong (like a stress fracture) it isn’t getting any worse and some days it doesn’t even hurt, that bad. At least after Monday it was feeling a lot better. Either way I feel ok about it and I’m not worried or in pain.

All that being said, here’s what this past week looked like for workouts:

Week 19 (Nov 5-11)

Elliptical 90 min

Done + 3 miles
6 miles

5.5 miles + hills


22 miles

16 miles

28+ miles

29 miles

Monday my shin was bothering me and it was really dark by the time I got home and I just didn’t have the energy to head back out to the gym or get my gear together and go outside, so I decided I would do 90 minutes on the elliptical; dang 90 minutes is a long time!

Tuesday I decided to do a warm up mile before BodyPump and then 2 more miles afterwards to at least make up a few of the miles I would have done on Monday. I wore my new Brooks PureConnects and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them yet. They didn’t really bother me, they just aren’t very supportive. I don’t’ think I would wear them for anything more than a 10K race. I do like them for BodyPump class (yes I realize I shouldn’t wear running shoes for cross-training but who cares!)

Wednesday Alex joined me before our Bible Study and we did a super speedy 5.5 miles with hill sprints. The first 2 miles were really fast because the whole time we were arguing about the wedding guest list (I only put this in here because it totally makes me laugh now and we really don’t argue and always come to an agreement at some point). I also would like to mention that for our 5th and last hill sprint Alex and I decided to race up our hill, he gave me a slight head start and almost caught me but I still won (and he owes me a new pair of jeans now….)

Thursday I took the day off and boy to I felt like I ate everything in sight!

Friday I wanted to get a yoga class in for the week so I went to the yoga studio and took a basic yoga class. At first I was really annoyed at how basic this class was but then I realized that it was a great way for me to end my week and just calm myself down for the weekend.

Saturday I got up and had every intention of running 22 miles and while the run was a great run it was also kind of weird. Alex has been thinking about doing the marathon with me but hasn’t had a lot of time to get his long runs in so he wanted to see if he could do 15 miles with me. I went out and did 7 miles to start with and ran back by the house to meet up with him. The first 7 miles were good and I definitely felt much better than the weekend before. Alex and I got going but within 2 miles his shin splints really started flaring up, I felt bad for him because I really know how painful shin splints can be. Finally at mile 3.5 he knew he was pretty much done for the day so we took it easy and ran do a couple of different garage sales in the neighborhood. After about 1.5 miles of that I was sitting at 12 miles for the day and I wanted to at least get 15-16 miles in so he walked home and I did 4 more miles. Honestly I could have finished out the last 6 miles, I felt ok and I had the energy but I was just being lazy about it. It was getting later since we had stopped at a few garage sales and mentally I was ready to be done so I decided I was happy with my 16.2 miles. I finished in 3:05 for an average pace of 11:25, night and day difference from the weekend before.

For this next week I’m going to cut back on some of my weekly mileage because I have a BIG weekend ahead of me with a long run plus the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa. Originally the plan was to go ahead and run 16 miles Saturday morning and then still race on Sunday but I’ve decided that I’m not leaving for Tulsa until Saturday so the plan is to do 8 miles Friday night and 8 miles Saturday morning and then race on Sunday. Breaking it up like that will save some time but I will still get all the miles in.

Week 20 (Nov 12-18)
4 miles
4 easy
8 miles
8 miles
Route 66 Half Marathon
37 miles

As for Tulsa, this was my favorite race last year and it was also my PR race that stood until 3 weeks ago in Columbus. I don’t think I have it in me to PR again, not right now and not with the amount of mileage that I will be running this weekend. But I am looking forward to this race, I loved the course and the weather should be great. My sister Rachel is going with me so I’m excited to spend some time with her this weekend too. So my only goals for Tulsa are to have fun and run the whole race.

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Elizabeth said...

4 weeks!! Eeek! That is so exciting! You sound like you are ready and waiting! Can't wait to her all about it!
Good job on your training! Stay strong and safe!

Steph @ Steph Runs On said...

Only four more weeks! Yay! Sounds like your run this weekend was good, if a little up and down.

meghan said...

You have a big week this week! Wow Two 8's and a 13?! My goodness! And I can't believe it's four weeks away. I just got butterflies in my stomach thinking about mine too. Awesome job on beating Alex, and nice work on negotiating a pair of jeans out of it. :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

transitioning to something low profile like the brooks pure definitely takes a little time and you have to make sure you feel good about your form. Looks like you did a great job of listening to your body! great way to get through training uninjured :)

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

I am just amazed at your training! Great job!!

Eryen Byrd said...

You've got this! It's a fantastic feeling to have accomplished that!