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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The One With My Goals For The Columbus Half

*this post was written late Wednesday night before we left so hopefully my goals are still the same

I know I've mentioned I would like a PR (I mean who wouldn't right?) but I also know I haven't been training for one, training just happens to be going a lot better than anticipated, with the small exception of that nagging injury... That being said if my injury cooperates on Sunday I do think a PR is possible. My current PR is 2:33 and it was set last November at the Route 66 Half in Tulsa. The weather was great that day, the course was fairly flat and I really surprised myself.
Fast forward to now and I'm consistently running at a much faster pace. My last half marathon a month ago was within 2 minutes of my PR and that was on a hot day and again I hadn't been training for one so I was still satisfied with what I accomplished that day. The weather in Columbus is supposed to be cold (43 is the current reading for the morning and I've always said 41 degrees is my all time favorite running weather!) which I absolutely love and run well in, so that's in my favor.
Anyways, all of that said I have 2 goals for Sunday and neither one of them are to actually PR.
Goal #1: to run the entire race. I said this for my last half because I had only done this once. I succeeded last time and I want this to become a consistent thing. Besides, I'm training for a marathon, running 13 miles is something I should be able to accomplish.
Goal #2: start slow, really slow (think 11:50-12:00) for the first couple of miles. Running negative splits is something I've been able to do well lately but I've only ever done it on shorter runs so I need to make sure I pace myself well so that I can push it at just the right time. While my goal is not a PR my goal IS to have a great race that I'm proud of so giving my best effort includes working my splits right and allowing myself to run a strong race.
I realize I may be over thinking this race entirely but I've got a lot going on in my head right now about how well my training is actually going yet it's annoying to be dealing with this pain in my leg! So above all I'm going to have fun and enjoy running in a new city and adding another medal to my ever growing collection!


TorontoRunner said...

Good luck, Good luck!
And, with my recent disappointing half, I totally agree with goal #2 to start slow!

Have fun!

stephrunson said...

Good luck this weekend!

I think your #2 goal will allow you to accomplish your #1 goal.

armyamy said...

Great goals! Oh, the elusive negative splits. I seem to be able to bust them out during short training runs but rarely during races. I think you are on to something with the idea of starting slow. It's hard (all the energy at the start of a race!) but smart. Good luck!*

Erin said...

You've got a great plan in place - always better to start off a little conservative then pick it up for the negative splits and a strong finish. I'm like you and love running in 40 degree weather; enjoy it! Wishing you the best of luck and a shiny new PR! :)

Rain said...

I hope you have a great race, I agree you have a great plan!