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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One With A Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Unlikely Runners!

I have a small confession to make….

I don’t like Halloween at all, not one bit! Sure I can see the appeal and I’m not like some Halloween Scrooge wishing everyone a crappy day, I just don’t like to participate or partake in very many Halloweenish festivities. I love fall and I can definitely appreciate the season but dressing up and parties and the ghosts and goblins and vampires, nope, not for me.


That didn’t stop Alex and I from participating in a pumpkin carving contest with the Jr. High kids at our church earlier this month! We both had a blast and I loved seeing the kids get into the carving of their pumpkins, there are some pretty talented kids out there, I was impressed!

Alex and I decided to try our hand at pumpkin carving (it’s a skill I am sorely lacking in) and these were our masterpieces. Alex carved a rocket ship taking off and I decided to stick with the great state of Texas. I’m not going to lie I was a little bit impressed with our carvings.

So here’s to a Happy Halloween to all you Halloween lovers (and those that aren’t) out there. Stay safe and make good choices!


TorontoRunner said...

I love your Texas carving!
I'm not a dress-up Halloween-er either. I just eat the chocolate. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you girl- Halloween is DUMB. I'm not a fan. I may be addicted to candy corn, but Halloween is just meh.

armyamy said...

Cute pumpkins!*