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Monday, July 30, 2012

The One Where I'm Just Checking In

I have a very busy week this week at work because I'm trying to fit 5 days into 3. On Thursday I'll be road tripping it to Florida with my friend Shelly who is moving for grad school, so between lots of work, watching the Olympics and getting my workouts in I may not have much time to blog, but I did want to stop in and say Hi! and that I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Here is what this past weeks workouts look liked.

Week 4 (July24-29)
4 miles



2.9 miles + 5 repeats
3 easy

2.6 done + yoga

7 miles

8 miles

14 + miles

17.5 miles

Over all I was thrilled with what I got in as far as workouts last week. Tuesday was supposed to be a cross training day that became an off day which I intended to move to Sunday, but yesterday came and went and I was exhausted so I decided to listen to my body and take some rest time. Thursday's run was really hard and I ran out of time before yoga which is why I only got 2.6 miles in, but yoga that night was totally worth it!
Saturday I was supposed to do 7 miles but I felt so good the entire run that I went for 8 instead. It was surprisingly a very easy and wonderful run, I'm sure it helped that I had the Olympics to watch while running but over all I was very pleased with that run.

Here is what this week will look like:

Week 5 (July30-Aug 5)
4.5 miles
#1 (speed)
3 easy
(on the road so hopefully there will be a hotel gym...)
5K race pace (in FL)
10+ miles

I am also coming to the end of my 2 months of no Dr. Pepper and I have been doing great and feeling great!! I may indulge over the weekend on the road trip but I plan to continue this challenge starting August 6th through the end of the year because I just love how good I feel when I don't drink them. Who knows, maybe I won't even cave on the road trip ;)

Have an awesome week and GO USA!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The One About the Olympics

I am a diehard Olympics fan; I mean I probably drive my family and friends crazy! I pretty much achieve hermit status when the Olympics are on because I will do nothing else besides sit inside and watch them. I have always been passionate about the Olympics; I just love the thought of the best in the world coming together and competing. To say I don’t dream of being an Olympic athlete would be a complete lie, I have always wanted to be an Olympic athlete, even as a kid. Gymnastics was my first love when it comes to sports, I was in the gym at an early age and got to the point where I was in the gym daily working out and competing for hours at a time. I was never great, definitely not Olympic quality, but a 10 year old can dream right? I actually had a career ending (can you call only 7 years of gymnastics a career? Eh, I do and this is my blog so we will go with it) fall off the uneven parallel bars the summer of 1996, I was 10. I broke my arm and was in a cast for 6 weeks and thankfully escaped having to have surgery on my left arm but I did spend many hours in physical therapy and I had a lot of nerve damage that took me about 5-6 years to recover from. I actually can’t fully turn that arm over all the way anymore. All that being said, my gymnastics dreams, and consequently any Olympic dreams died that day I broke my arm. I actually remember lying on the couch, in my cast watching as the Magnificent Seven (the U.S.A. women’s gymnastics team from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics) win the gold medal and I crying and thinking that I will never get to be an Olympic gymnast…..  But I still, to this day remain obsessed with the Olympics. I even check the job postings at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs on occasion just hoping I’m smart enough to one day work there (I do have a Kinesiology degree but sadly I still don’t have what it takes to work there).

Anyways, point being, besides Christmas, this is my favorite day of the year (well really every 4 years, which may in fact make this day more special than Christmas this year, seeing as Christmas will come next year even though the Olympics will not…), it’s the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympic games!!  I am so pumped and I have my DVR set and ready to go; 15 days worth of the world’s best athletes is just too good to be true!

I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite athletes this year and why you should be watching them!

Obviously I am going to be glued to my television set when the women’s gymnastics team competes. I am a HUGE Jordyn Weiber fan, I think she is adorable and a pretty darn good athlete! 

This year the men also have a really good team and I’m cheering big time for John Orozco and Danell Leyva. 

