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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One With A Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Unlikely Runners!

I have a small confession to make….

I don’t like Halloween at all, not one bit! Sure I can see the appeal and I’m not like some Halloween Scrooge wishing everyone a crappy day, I just don’t like to participate or partake in very many Halloweenish festivities. I love fall and I can definitely appreciate the season but dressing up and parties and the ghosts and goblins and vampires, nope, not for me.


That didn’t stop Alex and I from participating in a pumpkin carving contest with the Jr. High kids at our church earlier this month! We both had a blast and I loved seeing the kids get into the carving of their pumpkins, there are some pretty talented kids out there, I was impressed!

Alex and I decided to try our hand at pumpkin carving (it’s a skill I am sorely lacking in) and these were our masterpieces. Alex carved a rocket ship taking off and I decided to stick with the great state of Texas. I’m not going to lie I was a little bit impressed with our carvings.

So here’s to a Happy Halloween to all you Halloween lovers (and those that aren’t) out there. Stay safe and make good choices!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The One Where It’s Back To The Grindstone

Well it’s officially over; 12 days of vacation have come and gone and I’m back to reality now. Alex and I arrived home about 10pm safely last night and I must say it is good to be home. But that 4:40 alarm was none to pleasant this morning.
I know I am behind on all sorts of stuff (my inbox at worked informed me of as much bright and early this morning) so you will have to forgive me as it may take a couple of days to sort through pictures, write race recaps and posts and answer emails and comments, but don’t worry I’ll get to it eventually.

We had the most amazing vacation and it was just perfect! I cannot wait to share photos of seeing 1,300 lb pumpkins and pumpkin flavored everything from the pumpkin festival we went to. I have some awesome pictures of our day at the Ohio State football game. And I obviously have some awesome race pictures to share. It was the perfect mix of fun vacation stuff along with relaxing down time that we both needed. So stay tuned!

The week after vacation always seems to be a hectic one no matter what but this week is going to prove to be a super crazy week for me! On the agenda for the week besides clocking into work each day includes catching up at dinner with my mom tonight, body pump class, going to vote (soapbox: please go and vote people, this is such an honor and privilege that we have in this country, don’t take that for granted!) catching up on laundry/unpacking (isn’t unpacking just the worst!) running 20 miles this weekend, going into work on Saturday, family lunch on Sunday and oh yeah, our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES! 

Needless to say we got off the plane and hit the ground running this week. I also have a couple of races that I will be signing up for and one that I am super excited about, but more on that later.

I know I missed week 16 and 17 of marathon training updates so here’s a brief overview of what I did:

Week 16 (Oct 15-21)

BodyPump + yoga

6 easy


6 miles

5.6 miles
3 miles

Columbus Half Marathon

new PR of 2:25

28+ miles

25 miles
Week 17 (Oct 22-28)

8 miles

7.6 miles

6 miles

4.5 miles
3 miles

Knobstone Trail 10 miler

6.2 miles

3.1 miles
16+ miles

21 miles

And this is what is on the schedule this week for Week 18 of marathon training:

Week 18 (Oct 29-Nov 4)
4 miles

5 miles
5 miles
20 miles
30+ miles

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and I can’t wait to sort through my Google reader and see what everyone else has been up to….

Happy Monday Tuesday (yay it’s already Tuesday!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The One Where I'm Blogging From My Phone

