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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The One Where I Accidentally Ran A Ten And A Half Minute Mile

I’ve come to realize that I clearly have no idea how to execute a planned workout properly, I just can’t do it. Like when I was supposed to run a LSD run this weekend and ended up running a really stellar progressive run instead. Or like last night, when I was supposed to run a pace workout….

Yeah, about that, it obviously didn’t happen, but it’s still a good story…

Mile 1: 11:52 ß good warm-up mile
Mile 2: 10:36 ß oh crap! That is NOT what I had in mind for an at pace workout, and I didn’t even know I could go that fast…
Mile 3: 13:05 ßdang it that really sucked and also not what I had in mind for an at pace workout
Mile 4: 11:47 ßmuch better and finally getting myself together here
Mile .05: 10:58 ßclearly I still don’t have this figured out, I guess there is always next time.

The plan was to do 4-5 miles at pace, which for me I was hoping for about 4 miles at an 11:30ish pace, give or take a little. Well I set out on my first mile and in good ol’ Garmin fashion it was acting kind of weird and wasn’t taking my pace into account properly; it kept saying my pace was around a 20-15 min mile pace and there was no way I was going that slow, in fact I felt so winded and I couldn’t catch my breath for anything. I had no idea what was going on.

I get to the end of mile 1 and my Garmin beeps the mile split and it says 11:52, definitely better than the 15-20 minutes it was originally showing and a good warm-up mile. I could easily drop down my pace a little and do 4 more miles in my desired pace. There was only one problem; I still could barely catch my breath!

At this point my Garmin had adjusted the pace issue it was having and was projecting my actual average pace (that is important for later) and it was around 11:15. I knew I had sped up some because my Garmin was acting up and I knew I had sped up trying to drop my pace some but I was still having a hard time catching my breath and couldn’t for the life of me understand what was up.

I told myself if I made it to mile 1.7 then there would be a half mile downhill area and I would feel better then. I made sure to not speed up during the downhill so that I could catch my breath but I was still having a really hard time. So much so that I told myself I could stop at the bottom and reevaluate.

Well once my Garmin beeped the 2 mile mark I looked down and saw I had clocked a 10:36 mile!?!?! What the hell just happened? I have never in my life clocked a mile that fast, ever. Ok, at least not on the streets, maybe on the treadmill I have but outside, certainly not! No wonder I couldn’t freaking breath!!!! Lord have mercy! That was certainly not what I had planned for my at pace workout.

I stopped at the bottom of the hill and reveled in my craziness and awesomeness all at once still trying to catch my breath; that seriously took a lot out of me. I was also staring up at the hill I had just run down telling myself there was no way in the world I wanted to go back up that thing. But I finally got myself together and started back at it. I slogged (slow jogged, I want to say I made that up but I probably didn’t) up the hill and walked some and man I was hurting, I was truly hurting!

I finally made it up the hill and was headed back to the church and I saw my average pacing keep going up and up, at this point it hits me that this is average pace I’m looking at and not current pace, duh! Good going, maybe I should switch that for the future…

I finally hit mile 3 and my Garmin beeped a 13:05 mile. Ugh! Clearly this at pace workout is not working out at all. I also wanted to cry because that 13 minute mile hurt just as much at the 10:30 mile did, maybe worse. At this point I was a little over a mile from church and I was still tired but not winded anymore and kind of regaining my composure so I set my mind to work and thought of the hash tag that I love so much from Blonde Ponytail #getafterit. So get after it I did.
Mile 4 was clocked at 11:48; much better and more what I was hoping for. And the last half mile was clocked at 10:58 {sigh}.

Anyways, the moral of the story is this:

1.   I clearly have no idea how to execute a workout properly; I just can’t do it, so any advice I have to offer I would probably throw it right out the window. I also wouldn’t trust anything I say when it comes to “planned workouts”. Just saying.

2.   For all you new (and experienced) runners, clocking your fasted mile {EVER} at mile 2 will really destroy your workout, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I would suggest you try that for your last mile, but also read point number 1 before you do that.

3.   Clearly I have something in me that I wasn’t even aware I was capable of, and that is honestly really kind of cool. I’m not going to lie, that 10:36 left me completely winded but it’s obviously in there somewhere, I just need to work out finding a more efficient way to bring it out. My legs felt fine and everything was working other than getting my breathing down, and in my opinion that’s the easy part.

So that was how I accidentally ran a ten and a half minute mile. I wish I could say it was on purpose, but it wasn't; maybe someday I will actually run that fast on purpose....

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Amanda @ Eat More Rabbit Food said...

Congratulations!! That is an awesome time even if it was accidental!!