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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The One Where I'm Blogging From My Phone

Blogging on your phone sucks! Just to put that out there.
Alex and I left Columbus yesterday and made it to Indianapolis where we will be for the remainder of your trip. He's doing a little work so don't worry I'm not neglecting him by blogging!
I thought I would give a little injury update and talk about this trail race that I have on Saturday. I would love to do a recap of the Columbus half marathon but I'm afraid that may have to wait until next week because I really want to download my splits from my Garmin and post pictures from the race and that's just too hard to do on my phone. But I will say this, the Columbus half marathon was a great race, glorious PR aside, the course was great, the people were great and it was very well done. I don't put many races on my list of "want to do again" because I hate repeating races but this one made the list. In fact I would actually probably be interested in running the full marathon...but I'm getting sidetracked.
Injury: well for the entirety of the race on Sunday it cooperated and my legs actually felt better than they had in a really long time. I took ibuprofen the night before the race but not that morning since its not good to take it before running. Everything was fine and I had some minimal soreness when I was done. I iced as soon as we got home and took ibuprofen then. I iced again later that evening. Monday morning I took a complete rest day and iced twice and took ibuprofen twice, still some minor soreness. Yesterday however I went out and ran 7.5 miles and while my leg felt fine while on the run it was not happy when I was done. I didn't have time to ice it after my run because we had to get out the door to go to Indianapolis but I did take ibuprofen and that helped for a bit. I did ice when we got to Indianapolis and while the pain is not as bad as it was its not great. Today I woke up and it's getting better but still sore. Today is a complete rest day so I plan to ice it a couple of times and continue on with the meds (ugh, when did I become a pill popper!!)
I have 6 miles tomorrow and 3 on Friday which I plan to take easy. Now that we are in Indianapolis there are some flat neighborhoods and so I won't be going up and down as many hills as I was when we were in Columbus so I'm hoping that helps some.
As for that trail race that I have on Saturday, yea I totally dropped the ball on training for that one! I have recently been intrigued by trail running and racing but I've been too focused on marathon training to really pay much attention to it. I was hoping this race on my schedule would force me to give it a try but obviously that didn't happen. So the plan is to just go and enjoy the day. The race is actually quite small and only about 200 or so people do it each year. It's held at a state park in southern Indiana and Alex says he's hiked the trails before and they are pretty technical. The race doesn't have a time limit and there are all distances ranging from 5K to half marathon. We have signed up for 10 miles. There are no medals which I like because then I don't feel so much pressure. I just plan to go out and have fun and enjoy the cool weather, the beautiful trees and the thought that I'm finally getting to run some trails. Hopefully my leg cooperates but if not then no big deal, I'll just hike it!
Well we are off to go enjoy lunch at Moe's! It's one of my favorite places and we don't have them in Texas.
Have a great Wednesday!
Have you ever done a trail race before? If so what was it like and do you have any advice for me?

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armyamy said...

I've never done a trail race before. From what I've seen they look really fun but kind of dirty. Haha! I hope you enjoy it!*