Blogging on your phone sucks! Just to put that out there.
Alex and I left Columbus yesterday and made it to Indianapolis where we will be for the remainder of your trip. He's doing a little work so don't worry I'm not neglecting him by blogging!
I thought I would give a little injury update and talk about this trail race that I have on Saturday. I would love to do a recap of the Columbus half marathon but I'm afraid that may have to wait until next week because I really want to download my splits from my Garmin and post pictures from the race and that's just too hard to do on my phone. But I will say this, the Columbus half marathon was a great race, glorious PR aside, the course was great, the people were great and it was very well done. I don't put many races on my list of "want to do again" because I hate repeating races but this one made the list. In fact I would actually probably be interested in running the full marathon...but I'm getting sidetracked.
Injury: well for the entirety of the race on Sunday it cooperated and my legs actually felt better than they had in a really long time. I took ibuprofen the night before the race but not that morning since its not good to take it before running. Everything was fine and I had some minimal soreness when I was done. I iced as soon as we got home and took ibuprofen then. I iced again later that evening. Monday morning I took a complete rest day and iced twice and took ibuprofen twice, still some minor soreness. Yesterday however I went out and ran 7.5 miles and while my leg felt fine while on the run it was not happy when I was done. I didn't have time to ice it after my run because we had to get out the door to go to Indianapolis but I did take ibuprofen and that helped for a bit. I did ice when we got to Indianapolis and while the pain is not as bad as it was its not great. Today I woke up and it's getting better but still sore. Today is a complete rest day so I plan to ice it a couple of times and continue on with the meds (ugh, when did I become a pill popper!!)
I have 6 miles tomorrow and 3 on Friday which I plan to take easy. Now that we are in Indianapolis there are some flat neighborhoods and so I won't be going up and down as many hills as I was when we were in Columbus so I'm hoping that helps some.
As for that trail race that I have on Saturday, yea I totally dropped the ball on training for that one! I have recently been intrigued by trail running and racing but I've been too focused on marathon training to really pay much attention to it. I was hoping this race on my schedule would force me to give it a try but obviously that didn't happen. So the plan is to just go and enjoy the day. The race is actually quite small and only about 200 or so people do it each year. It's held at a state park in southern Indiana and Alex says he's hiked the trails before and they are pretty technical. The race doesn't have a time limit and there are all distances ranging from 5K to half marathon. We have signed up for 10 miles. There are no medals which I like because then I don't feel so much pressure. I just plan to go out and have fun and enjoy the cool weather, the beautiful trees and the thought that I'm finally getting to run some trails. Hopefully my leg cooperates but if not then no big deal, I'll just hike it!
Well we are off to go enjoy lunch at Moe's! It's one of my favorite places and we don't have them in Texas.
Have a great Wednesday!
Have you ever done a trail race before? If so what was it like and do you have any advice for me?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The One About Running Solo

A couple of weeks ago Alex actually went out with me for part of my long run, I always invite him to run with me whenever he wants but rarely do our schedules work out right for him to join me. But when he said he was going to come with me at least for part of it I was surprised when there was something inside of me that cringed.

You see lately I’ve become a selfish runner; I love my alone time. The “me time” that those 60+ minutes of the day bring me. I love being able to go wherever I want and run as fast as I want or as slow as I want. I love the time I get to think and process and dream and plan. I love the quite I feel when it’s just me running.

 But I haven’t always been that way, in fact I remember a time when I wouldn’t ever step foot outside my house to run unless I knew my running buddies were going to join me. So what happened?

Alex and I were actually talking about this while we were running because I admitted to him that while I absolutely love when he does something with me that I love so much I also felt annoyed a little bit that he was taking my time (he wasn’t offended, we are honest with each other like that and as long as we share things in love we are both ok with complete and utter honesty; and it actually worked out just fine because he ran half of my run with me and I got to run the second half, which is my favorite part of my run alone, but I’ve been sidetracked…). I was telling him that I had been thinking a lot about what changed in me and why.

When I first started running I did so because I had joined a training class at a local running store. The class would meet twice a week for shorter runs and then we were encouraged to go to the long run that they had downtown. I had about 5-8 people in my running group during that class but 2 of the ladies I got to know pretty well. The three of us actually would opt to do our long weekend runs together closer to home instead of going all the way downtown each Saturday morning. We bonded. We became great friends and for a whole year I would only run with them.

We finished our class and ran our goal race together and we didn’t stop there; we signed up for our first half marathon. We ran that and then some. We probably did 15-20 races together and we would do all of our runs during training together. This blog actually started because of them.

