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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The One With My Fall and Winter Racing Schedule

If you know me then you know I love racing; by my own standards that is, so maybe I should say I love running in races… Is that better? Anyways, I don’t actually “race” but I do enjoy throwing down some Benjamin’s for a jaunt around a new city, or a familiar one in exchange for some giant metal necklaces, you just can’t get that kind of thrill too many places. I raced a lot last year, way more than I intended to or really even thought myself capable of. But I loved every minute of it. I have an addiction to racing, the atmosphere just gets in my blood and I find great motivation and satisfaction of having those miles done and a t-shirt and bling to prove it. But this year I have decided to back off just a tad for a few reasons.

For starters I have my heart set on accomplishing my #1 goal this year and that is my marathon. December 9th is the day and I already feel ready to kick that marathon in the rear! I want my redemption and I want that EARNED marathon medal. So that being said, my mileage this fall is important to me. I want to give my time and effort to running the best marathon I can run. If I am racing every weekend it will be too hard for me to fit in a 20 miles run. I realize it’s possible to do, I can always add on to races and run more but for me it’s important to run the miles together and to not be distracted by racing.

Secondly, since I can’t seem to win any races and I’m not winning the lottery any time soon (I hear you actually have to buy a ticket to win one of those, therefore my chances are slim to none since I don’t buy tickets) I have to cut back on a few races here and there to save some of my hard earned money. As much as I would love to run them all I do have to pace myself {pun intended}. I realize that most of the races on my ever-growing “Must Run” race list will always be there, and since I’ve done most of the local ones all the others are going to get more expensive since travel is involved.

Which brings me to my third reason to cut back on some of my races this fall and that is other than the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and my marathon in December all of my races are out of city or state. I realize that I am overly blessed to be able to afford and have the time to go and run races at my leisure, and I am very blessed that I have family to take care of my dogs and friends and family and a boyfriend that will go with me or support me. But again, all the costs add up. I have learned to really enjoy running in new cities and trying new races in places I want to visit is a great way to combine my hobbies and interest. So I am trying to wean myself off of the it’s easy to drop $30 bucks for a local trot around good ol’ White Rock Lake races and save myself for what I call “Experience Racing”, racing that allows me to experience a new place and a new race course.

Soooooo all of that being said I do have a few fun races coming up!

I actually haven’t totally decided on this race yet. I really like the 15K distance and want to run another one but I’m not sure how the heat will be. I’m waiting until the last minute to decide on this one.  What do yall think? Should I run it? It’s $35 and comes with a tech-tee and bling…. Tempting!

Color Me Rad
Super excited about this one! I have heard so many great things about color runs and I’m doing it with a girl from work who doesn’t really like to run, so I think it will be fun to share that with her.

I have lots of family in Lubbock, including my little sister and brother-in-law and so I’m excited to take Alex out west and show him just what he’s been missing, ha!

Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
Alex and I will be spending 10 days in October visiting family of his in Ohio and Indiana. Our first leg of the trip will be in Ohio so we can see Purdue play Ohio State at Ohio Stadium, so the next day we will be running in Columbus.

At first I was a little skeptical of this race because the website doesn’t give you much information and I’m not a trail runner. But as luck would have it about 2 days after Alex and I started researching this race we ran into a guy at the Houston airport, of all places, wearing a shirt from this race and we were able to pick his brains on it and he gave it lots of good reviews. Alex has actually spent some time hiking around these trails and knows the area pretty well so we decided this might be a fun venture. Plus the weather should be cool and nice and the trees will hopefully be so pretty that time of year. Oh, and the race is $20, that’s it! Totally worth it to me! (did you also notice that this race is 6 days after the Columbus half? This was Alex's idea! True love if I have ever known it, he definitely speaks my language when it comes to adding racing to travel plans)

This will be my first race to ever repeat, I loved it that much. This is my PR race and I’m not sure I’ll PR this year but I really loved Tulsa and the race so I’m very excited to go back.

I haven’t decided if I want to run the 5K and try for another PR or run the 8M and see if I can get a better time. This race is special to me because even before I called myself a runner my dad and I would usually do this race together. And then in 2010 this was the first distance race I ever ran, so it’s very special to me.

Profile Picture
This is the BIG ONE! I am so ready for this race already. I am also really excited because Alex’s best friend’s parent are coming to run, yeah I know, that sounds complicated but the Thomas family is like a second family to Alex and we have spent a lot of time with them in Indiana. 

They took us to the Indy500 Mini Marathon and so I convinced them to come to Dallas so we could return the favor! Mr. Thomas is a marathon runner and wants to run a marathon in every state! He will be running the NYC Marathon in November and I am super jealous! Mrs. Thomas will be running the half marathon. Alex and I are both very excited that they are coming and I think it’s so sweet that they would come and spend time with us!

I was so excited when I got into this race, this is such a popular race that there is a lottery for it (hey I guess I won the lottery after all!!) and I got in on my first try! This is race number 2 of the Marathons of Texas series.

This race will also be a repeat race for me, I don’t like repeating races but this was my second favorite race all year long and it is also the third race in the marathons of Texas series. So once I cross that finish line I will be getting 2 medals that day! I am also beyond excited for this race because I have convinced my running/twitter/blogger/texting friend Tyly from One Mile At A Time to run with me. We will more than likely be wearing obnoxious amounts of purple and pink and you will recognize us by our #TeamTweet&Meet shirts that we are scheming about. I am excited to finally make a social media friend a IRL (in real life) friend and spend 13 miles talking and running with her!!

And last but not least….

by the way, this is the weirdest logo......

The Cowtown 10K was the first 10K that I ran and I had wanted to do this challenge last year but opted out to run Austin last year. Well this year I’ve decided that this is the year! I love Ft. Worth and the Cowtown Marathon is such a great event. The challenge will include the 10K on Saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday. You will receive an extra challenge medal and t-shirt for completing both days!

So there you have it! If you didn’t think I was crazy before now then you really should think I’m crazy now! And who knows, I may or may not throw a few more races in there, I am always subject to change.

What races are you preparing for? I want to know, I always love new ideas! And I just might be crazy enough to join you if you invite me to a fun race….you just never know! 

*note that if you click on the underlined title of each race it will take you to the race website if you are interested.


Tyly said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading your schedule! Haha. I am SUPER excited about our meeting!!!

I didn't hear about the Color Me Rad races until after the one in Austin was held! Super sad about that! I'm jealous of you on that one. I think that would be SO much fun!

The Unlikely Runner said...

Yea I have a serious problem with racing, but it is definitely a good way to get my long runs in!
And yes, I hadn't heard about them until recently and actually didn't know about this one until my friend from work told me! I'm excited, it should be fun!