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Friday, August 10, 2012

The One With My Mighty List

My friend Karen started talking the other day about making a “Mighty List”. It’s essentially a bucket list but the idea for a Mighty List was inspired by the website MightyGirl where she posts her Mighty Life List. So Karen started making her list and that got me thinking about my list. At the time my list only existed in my head with a few ideas written down here and there. But the idea of writing things down and then crossing them off became appealing to me, so that’s just what I did. I came up with my own Mighty List of 100 things to do. I tried to be as realistic as possible, but I also didn’t want to limit myself, the idea of the Mighty List after all is to encourage you to be as mighty as possible. I hope this may make you stop and think of what would be on your own Mighty Lists. If you have a list, or decide to make one please let me know and I will share them or link them on my blog! I love being inspired from what other people want to accomplish in life!

1.   Run the Boston Marathon
2.   Run the NYC Marathon
3.   Run the Chicago Marathon
4.   Run at least 10 marathons in my life
5.   Spend an extended amount of time in mission work
6.   Donate my hair
7.   Make a completely Vegan meal
8.   Learn to surf in Hawaii
9.   Spend a week in a cabin in Vermont
10.                Visit Prince Edward Island
11.                Grow a victory garden and eat from it
12.                Have children
13.                Read books to my children every night (things like Little House on the Prairie, Harry Potter, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables and other favorites)
14.                Visit Mt. Rushmore
15.                Visit Yellowstone National Park
16.                Run across the Golden Gate Bridge
17.                Run in Central Park, just to run.
18.                Live in Colorado
19.                See the Eiffel Tower in person
20.                Visit London
21.                Get my degree as a Physical Therapist (or PTA)
22.                Go to the Olympics
23.                Become certified to teach spin and BodyPump classes
24.                Read through the entire Bible
25.                Plan a trip with the intention of going alone and exploring things on my own
26.                Go to Scotland
27.                Learn how to take really good pictures
28.                Complete an Olympic distance triathlon
29.                If pregnant, be able to run through the entirety of that pregnancy
30.                Try Crossfit
31.                Donate blood
32.                Read Pillars of the earth (I’ve had it and have wanted to read it for so long but the size of it scares me!)
33.                See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person
34.                Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
35.                Run a half marathon under 2:30
36.                Make my own baby food for my kids
37.                Spend at least one whole year without a television
38.                Have a library in my house
39.                Go bungee jumping (In New Zealand, I missed my first opportunity due to fear)
40.                Walk across the Great Wall of China
41.                Have a backyard space that I love to sit in every night
42.                Use my road bike more and participate in a bike race
43.                Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
44.                Go on an Alaskan Cruise
45.                Have a household binder with emergency numbers and information along with other important things so that I can have once place to look or one thing to grab in an emergency
46.                Have an in-home gym
47.                Learn to make my own gluten-free bread
48.                Successfully use a grocery and meal planning guide for a whole year
49.                Own a sheep dog
50.                Go to Scotland
51.                Go to Whistler, Canada
52.                Run Hood To Coast Relay
53.                Have a wall with a giant map so I can pinpoint places I have been
54.                Go Skiing in Vail, Co.
55.                Make a time capsule with my children
56.                Have an organized pantry
57.                Have a green front door on my house
58.                Have a salt water aquarium built into the wall of my house and own a box fish
59.                Run at least one mile every day for a year
60.                Be less than 25% body fat
61.                Have Christmas traditions that I share with my kids
62.                See a musical in New York
63.                Be a part of a book club
64.                Read 1,000 books
65.                Make a memory board
66.                Attend a Healthy Blogger conference
67.                Own a KitcheAid mixer
68.                Drink a green monster smoothie every day for a year
69.                Send an anonymous present to a friend
70.                Turn my blog into a memory book
71.                Go to a drive in movie
72.                Hike the Appalachian Trail
73.                Kiss and dance in the rain
74.                Put a message in a balloon and set it free
75.                Go kayaking
76.                Go white water rafting
77.                Build a really cool sandcastle with my kids
78.                Ride in a hot air balloon
79.                Run on the beach
80.                Go to Austria
81.                Visit Niagara Falls
82.                Go rock climbing
83.                Visit Pike Place Market in Seattle
84.                Own season tickets to the Texas Rangers
85.                Find and own the perfect pair of jeans
86.                Have my blog featured in a health magazine
87.                Be able to donate an entire paycheck to charity
88.                Throw a successful surprise party
89.                See the Statue of Liberty
90.                Run a 9 minute mile
91.                Have a Christmas where I only give homemade gifts, nothing gets bought
92.                Decorate a nursery with antique store/flea market finds and DIY projects
93.                Learn to make sushi
94.                Go 6 months without buying any new clothes or shoes
95.                Work for a Fitness or health related company
96.                Take a vacation in an RV
97.                Spend the night in a castle
98.                Write letters to my children to give them on their wedding days
99.                Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
100.             Do all the things on my list


LifeisaRun said...

What a fabulous list!! Lots of those would be on my list!! Also, just go ahead and dive on into Pillars of the Earth! You'll finish it...if I did you can! =)

The Unlikely Runner said...

That is good to know! I think that this is the year I will finally read it. I'm not sure what my obsession with that book is but I think it's pretty and intriguing but the size is daunting! Thanks!

Erin said...

What a great idea! We share many of the same "bucket" list items. I'll definitely attempt to create a list of my own!

Rain said...

I love it, there are some really great things on here!

Meteor said...

I think I've done 7 of these things. Obviously none of the running related ones. Can't wait to see how we do with our lists! I'm also going to have to steal some of your goals ;)

The Unlikely Runner said...

Thanks Rain! Are you racing Sunday? How is your body treating you? Good luck if you race!!

The Unlikely Runner said...

By all means, steal some and let's do some together! I think I stole some of yours!! Thanks for the inspiration and the push!

The Unlikely Runner said...

It was actually really fun to make, you should definitely do one!

Tiffany said...

Love your list!! We have SO MANY that are the same! Awesome!