But then things changed, lives changed and sadly we all went our separate ways. I actually don’t talk to those girls anymore and it kills me, I miss them. Our lives are certainly different and maybe we just weren’t meant to be lifelong friends but the part of my life that they did share with me is priceless. I hope they know that I am forever blessed by the chapter they held in my life.

But I’m getting sidetracked again…

About a year ago I started training for my first marathon that I was planning to run in March of 2012. One of the girls I was running with said she would do it but as life went on I found myself being forced to run alone more and more. I hated it. It scared me and I found it was hard to motivate myself. I was dependent upon those girls for my strength and motivation. But I knew that if I was ever going to get to that marathon then no matter how many times they cancelled a group run I still had to log the miles somehow.

I think it was the Christmas Eve that things finally started to click for me; I got up and ran 16 miles that day. That was the furthest I had ever gone and certainly the furthest I had ever gone alone. It took me 3 hours and 11 minutes and I was so proud of myself. A spark was lit.

While I was certainly proud of myself for those 16 miles I didn’t totally completely fall in love with running alone until this fall. I eventually got used to running alone but I think in some ways I was still mourning the loss of my running buddies in my life. Late spring and this summer were actually very tough mentally for me when it came to running. I struggled with motivation, I struggled with dealing with a bad first marathon and I struggled with some weight and medication issues as well.

However, God is good and He gave me just what I need when I needed it. I knew I would be attempting another marathon, 2012 was my year by golly and I was going to become a marathoner (for real this time!) So I set up my schedule and started my training. I lost all the weight I had gained this summer and I started changing the way I ate and I started noticing my pace slowly but surely dropping. This lit a fire under me and all of a sudden I fell in love with running all over again.

I initially fell in love with running because it provided healing for me. This time I fell in love because it is giving me strength. I crave that hour long Monday and Wednesday run, I seriously look forward to it. I enjoy waking up at ungodly hours on a Saturday morning and pounding the pavement, listening to my breath and watching my feet fall. I crave that time when my mind just wanders to all parts of the universe and I can be and do anything. I love running alone.

It’s so weird to come full circle in this journey; I never ever thought I would be the type to want to run alone rather than run with people but here I am. I told Alex that while a part of me is annoyed when he wants to run with me a bigger part of me is glad. I’ve also decided that I’m going to work on finding a perfect balance between running alone and enjoying the blessings that brings me as well as taking the time to enjoy company, whether that be Alex or anyone else. I still love the joy I feel of being alone on the open road but I also want to share my joy with others.

Do you run alone or with people? Do you like it or am I the only person who thinks so deeply about running alone? 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The One With 2 New PR's!

Alex and I ran the Columbus Half marathon this morning and we both had great races!
Alex finished in 2:21 (official) with a 7 minute PR!
I finished in 2:25 (official) with an 8 minute PR!
A more detailed race report to come soon!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The One About The Disco 10 Miler

If you read my marathon training recap then you already know that I had to DNF (did not finish) this race at mile 5. I was actually really bummed and mad at Alex, since he was the one who made me stop. Ok, he didn’t FORCE me, but he strongly encouraged me to do so and I listened, which I’m glad I did because goodness knows I have no sense of reason when it comes to running. Regardless I still wanted to write about this race because I actually had a great time and would love to do it again.

The race was located about an hour northwest of me in Gainesville (which is about 90 minutes from Dallas). The plan for the day was to get up early, log 6 miles then go to the race, pick up our packets and run the race. Well obviously the 6 miles beforehand didn’t happen, partly because I was iffy about my leg and mainly because I slept through my alarm.

I was actually a little worried about finding the race site because the website never gave an address for the race, it only said “Downtown Gainesville” but it also said there would be signs and people directing us. I had never been to Gainesville but I had driven through it on interstate 35 many times because I would take that road to college and back so I had at least an idea of where we would be going. Once we exited there was actually a person with a sign pointing us to the right place. It was a small race and parking was not an issue at all.

