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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The One With A Concert That Didn’t Happen

This past Saturday night was the I won the fitness competition so I get to chose the concert concert, at least it was supposed to be this past Saturday night….

But let’s start at the beginning of this probably too boring to bother story…

The concert tickets said 4:30pm, we all thought it was an odd time for a concert but hey, whatever, the tickets say 4:30, we will be there. Alex and I rode the train down to Fair Park where the concert was going to be and our friends who live down in that area drove and met us there. 

We got there about 4:15 and there was a huge line of people waiting to get in, apparently the gates didn’t open until 4:30.

So we wait. Once we finally made it inside we were heading to the lawn area to stake out the best possible cheap seats in the world when we were again stopped by event staff saying that, the seats don’t open until 5:00pm. Ok, sure, I can wait some more, no big deal.

So we waited again. Finally we were able to find our lawn seats and we laid out the blanket and prepared to sit for a while thinking the concert would start soon, but instead it decided that it would rain and when I say rain I mean a torrential downpour of sorts. It started out fairly slowly and my friends are so great and said that they didn’t mind sitting in the rain as long as we could leave after The Band Perry played, which I was totally fine with.

Well we sat there for about 10 minutes and rain just kept getting worse and worse but I think we had all prepared ourselves to get soaked at this point, however, it also didn’t look like the concert was anywhere near ready to start. Then our saving grace came when a concert employee told everyone in the lawn area that they could all go under the pavilion to the covered seats and sit in specific areas, so we quickly gathered our things and found great seats.

And then we waited some more. And waited. And waited. Annnnnnnd waited. Obviously we didn’t mind too much just sitting there since we weren’t getting wet and we had seats. The seating wasn’t filled out and no one had kicked us out of the seats. There was a leak over the stage that they were attempting to deal with and they were covering things with tarps and squeegeeing water off the stage but other than that we just sat. It was still pouring down rain and there were still a few determined people still sitting out in the lawn with their tarps and measly umbrellas, we kept thinking at some point they would give up. Many teenagers got restless and decided it would be fun to make a slip and slide out in the lawn area and were out there being stupid until security told them they had to stop.

And then we sat some more until finally at 7:00pm on the dot (nearly 3 hours after we got there!!) they made the announcement that the concert was cancelled. I was really bummed but honestly it was just as well, people were restless and soaked, the stage was still wet and it would have been a late night. I just really hate that we wasted so much of our time only to just have to go right back home. The announcer said to “check the website for updates” but so far there have been none, given the exception of an email that my friend got on Sunday morning saying that the Brad Paisley concert was cancelled, uh, thanks for that!

Anyways, since our evening ended so early Alex and I, being the crazy and awesome couple that we are went grocery shopping, yep, that was our Saturday night. We really should try to slow things down; I would hate to wear ourselves out all the time!

So that was that and that’s about all I have to say today. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Ed said...

Looks like that was a great time!

The Unlikely Runner said...

despite not actually getting to see the concert, we did have a good time!

Tyly said...

Good for you for keeping a positive attitude about it. Hopefully you'll get updated info soon!