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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The One About Week 18 of Marathon Training

I cannot believe I am already done with 18 weeks of training! Where did the time go? I only have 5 more weeks until my marathon, oh wow. Oddly enough I feel very calm about it. I feel not quite ready but I know that I will be come race day. It’s weird what all you learn about yourself when you are in the midst of marathon training (or really any training for that matter); I know I am a much stronger and better person this time around in my training that I was last time and that makes me very excited!

Here’s what I did this week:

Week 18 (Oct 29-Nov 4)
4 miles

5 miles

5 miles


Done + 5 miles

20 miles


30+ miles

30 miles

This week was a weird week training wise; I didn’t necessarily feel like I was on top of my training yet for the first time in a long time (or maybe ever in this training cycle) I crossed everything off my list!

Monday I was still on vacation in Indianapolis so I wanted to make sure and get a good run in while I had the chance to in the cooler weather. I wound up running my fastest time ever by averaging a 9:46 for 5 miles! I had no idea I had it in me to be this fast but once I saw a 9 pop up on my Garmin I just decided to hang on for dear life and see what I could do. I was really proud of this run but my legs were quite tired later that day, and sitting on a plane for 5 hours didn’t help either!

Tuesday I went to BodyPump and realized that my biceps are shockingly weak and I’m determined to change that this month! I was too tired for yoga and I wanted to take my mom out to dinner since she had watched my dogs so I worked extra hard during BodyPump.

Wednesday my body was still recovering from our trip and I just didn’t have it in me to lace up my shoes.

Thursday I wanted to make up for the missed run from Wednesday so I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Man it’s been a long time since I’ve run on the treadmill and it was hot and boring. (Remember when I loved the treadmill so much and had an obsession with it?) After my run I went to the yoga studio and did a power yoga for runners class. It was exactly what I needed to help me refocus for the week and calm my nerves from our trip!

Friday was rest day.

Saturday I got up and did my 20 miles and boy was that the hardest run I think I have ever done. Physically I was ok, no issue with my shin and nothing nagging as far as aches or pains, I just couldn’t get myself going and mentally I was a mess. 20 miles is a long way to be a mess for. I wanted to quit so many times but I stuck it out and finally got it done. I’m so glad I got it done because now I feel more mentally prepared knowing I can tough out the worst of the them!

Sunday I utilized that extra hour of sleep and instead got up and did 45 minutes on the elliptical to help with some soreness and recovery. I have been horrible about cross training (except for BodyPump and Yoga) during this training cycle and I really need to make a better effort!

This is my last really big training week before I start my taper; I have my longest distance in this cycle of 22 miles. Most people say you really don’t need to do anything more than 20 miles but I think mentally I really need that 22, let’s just hope it’s nothing like this past week’s run!

Week 19 (Nov 5-11)
6 miles
22 miles
28+ miles

What are your workouts this week? Join the link-up and see what everyone else is doing!
Here's to a great week of workouts!

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meghan said...

Awesome job this week getting it all. I am so uninterested in Cross Training this training cycle. I was so good about it when there was Les Mills, but my gym cancelled that. And after 15 miles yesterday, I just don't have it in me to go do a class I don't like...I ordered turbofire, so hopefully that helps when it arrives.

meghan said...

Oh. And congrats on holding sub 10 for 5 miles. That's an awesome feeling!!

Allison said...

Great job on your 20 miler! I agree, I think 22 miles is more for the mental aspect of training. Keep it up, you are almost there!

Elizabeth said...

Whew- speedy woman on your 5 miler!
I know what you mean about being mentally off for a long run- it makes it drag, and it's soooo hard to stick through! Way to run strong and unleash your inner beast! That's awesomeness!

Rain said...

Thanks for the nomination and it looks like even with travel you got in some good workouts!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Great job getting your 20 done! For my first marathon, I only did one 20 and it was my worst possible run. Thankfully, I felt much better come race day, but those final miles are tough no matter how well you train. You'll be ready!