Picking up our packets was also not an issue. I’ve actually come to really like these smaller races for many reasons and race day packet pick-up is one of them. Once we got our packets we noticed the port-o-potty line was empty so we took full advantage of that.

At this point neither one of us was feeling very well, I was having allergy issues and concerned about my leg and Alex has been battling bronchitis for a couple of weeks now so neither one of us was too thrilled to be there. But the weather was really nice, not too cold but definitely a cooler morning. I did a warm up mile in 11 minutes even and then we waited around for the race to start.

There were 2 distances, a 10 mile and a 5 mile; the 10 mile was starting at 8:00 am and the 5 mile at 8:15. There were probably about 400 people total and about 150 or so running the 10 mile race. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so close to a starting line before! The energy was good but there was a lot of waiting around. The race started a few minutes late but no big deal.

Originally the 10 mile course was supposed to go under I-35 and over by the zoo they have in Gainesville but they must have switched it because they told us 10 milers that we would be doing 2 loops of the 5 mile course.

We started out and since it was a really small town we ended up on a few back roads by some fields and over to a park area. I started slow but pretty much from the get go felt awful and sluggish. My legs were tight and felt heavy and oddly enough my pain wasn’t so much in my right calf like it has been but more in my right glute and left calf, go figure!

Alex stayed with me the whole time and throughout the first miles I felt bad but I knew I was still getting warm. But once mile 2-2.5 hit and I was still feeling a lot of pain I told Alex that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another loop when we got back. He was more than happy to oblige since he himself wasn’t feeling too well.
At this point we had wound our way into some older downtown neighborhoods and even though the streets weren’t great I really liked the shade that the old trees provided.

I know there were water stops but I honestly don’t remember where they were and since I never took any water I don’t know what they had. I actually do remember the first water stop because they had some elderly folks working it and one guy was in a wheelchair and another guy had a walker and they were all just so happy to be out there helping. I thought it was the sweetest thing and I actually felt bad for not taking any water from them but it was early on (like mile 1 maybe) and I never take water that early.

About mile 3.5 I told Alex I was feeling better and was reevaluating my previous statement to stop after the first loop. I told him I was about 85% sure I should stop and 15% wanting to finish.

At mile 4.5 I told Alex that I really wanted to keep running and I was a 60/40 now. Honestly my mind was going crazy because I hate not finishing what I start. Add to that I really needed 17 miles for the day; I knew 17 was pretty much not going to happen but I could at least have 11 and be ok with that. I also remember arguing that if this course wasn’t a loop I would be forced to continue no matter what (ßI thought this was a good argument, Alex disagreed).

But no matter what was going through my head Alex was there being the voice of reason telling me that I may feel “ok” but I wasn’t 10 minutes ago. And while this is just one race we have several more and a marathon to think about. I begrudgingly let him win this one and when we got to the starting line we went ahead and called it a day.

I was mad, really mad. And then it occurred to me later, when did I become a person who is mad that I wasn’t able to run 10 miles and instead had to settle for only 5? I should be grateful that I can even run 5 miles, or 6 if you include my warm-up mile. I should be glad that I can do that and I should also be glad I have someone there to tell me when I need to take care of myself.

And for the record, I apologized to Alex later (mainly because it still hurt to walk and I couldn’t imagine how much worse it would have felt if I had run 5 more miles) and forgave him for making me stop. Honestly I appreciated him for it even if I was a little frustrated.

When we got to the finish line it was pretty dead, only a few people had finished the race and so they were still setting a few things up for the post race festivities. We got our medals and I sat on a curb and sulked while Alex grabbed a cookie. But other than that we didn’t stay and I wasn’t in the mood to hang out anyways. It looked like it would be fun if I had been in a better mood because there was a band and they had breakfast tacos that they were getting ready and beer. Like I said, I would totally do this race again given the chance.

The medal was awesome and I really love the long sleeve shirt.

So aside from it being a rough day mentally it was a good race over all.

