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Monday, October 15, 2012

The One About Week 15 of Marathon Training

Oh what to say about this week….
I guess I could let my report chart show you, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Week 15 (Oct 8-14)

5 miles

BodyPump + yoga

6 miles




Disco 10 Miler + 7 miles

6.2 miles
28+ miles

18 miles

Monday: this run was absolutely awesome! I cannot describe the greatness that I felt on this run. The weather was cool and even though I got a much later start than I wanted to since I had to work late I still made myself get out and push. And push I did – I ran 3 of those 5 miles in the 10’s and my last mile was a 9:30! I never ever thought I would see a 9 on my Garmin but I sure did and for it to be my last mile I was on cloud nine!

Tuesday: I upped all my weights in BodyPump this week trying to really push myself and I had one of those workouts that just makes you shake! I really wore myself out in a good day with this workout. But it definitely made yoga really tough!

Wednesday: this was a rough 6 miles for me, I just felt off for a good 4 miles. I think my legs were tired from the day before. It also didn’t help that I ended up on a hilly route and ran up 3 huge hills! But at mile 4 I finally hit a really good stride and I was able to finish strong.

The next three days were off due to other commitments and I also wanted to give my calf/shin/ankle issue a chance to rest but it did continue to bother me throughout the week, though never really all that bad. However, I just knew something was up. I foam rolled every day and while my calf was feeling better and not sore, the pain in my right lower shin wasn’t going away which led me to think that it might be something more than shin splints.

Sunday: the plan was to get up and do 6 easy miles before leaving for the race but I was really unsure about my shin and since I slept through my alarm (oops!) I decided I would see how the 10 mile race went and then go from there. We got to the race and I did a warm up mile and felt ok, not great but ok. But once the race started I was in some pain. I was actually just feeling really sore and achy all over and my left calf believe it or not was the one acting up the most. The race was a 5 mile loop that you ran twice if you were doing the 10 miles so at 4.5 Alex told me that he wanted me to stop because he didn’t want me to hurt myself anymore or suffer later. I was pretty pissed at him because at this point I was actually feeling better, but I know he was my voice of reason because clearly I had none. I will do a full race recap this week but I was pretty bummed that my 17 miles turned into 6.

That also means that my brain is running overtime trying to figure out how to salvage a missed long run only 8 weeks out from my marathon, especially since these next 2 weeks are going to be easier due to being on vacation. I am also trying to figure out what is going on with my leg since it doesn’t seem to be a calf issue or shin splints (I’m thinking stress fracture, but that’s a completely uneducated guess so don’t take my word for it; however, I will say that athlete’s intuition is telling me this is very likely)

Anyways, needless to say I’m freaking out! I’m way too stubborn to cut back my running and take time off; I would much rather just deal with it and manage it run by run as I have been and run my dang marathon in pain than sit out and wait. I’m also a bit too stubborn to go to the doctor at the moment because I’m afraid of what they would tell me (and I know they would tell me to rest and I don’t want to!). So I’m kind of stuck at the moment; I never would ever recommend to anyone to run with an injury nor to I think it’s a great idea but have I mentioned that I’m stubborn? Yeah, I am.

So the plan for now is to continue to run the races that I have on my schedule and train for my marathon as is. I will deal with the pain as it comes and I will make sure that I foam roll after every run and ice after every run and take those pain killers! I’ve told myself that if the pain gets worse (for example if it’s too painful to walk) I will go get it checked out, but if the pain just stays as is I will go get it checked out after my marathon. Again, I know this is probably not smart and I would never ever recommend anyone run with a supposed injury and I know some people will frown upon me continuing to train but I know my limits and I know my pain tolerance and I really just can’t imagine stopping right now. So there’s that.

All that being said I won’t be making up those 17 miles that were lost (well really 11) but I have upped some of my weekly runs over the next couple of weeks to compensate for some of that mileage missed. I may not be able to make up 17 miles all at once but I do want to keep my weekly mileage count up.

Alex and I are leaving early Thursday morning and will be gone for 10 days so I’m hoping that some vacation time will be good for rest and also good to be able to get in some longer weekday runs when I’m not as pressed for time.

So now that I have made this weekly training report significantly longer than necessary here is what I have this week:

Week 16 (Oct 15-21)
BodyPump + yoga
6 easy
6 miles
3 miles
Columbus Half Marathon
28+ miles

I’m taking today off because I have a much needed friend date with my friend Karen tonight and it’s a good excuse to rest my leg.

Tuesday is BodyPump and yoga as usual

Wednesday will be 6 miles again, hopefully easy this time, I don’t need any hills this week!

Thursday is travel day.

Friday I would like to get 6 miles in at an easy pace.

Saturday will be 3 very easy miles.

Sunday Alex and I will be running the Columbus Half Marathon! I will say that while I haven’t actually been training for this race to be a PR I think if my leg cooperates I have it in me to have a really good race. I’ve been running decent times and the weather in Columbus is supposed to be nice and chilly just the way I like it for race morning. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t have a PR since like I said I haven’t been training for one, but if I feel good I will definitely be going for it!

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meghan said...

Oh goodness. That stinks about your pain. Are you sure you shouldn't go to the doctor? Maybe it's something simple that they can work out...I know that it would be such a difficult decision to do it, but it would be terrible to make it get worse. Is it super painful, or does it get better as you run? I'm so sorry that you had to drop down from 17 to 6.2. I think I'd feel the same way as you.

Erin said...

I can completely relate as I am SUPER stubborn and pretty much refuse to take more than a few days rest when an injury flares it's ugly head :) For me if the pain is manageable I run through it, although that's horrible advice so don't listen to me :) You're on the right path with ice, rolling, anti-inflammatories. I'll be sending you positive quick healing vibes!

Don't even sweat the missed long run. It won't matter in the long run. Promise.

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Why are runners so stubborn?? :) I would be doing the same thing. I've also had similar shin pain, and I don't think it's shin splints. It bothered me this summer and I took a couple weeks to cross train and was back injury free until this last week, now I'm feeling it again... like you, I'm trying to decide how to balance resting it and continuing on with training. It's a tough call. Hope yours clears up quickly!

armyamy said...

I would say to rest rest rest and go to the doctor, but I know that if it was me, I probably wouldn't do those things either! Just control the things you can (ice, tape, elevate, foam roll, take asprin, etc). It sounds like that's the plan. Here's hoping that your pain subsides!*

KatSnF said...

I'm sorry hopefully it'll get figured out so you can keep on keepin on! Thanks for linking up girlie!

Km said...

I hope you are able to push through (that's always my plan, too)!!!
Good luck with the training this week.
And "Hook 'em Horns"!!!

TorontoRunner said...

I was just browsing through your blog - you've done so many races and events, I'm so jealous!

Good luck at the half this weekend, and for marathon training - pretty amazing! :D

Elizabeth said...

Oh my- I hope you aren't injured! Pain pain- GO AWAY!!

Jameil said...

I absolutely hate missing long runs and have evil ankles that like to roll. I know you don't want to hear this and you have way more race experience than I do... but every marathon plan and guidance from all sorts of people I've ever read (and I've obsessively read SO MANY) says there's no use trying to make up for missed training runs. If you add mileage, it may further aggravate whatever's going on with your body. There's no way you want to jeopardize your marathon. You have other long runs ahead in the next 8 weeks, right? Onward and upward! Regardless, you're an inspiration!