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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The One Where I Kind Of Succeeded

Last week I said my goal was to do the workouts that I scheduled and stick to them exactly; well I sort of did that, until Saturday that is.

I did just swap out Tuesday and Thursdays workouts and tennis didn't happen but honestly I'm more concerned that my runs get done anyways.

However, when Saturday hit and I was set to get up at 5 am to get my 10 miles in (I had an early appointment and then a FULL day all day on Saturday) I just slept right on through that alarm. Whoops! I tried not to be too upset, I did still have Sunday morning to get the run done.
So Sunday morning, 5am wake up call before church, yep, not happening, hence why I like to do my long runs on Saturday morning.

Fine, I'll just hit up the gym on Sunday afternoon and park myself on a treadmill for 2 hours, no big deal. Except I had a migraine! Yep, a 4 hour nap later and 6 hours on the couch with Alex and it still wasn't better.

So here is how my week turned out:
Week 9 (Aug 27-Sept 2)
4 easy

4.1 miles

Hot yoga
Workout #3

5.4 miles speed work

Yoga + tennis


10 miles


14+ miles

But not to worry, my 10 miles were done yesterday since I had the day off. It was done at the gym since I slept in but at least it's done. I haven't run more than 8 miles in I don't even know how long (El Scorcho doesn't count since I walked a lot). I didn't stop but once at 5 miles to reset the treadmill since the gym treadmills stop after 60 minutes. I managed negative splits which I was very happy with as well (first 5 miles in 59 minutes, the second 5 mile sin 56:12!)

So since that was done here is what this week looks like in terms of workouts:
Week 10 (Sept 3-9)
6 miles

10 miles
Elliptical + yoga

Hot yoga + 45 min elliptical
4 easy miles
Color Me Rad 5K
12 miles
22+ miles


Erin said...

You deserve major kudos for running 10 miles on the treadmill! I can only last a few miles on the treadmill before I cry mercy.

I prefer to do my long runs on Saturday's as well. Otherwise, if I skip Saturday it becomes just as easy to skip Sunday as well. It's hard though to get up that early on a Saturday morning after a long work week!

The Unlikely Runner said...

Yes it is so hard to get up, that's why I try to do them on Saturdays but lately that hasn't been happening. I'm ready for some cooler weather, that may help!

Tyly said...

Great job!!! You are definitely ahead of me in mileage, and I need to step my game up! I can't wait for the cooler weather. I'm telling myself it will be easier then!