And just to throw a few stats out there for you:

  • The course actually measured long and when we got back to the start my Garmin said 5.2 miles. So for the day I did 6.2 miles (a 10K) and I finished that 10K in a minute faster than I did on my PR race a month ago!

  • I also went and looked at the results for the race this morning and if I had stayed on the course and finished the 10 mile, based on the pace I was running and knowing what I did my last 10 mile run in, I would have been in the top 4 in my age group, possibly 3rd place. That’s kind of cool but it also kills me a little inside to think about that.

  • Alex took second place in his age group according to the 5 mile results! (But we won’t mention there were only 2 people in his age group because honestly that doesn’t matter, I’m still super proud of him!)

The One With My Goals For The Columbus Half

*this post was written late Wednesday night before we left so hopefully my goals are still the same

I know I've mentioned I would like a PR (I mean who wouldn't right?) but I also know I haven't been training for one, training just happens to be going a lot better than anticipated, with the small exception of that nagging injury... That being said if my injury cooperates on Sunday I do think a PR is possible. My current PR is 2:33 and it was set last November at the Route 66 Half in Tulsa. The weather was great that day, the course was fairly flat and I really surprised myself.
Fast forward to now and I'm consistently running at a much faster pace. My last half marathon a month ago was within 2 minutes of my PR and that was on a hot day and again I hadn't been training for one so I was still satisfied with what I accomplished that day. The weather in Columbus is supposed to be cold (43 is the current reading for the morning and I've always said 41 degrees is my all time favorite running weather!) which I absolutely love and run well in, so that's in my favor.
Anyways, all of that said I have 2 goals for Sunday and neither one of them are to actually PR.
Goal #1: to run the entire race. I said this for my last half because I had only done this once. I succeeded last time and I want this to become a consistent thing. Besides, I'm training for a marathon, running 13 miles is something I should be able to accomplish.
Goal #2: start slow, really slow (think 11:50-12:00) for the first couple of miles. Running negative splits is something I've been able to do well lately but I've only ever done it on shorter runs so I need to make sure I pace myself well so that I can push it at just the right time. While my goal is not a PR my goal IS to have a great race that I'm proud of so giving my best effort includes working my splits right and allowing myself to run a strong race.
I realize I may be over thinking this race entirely but I've got a lot going on in my head right now about how well my training is actually going yet it's annoying to be dealing with this pain in my leg! So above all I'm going to have fun and enjoy running in a new city and adding another medal to my ever growing collection!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The One With My 200th Post

  • So what if I went to bed at 8:30 last night and didn’t get anything on my to-do list done
  • And so what if that to-do list included packing for my 12 day trip. Yea that didn’t happen at all, guess I’ll be up late doing that tonight.
  • So what if my packing list is ridiculously long – it’s hard to pack for 12 days and 2 races!
  • So what if I haven’t had time to write all the posts I was going to write so my blog wouldn’t be empty while I was gone. Oh well, you can live without me for a couple of weeks. And who knows, I may blog a time or two while on vacation but I can’t guarantee it.
  • So what if I still think there is a possibility of a PR on Sunday in Columbus – I may have a bum leg but everything else has been going great with my training. But don’t worry, I’m preparing myself to have a good race and if a PR happens than awesome and if not then that’s ok too.
  • So what if I want to train through a possible injury… I know it’s crazy and nuts but like I said, other than some pain everything else is going great!
  • So what if yoga was totally annoying to me last night. I just could never focus in and be present in class and none of the positions were easy. I’m thinking that doing it right after BodyPump has something to do with it. I’ve generally pushed myself pretty hard on the weights and I just don’t think sitting still and meditating is what my body wants. But I still like the idea of yoga.
  • So what if I am overly excited that we have tickets to the Purdue vs. Ohio State football game on Saturday! I’m not a fan other either team (Hook ‘em Horns! And yes I will still say that after last week) but Alex went to Purdue. However, Ohio State is awesome right now, so I think I may just cheer for them! Either way, I’m excited.

