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Monday, October 8, 2012

The One About Week 14 Of Marathon Training

Week 14 (Oct 1-7)

Body pump + yoga


3 miles
6 pace

Off- calf issues

10 miles + walk at State Fair all day


14 miles

Week 14 of marathon training (training for the Dallas Marathon on December 9th) was a little bit unusual because I didn’t get my normal Monday run in. I knew that I probably wouldn’t and that’s ok, I spent the evening walking around the Dallas Arboretum with my family so at least I was active.
On Tuesday I went to BodyPump for the first time in 2 months, man I missed that class! I lifted a little bit lighter than I normally would because it had seriously been 2 months since I had lifted weight and the last thing I needed was to be extra sore and hurt myself. I’m actually glad that I held back a little bit because man I was feeling the burn.
Before class I did a 10 min/1 mile warm up on the treadmill to get my blood pumping. Then after the class I did a 60 minute yoga class. I really like doing yoga and I feel it helps me stay stretched out and flexible for running, I just wish I had more time to get in more classes during the week.
On Wednesday I went out to do 5 miles plus some hill work but ended up calling it quits at mile 3 because of a calf problem. I’m not entire sure what is up there but I did some icing and foam rolling over the next couple of days and that seemed to help some.
Saturday I was nervous about doing 10 miles after the issues I had with calf but I wanted to try anyways. I decided this would be a good day to try out my new compression socks from Pro Compression and I loved them! 

I wasn’t sure how I would like the tall socks because I’ve run in my calf sleeves before and those annoyed me. But these socks worked great! They didn’t rub or cause blisters and they weren’t too tight or too loose. It was a chilly morning so it also helped keep my legs warm. I’m not entirely sure they really helped with my running (some people say it helps circulate the blood better when wearing compression socks and therefore they can run better) but I know that afterwards my legs weren’t sore and my legs and feet didn’t feel as tired afterwards.
Alex joined me at 5am for the first 4.6 miles of the run and then I went and finished the last 6.4 miles. It was a great run and I was so happy to be running in chilly weather and I was even more thrilled I didn’t have my calf pain.
We then spent the rest of the day walking at the State Fair of Texas and after 12 hours of walking around my poor little legs were done for!

Week 15 (Oct 8-14)

5 miles
BodyPump + yoga
6 miles
Disco 10 Miler + 7 miles
28+ miles

This next week of workouts will also be a little bit weird because I will be working some long hours and I have several things going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So the goal is to get 3 solid days of work in.
I have 17 miles on the training plan for this weekend and so I decided to couple that with a 10 mile race. I have never run a 10 mile race before and while I would like to actually race it and see what kind of time I am capable of I think it’s more important to get my long run in. I had considered doing 7 miles on Saturday and then the race on Sunday which would mean I got 17 miles for the weekend but I think I would rather do all 17 in one day. So the plan is to do 6 miles early (another 4:30 start time!) and then we will drive to the race (about 45 min away) and do a warm-up mile then the 10 mile race. I know it sounds complicated but I think if I have a medal at the end of those 10 miles I will work harder, at least that’s the hope!
So that’s what my week looks like. I’m off and running super early today and have lots of hours at work ahead of me, so here’s to a Happy Monday and a good week this week!

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meghan said...

Nice job this week! I read a post on a friend's blog that I'll email to you that I think you'll like. It was sent by the NYC Marathon about the concept of 80%. I think it'll make you feel super confident. And I've never done a 10 miler either, but I did a 15k this weekend and am considering another next weekend that is about as close. They're an awkward distance. Something about calling it a something-k makes me feel like it's going to be short. And there's nothing that short about 9 miles. I took yesterday off and will take today off too. Mostly because my gym cancelled Les Mills and BodyPump and I'm kind of lost.

Erin said...

Keep up the good work! I used to do Body Pump religiously when I worked at Texas Tech and loved it. Unfortunately, the gym I belong to here doesn't offer it...I miss it! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead - hope it goes well! P.S. - The Disco 10 miler sounds like fun! :)

Tyly said...

See??? That dedication is EXACTLY why I call you amazing!!!

Rebecca Amble said...

Very inspiring.