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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The One About The Color Me Rad 5K

 This past Saturday Alex and I participated in the Color Me Rad 5K in Ft. Worth.  I had seen so many people doing these “color run” and I was so jealous! So when a friend from work said that they were doing it with some friends we jumped at the chance to join them!

I do have a few complaints with this race, mostly preliminary and organizational stuff but we will get to that in a minute.

my hair was so crazy all day long - I'm not sure what was up!

The idea behind a color run if for you to start out in fresh, white clothing and as you run through different color points you add color to yourself and by the end you look like a giant tie-dyed mess!  Although this was listed as a 5K it was very family friendly and many people didn’t even run (there were no timing chips), we were actually some of the weirdos that did run.  We actually didn’t intend to run that much because we were both in old crappy shoes and I didn’t want to mess my legs up but in the end we probably ran a little over half of the course.

The race was held at a minor league baseball field and followed a paved pathway and park area so it was nice and easy for the most part. There were two different sessions, a morning and afternoon session and there were waves about every 10 minutes of people. Honestly there weren’t as many people as I thought but there was still a good turnout.

We started out all clean and white and it wasn’t too long before we came to the first color station – Blue! The blue was a cornstarch powder and one guy just pelted me good with it. As we left the color station there was a water station where they were handing out mini water bottles – great idea since there was powder in my mouth!

From there the next color station was yellow and at this station they sprayed you with a liquid cornstarch. I honestly didn’t like the liquid colors as much, they were kind of gross!

After yellow we came to pink powder which I really liked and wish I had gotten more of.

After pink was a green powder and then the last station was blue spray. I got pelted in the head with blue spray!!

Like I said, Alex and I ran most of the way but we mostly just enjoyed ourselves and didn’t push it too hard. The weather was gorgeous and a perfect day to be out. Oh, and I must mention the awesome sunglasses we got at packet pick-up; I think Alex looks adorable in them!

I was shocked when we got to the finish line, I actually wasn’t entirely sure that we even went a full 5K distance, but I had no way of knowing really other than our time from start to finish and since we walked some I am not sure, but it was close to a 5K.

At the end we were supposed to get a “color bomb” packet of colored powder but they the time we got there they were out, such a bummer. But we did get pelted with purple powder as we were crossing the finish line. The finish line was a mess of people and there was an area where they were having a “color bomb”, a place for people to open their color packets that we didn’t get and get more color, but we opted out of that.

We did spend much time at the finish area and we just took a few pictures, grabbed a water and headed to the car (which was a mile away!)

So some complaints:

Packet pick-up: packet pick-up was only the day before the race and I saw on their facebook page that this was an issue because it wasn’t clear to begin with. I honestly always sign up for races assuming there will be a day before packet pick-up, however in a case like this they could have easily arranged for a day of pick-up. I spent an hour driving to packet pick-up on Friday night and then an hour coming home and then Saturday morning we drove an hour each way for the race, that’s a lot of driving for a small, quick race. I drove over 130 miles on Friday since I had to drive myself to work (when I usually ride the train) and then to Ft. Worth and back.

Also packet pick-up was very unorganized and held in a small hotel and there was a big line in the hotel lobby to wait. Once you got into the small conference room there was another 2 or 3 lines you had to wait in. It did move pretty quickly, at least quicker than it appeared when I first got there but I have definitely had much better experiences with packet pick-up, this would be one of the worst I’ve had.

Parking: there was so much traffic in downtown Ft. Worth on the day of the race and there were no signs or no one directing traffic. We sat at a light for about 20 minutes because there was too much traffic to turn down the street we needed to be on. So we would up parking at a lot for a community college and walking about a mile to the race site. While the walk wasn’t bad it was just very unorganized.

clearly a failed self photo attempt!

They also ran out of the color packets that people were supposed to get at the end of the race and we weren’t even at the end by any means, there were still tons of people out on the course, so I know people were probably disappointed.

It also wasn’t very clear as to who was going in what wave of people. We had signed up for 9:30 and so we lined up at 9:30 but honestly people were just going whenever they wanted. It wasn’t a huge problem, just again, more organizational issues.

Things that were good:

The race was fun! We had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves and the weather.
Aside from parking issues the course on the pathway worked well and it was nice and there was plenty of room.

I apologize for the bare stomach but I found it hilarious that my shirt did not protect me one bit from all the color!

The volunteers were awesome! They were so nice and energetic at each color station, they really were having fun out there and that made it so awesome!
There were plenty of port-o-potties! Yes I realize this is weird but hey, some things are important!

Over all we had a great time. It wasn’t too hard to get the color off, I did have to scrub though but it wasn’t terrible and the color came right out of Alex’s shorts and my skirt, bra and socks. We did throw everything into the wash immediately when we got to Alex’s place though to make sure it would come out. The shirts we actually left so they are all colorful!

Has anyone else done a color run?


Amanda @ Eat More Rabbit Food said...

That looks like a blast! I will have to keep a look out to see if that race comes this way!

Rain said...

I love the pictures, super cute!
I don't know if I would ever do one of these myself, but it looks fun!

Tiffany said...

Glad you had fun!! I can't imagine liquid color...I'm glad the one I did was all powder for sure!