  • So what if I completely forgot to do some trail running training for the 10 mile trail race that Alex and I have while we are in Indiana. Whoops! That should be a really interesting race. At least I have some trail shoes….

  • So what if I bought ANOTHER pair of shoes from Road Runner Sports. I mean seriously, they get you with the extra 25% off (I already get 10% and free shipping). This time I went with the Brooks PureConnect. I’m hoping they are similar enough to the PureFlows that they will be just fine.
  • So what if this is my 200th post and it’s kind of lame…

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

The One About Week 15 of Marathon Training

Oh what to say about this week….
I guess I could let my report chart show you, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Week 15 (Oct 8-14)

5 miles

BodyPump + yoga

6 miles




Disco 10 Miler + 7 miles

6.2 miles
28+ miles

18 miles

Monday: this run was absolutely awesome! I cannot describe the greatness that I felt on this run. The weather was cool and even though I got a much later start than I wanted to since I had to work late I still made myself get out and push. And push I did – I ran 3 of those 5 miles in the 10’s and my last mile was a 9:30! I never ever thought I would see a 9 on my Garmin but I sure did and for it to be my last mile I was on cloud nine!

Tuesday: I upped all my weights in BodyPump this week trying to really push myself and I had one of those workouts that just makes you shake! I really wore myself out in a good day with this workout. But it definitely made yoga really tough!

Wednesday: this was a rough 6 miles for me, I just felt off for a good 4 miles. I think my legs were tired from the day before. It also didn’t help that I ended up on a hilly route and ran up 3 huge hills! But at mile 4 I finally hit a really good stride and I was able to finish strong.

The next three days were off due to other commitments and I also wanted to give my calf/shin/ankle issue a chance to rest but it did continue to bother me throughout the week, though never really all that bad. However, I just knew something was up. I foam rolled every day and while my calf was feeling better and not sore, the pain in my right lower shin wasn’t going away which led me to think that it might be something more than shin splints.

Sunday: the plan was to get up and do 6 easy miles before leaving for the race but I was really unsure about my shin and since I slept through my alarm (oops!) I decided I would see how the 10 mile race went and then go from there. We got to the race and I did a warm up mile and felt ok, not great but ok. But once the race started I was in some pain. I was actually just feeling really sore and achy all over and my left calf believe it or not was the one acting up the most. The race was a 5 mile loop that you ran twice if you were doing the 10 miles so at 4.5 Alex told me that he wanted me to stop because he didn’t want me to hurt myself anymore or suffer later. I was pretty pissed at him because at this point I was actually feeling better, but I know he was my voice of reason because clearly I had none. I will do a full race recap this week but I was pretty bummed that my 17 miles turned into 6.

That also means that my brain is running overtime trying to figure out how to salvage a missed long run only 8 weeks out from my marathon, especially since these next 2 weeks are going to be easier due to being on vacation. I am also trying to figure out what is going on with my leg since it doesn’t seem to be a calf issue or shin splints (I’m thinking stress fracture, but that’s a completely uneducated guess so don’t take my word for it; however, I will say that athlete’s intuition is telling me this is very likely)

Anyways, needless to say I’m freaking out! I’m way too stubborn to cut back my running and take time off; I would much rather just deal with it and manage it run by run as I have been and run my dang marathon in pain than sit out and wait. I’m also a bit too stubborn to go to the doctor at the moment because I’m afraid of what they would tell me (and I know they would tell me to rest and I don’t want to!). So I’m kind of stuck at the moment; I never would ever recommend to anyone to run with an injury nor to I think it’s a great idea but have I mentioned that I’m stubborn? Yeah, I am.

So the plan for now is to continue to run the races that I have on my schedule and train for my marathon as is. I will deal with the pain as it comes and I will make sure that I foam roll after every run and ice after every run and take those pain killers! I’ve told myself that if the pain gets worse (for example if it’s too painful to walk) I will go get it checked out, but if the pain just stays as is I will go get it checked out after my marathon. Again, I know this is probably not smart and I would never ever recommend anyone run with a supposed injury and I know some people will frown upon me continuing to train but I know my limits and I know my pain tolerance and I really just can’t imagine stopping right now. So there’s that.

