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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The One About The Rest Of March

 I finished my, oh woe is me post about mourning the loss of my first attempt at a marathon and then just left it at that. But my month of March was far from over, I had 3 more races to run (someone just go ahead and commit me to an insane asylum please!)

So, where did I leave off…. Oh yes, I was brokenhearted and sore, like really sore. Obviously I would be sore after running a marathon, but I think just the stress of the day really got to me. I also didn’t make it back to my hotel room until about 4:30pm that day! Once the race was over I thought about finding a taxi but there were so many people, so I hopped on the Metro and went to Union Station where I knew my hotel would have a shuttle to take me back. The only problem with that was the shuttle wasn’t coming for another 90 minutes!! I was way too cheap to take a taxi so I got some food and just sat down, alone, with my thoughts, not fun.
Once I did make it back to my hotel I sat in a Epsom salt bath and showered and got in bed. I really had no intentions of moving. I just wanted to wallow in my misery and watch T.V. and thankfully for me there was a Friends marathon and a House Hunters marathon on TV, so the hardest decision I had to make besides do I eat McDonald’s or Church’s Chicken for dinner (duh, McDonald’s!) was which show do I watch. So yea, that was how I ended my DC trip. I had a flight around 2pm the next day but decided to check out around 9am and take the shuttle from my hotel to Union station where I was able to ride the Metro to the airport. I grabbed lunch in the airport and sat and read a book until it was time to head home.

I spent the next week (read: 3 months) trying to replay what I could have done differently in DC. I was also dreading the fact that I had signed up for RNR Dallas on a whim back in October while at the expo for RNR LA…. Oh, my moments of insanity…

The RNR Dallas race was 7 days off of my marathon [attempt] and on my actual birthday. I was running solo that day and I just wanted to enjoy the day and do the best I could. I don’t remember too much about this race except being a little tired and sore. I do remember that it was HOT that day, like 80’s with high humidity. I loved the race course, I’m not sure why, it’s practically the same course you run if you run any race in downtown Dallas, but I really liked it. I actually ran more of this race than I thought I would, but I still didn’t have a very good time (2:40 something). I was just happy to be done with that one honestly. And I couldn’t tell you what I did the rest of my birthday other than eat lunch at McAlister’s Deli…..

This is when March gets interesting. I had signed up to run the Firefly 5K that was a run at night in Plano. It looked like a cool concept and everyone was supposed to wear glow stick and they gave you reflective arm bands with lights when you got your shirts. I had signed up for that race a long time ago and it was on the Saturday after RNR, so March 31st. I also happened to see that on the morning of March 31st there was a 10K in Arlington at the Ballpark in Arlington. Now you all know how much of a baseball fan I am, so I just couldn’t pass this one up! I also hadn’t run a 10K in over a year and really wanted to see how well I could do. Oh, and I should mention that I had signed up for a half marathon for April 1st, the very next day in Oklahoma…

So let’s start with the 10K, again, it was a hot and very humid day here in Texas. I woke up with lots of soreness in my legs but thought that once I got going maybe things would be ok. This was a really small race, but also a very fun race. There was plenty of parking and lots of port-o-potties (although they did run out of toilet paper). We started right on time, and I really like the course for this race. But once we got going I could just tell that this wasn’t my day. I wasn’t properly hydrated for the humidity and my legs were just too sore. I knew I had 2 more races within the next 24 hours and so I decided to just do the 5K when we got to the cut off portion. I was ok with my decision and still had a good day nonetheless. (I am sad because I know Alex and I took a picture that day but we cannot find it on any of our phones or cameras….)

So we spent the day resting, oh wait, no we didn’t, we went and met up with some friends at the lake to eat lunch and have a few drinks, that’s right, more dehydration…. Anyways it was a crazy and hectic day and looking back I wonder what I was thinking.

We show up to the race site for the Firefly 5K an hour early and that was still almost not enough time! It was crazy, there were so many people and the parking was awful and packet pick-up while it was easy enough was still a pain because you had to take stuff back to your car. Such a mess and totally stressed me out! Alex and I had said we would run as much as we could but we waited and waited for the race to start and it finally started about 15 minutes late. It became apparent really quickly that even if we wanted to run there were just way to many people to actually run. I understand the concept of this race and it was good to see so many families out there but I did not enjoy this race at all! I also realize that I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown (stay tuned for that!) but I just felt crowded, hot and claustrophobic. That was the longest 3.1 miles I have ever gone in my entire life. I think that even with us walk/running it took us an hour, an HOUR to finish! I doubt I will do that race again, or any one like it for that matter, it was just too much for me and too many people. The course was also really dark, like unsafe dark at times. I realize we are doing a “nigh run” but I still think there should be some sense of safety involved.

Anyways, I was just over that experience and wanted to be done. I wanted to go home and get to bed because we had a 4am wake up call for the next day because we had to drive to Tulsa. But then I proceeded to have a mental break down and well, that’s April’s recap so I guess I’ll have to save that for next time….

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