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Monday, August 13, 2012

The One With My Workout Recap

Week 6 (Aug 6-12)
40 min tempo

60 min tempo (6 miles)
BodyPump + Yoga

4 easy

Workout #2

Treadmill broke!

8 miles

Spin + 3 miles

1 mile
12+ miles

10 miles

The week started out great and then on Wednesday I took an unexpected but much needed rest day and just spent the evening with Alex. I was ready to get back in my grove and I was very excited for my speed workout on Thursday when tragedy struck! My treadmill stopped working about 0.30 miles in. I was so frustrated and irritated. Alex told me I should just go run outside but I am spoiled and refused and threw a fit instead. Thankfully this weekend Alex was able to fix it enough to where I can use it. It will probably need a new motor sooner rather than later but at least I can use it. 
I had intended to get up and go to run group on Saturday morning for the 8 miles scheduled but for some reason I am having a REALLY REALLY hard time getting up for those group runs. So I went to spin and then did 3 miles to sorta make up for my missed runs.
Sunday I got up with the intention of running while watching the men's marathon and I made it a mile on the treadmill and for some reason just couldn't make myself go any further. I'm not sure if I'm pushing myself too much or if it was just an off day. I've been messing with my diet some and trying to cut back on unnecessary calories as well as completely remove sugar from my diet, so that may have something to do with it as well. But either way I was frustrated that I got up and had the motivation to do 8 miles but my body wouldn't let me.
I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days, just tiredness and today a sore throat so I'm not sure how this week will play out workout-wise. I plan to try to stick with the schedule as closely as possible and we will see how it goes.

Week 7 (Aug13-19)
45 min tempo
Elliptical + yoga
Workout #2
4 easy
9 miles
13+ miles


Rain said...

I have been feeling a little sore throat too, I am hoping it is just allergies

I wanted to thank you for recommending the 4 seasons challenge. We did the first race this last weekend, and it was really a great fun race!

I hope your workouts go well this week, I know that can be so frustrating when your mental plan is one thing, and your body is like NO WAY!

The Unlikely Runner said...

Thanks for the well wishes and I'm glad that you had a good race this weekend!
The Tyler one was actually my favorite race - it's hilly but a great city and a very fun course!