All that being said I won’t be making up those 17 miles that were lost (well really 11) but I have upped some of my weekly runs over the next couple of weeks to compensate for some of that mileage missed. I may not be able to make up 17 miles all at once but I do want to keep my weekly mileage count up.

Alex and I are leaving early Thursday morning and will be gone for 10 days so I’m hoping that some vacation time will be good for rest and also good to be able to get in some longer weekday runs when I’m not as pressed for time.

So now that I have made this weekly training report significantly longer than necessary here is what I have this week:

Week 16 (Oct 15-21)
BodyPump + yoga
6 easy
6 miles
3 miles
Columbus Half Marathon
28+ miles

I’m taking today off because I have a much needed friend date with my friend Karen tonight and it’s a good excuse to rest my leg.

Tuesday is BodyPump and yoga as usual

Wednesday will be 6 miles again, hopefully easy this time, I don’t need any hills this week!

Thursday is travel day.

Friday I would like to get 6 miles in at an easy pace.

Saturday will be 3 very easy miles.

Sunday Alex and I will be running the Columbus Half Marathon! I will say that while I haven’t actually been training for this race to be a PR I think if my leg cooperates I have it in me to have a really good race. I’ve been running decent times and the weather in Columbus is supposed to be nice and chilly just the way I like it for race morning. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t have a PR since like I said I haven’t been training for one, but if I feel good I will definitely be going for it!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The One With My Letter To Running

Two years ago on this date I walked into RunOn with the intention of learning how to run 8 miles. I was signed up to run the Turkey Trot class that trained you for the 8 mile race. I was scared. I was nervous and I was completely unaware of just how much my life was about to change. For the good.

I wasn’t a complete stranger to the concept of running but I was a stranger to knowing what self confidence truly was. And I was a stranger to knowing what it felt like to be truly proud of myself for working towards a goal.

Last year I wrote a similar post on my running anniversary and while most of what I say is echoed here again I have realized many more blessing that running has given me in these now 2 years.

Last year I loved running, but only part of the time. I had a very strong love/hate relationship with the sport and while I was grateful for where it had brought me I was still frustrated with where I wanted to go with it. But now, 2 years out I feel like I have formed a habit; the newness has worn off, the honeymoon stage of running is over but what is left instead is a deep appreciation that it is still a part of my life.

This past year was rough for me early on when it came to running. Marathon training really took its toll and I thought at one point I may not make it to the starting line. But I did. I made it there and experienced yet more heartbreak. I was frustrated and annoyed and I really had to reevaluate my goal and intentions.

Last year I sort of liked running, this year I crave that 6pm hour when I’m out on the streets managing my breath and watching my pace. I’ve developed respect for the sport that has brought me so much triumph. I may not be fast and I may never be good by any standard when it comes to running but I respect it and it’s done me good so far.

Last year I felt confident and accomplished. This year I still feel those things but I also feel prepared and in control. I am once again in the midst of marathon training, only this time it’s going so much better than the last time. Maybe I’m more prepared for what to expect, maybe I’m a ‘more seasoned runner’ or maybe I just respect the process more. Whatever it is I’m enjoying it.

I’ve realized lately that no matter what, running will always be a part of my life from here on out, and that’s a really cool feeling. There may be times in my life where I’m not waking up at 4 am to get that long run in and I may go a week or two at a time without a run but I know with all certainty that running will be a part of me for the rest of my life; it has brought me too much joy, passion and confidence to ignore it.

I may always be a middle of the pack runner and I may always be working towards that BQ but one thing is for sure, I will always respect this sport that brought me such inner peace. So I’m here for the second year saying thank you for being in my life. Thank you for bringing me strength and confidence and thank you for teaching me that I AM worth something and I CAN do amazing things. Like run a marathon.

Happy 2 year runniversary to me! 

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