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Friday, September 14, 2012

The One Where I Plan To Race A 10K

And by race, I mean race my own personal best time.

I will not be racing for anything other than to better myself, let’s just make that clear!

I honestly hate stating things like: “I am going to PR this race” or “I know I have it in me to beat this xx time”.

I just feel like its really bad luck; plus if you don’t achieve what you said you were going to you look like an idiot. And then I have to think of good excuses….

This race seems a bit different to me. I’m still not going to give you an exact time I plan to beat and as much as I don’t want to say I’m going to set a new PR, I have a feeling {barring all unforeseen circumstances} that I will have me a nice new 10K PR when I am done with tomorrow’s race!

And here’s why I think that:

I have only ever run two 10K races; the first 10K I ran was in February of 2011 at Cowtown in Ft. Worth. 

It was one of my very first race experiences, the distance was fairly new to me and I actually had a pretty crappy race that day. I was unprepared, I was dehydrated, I wore too many layers and it was hot and even thought I met my goal of being under 1:15 that day I would chock that race up to a pretty lousy race.

The other 10K I ran was back on the 4th of July; I was in horrible shape then (yes, just 2 months ago!) and I hadn’t been running and had an even worse finish time than my previous 10K at 1:24. 

It wasn’t my best race experience ever.

Another reason I think tomorrow will be a good day is the fact that all of my miles have been in the 11:30 or less range lately {with a few 10’s mixed in there}. Over all I have gotten faster and I’m more consistent with training and my running.

I’m also in much better shape than I was 2 months ago, much better! Have I mentioned that I have lost 18lbs? No? I forgot to mention that? Anyways, yes, all that weight that I put on in June (for new followers, I put on 15lbs in May and June due to a medication that I am no longer taking) I have since lost and then some! Yay! So that has helped with my running tremendously.

The weather is also going to be a big factor for me; I absolutely love cold weather running and the temps for tomorrow are looking amazing!! It’s supposed to be overcast {perfect!} and in the high 60’s {amazing!} so I am very excited about that possibility. It may rain a bit but honestly that doesn’t scare me, one of the best races I have run was in the rain….

So those are my reasons as to why I am so excited for tomorrow’s race. I’m actually not really sure I’ve ever been this excited for a race, I usually look forward to them and enjoy them but I haven’t been O.M.G. this race is going to be freaking awesome before, but I am now!

If you are racing tomorrow let me know!

And I hope to have good news to report to you on Monday!
{or you can always follow me on Twitter or DailyMile, those are instant updates!}

Happy Weekend and Happy Racing!


Erin said...

Good luck! :) I have a friend racing the 20k. Looks like a fun race!

R said...

Good luck tomorrow girl!!!