I love watching Danell’s father coach him, he is the most uplifting, positive and energetic coach I have ever seen, you don’t want to miss that!

Another obvious will be watching the men and women’s marathons, and although our women may not have much of a medal chance, I’ve got some good money on Ryan Hall for a medal!

Track and Field events are some of my favorites and this year I will be cheering for Allyson Felix as she attempts the 100m and 200m sprints! I just absolutely love that girl! 

I’m also rooting for Lolo Jones as she takes on the 100m hurdles, after her heartbreak in 2008 I would love to see her come back better than ever!

And did anyone see Aston Eaton break the world record of the decathlon during the Olympic trails? That gave me chills! He is definitely the favorite going into the event and I would love to see him break his own record! Decathletes are totally amazing to me and with the title of ‘world’s greatest athlete’ how can you not admire them?

And let’s not forget this guy

All eyes will be on the pool as Michael Phelps takes on Ryan Lochte in some friendly competition, I’m sure it will not disappoint at all!

I’m also super excited to watching this girl, 

Missy Franklin as she takes on 7 events in an attempt to be the first woman to ever win 7 medals in one Olympics. Can we say female-Michael-Phelps? I think she can totally do it and I’m excited to watch her!!

I also love some beach volleyball and I will definitely be cheering for these two as they try to be the first team to ever win 3 consecutive Olympic gold medals.

I will of course be watching everything but these are a few of my top athletes that I will be having my eye on.

Who will you be watching this Olympics? Tell me your favorite athlete or sport!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The One About Last Night’s Hill Workout

It was brutal.

That is all.

Ok, so I did survive, so it couldn’t have been that bad, but boy I am totally out of shape when it comes to hill repeats; I honestly cannot remember the last time I did repeats…. It’s been a while!

On Wednesday nights I usually go to Bible Study at my church which is pretty close to the train station, so I don’t ever go home on Wednesdays, I just go straight to the church. I usually have around an hour or a little more of time to kill so I try really hard to use that time to get a run in. Running on Wednesdays is hard though - it’s the middle of the week, I’m tired and it’s just no fun and last night was no different. But I also know that I would be really mad at myself if I wasted that hour.

 Over by my church there are two areas that have some decent hills to run, they aren’t great, this is Dallas after all but they are inclines and they get the job done. One hill is my favorite and it’s pretty much the perfect hill for hill repeats but it’s about 2 miles from the church and I didn’t really have time to run 2 miles, do 5 hill repeats and then hobble the 2 miles back last night. I know I’m not as fast in this heat and so I settled for the smaller hill that was a mile away.

I ran the mile out and only felt some slight pain and discomfort in my calves since I was wearing my Brooks PureFlows, but I think I am finally settling in to them and it’s getting better (yay! Success!!). I managed an 11:36 mile for the warm up which is pretty good for me considering how hot it was been. This summer has definitely been better than last summer and I’m just a little bit proud of myself for the running I have been doing in this heat, even though it’s not much.

Once I hit my mile, which was pretty close to the hill I was running up I got set up to do 5 hill sprints, like I said, it had been a really long time since I had done a hill workout, so long in fact I don’t really remember the last time that I did. But I tend to like hill workouts, if only the for the fact that they are fast workouts and they make me feel strong. The first sprint was quite a wakeup call as to just how out of shape I was when it came to hills, um wow, hello sky-high heart rate! I most definitely WALKED down the hill to recover from that first one.

I wanted to keep my rests at under 2 minutes but I quickly realized that was going to be out of the question, so I just walked around at the bottom of the hill trying to catch my breath and tell myself that I wasn’t not going to die, but if I did then at least I would die doing something I loved. I was actually recovered and ready to start my second repeat when all of a sudden a guy starts mowing this really tall grass right in my pathway about 30 yards in front of me, well that was no bueno. Can we say allergy attack just waiting to happen?  I was already hot, sweaty and annoyed and then this… so I had an extra long break waiting for him to move after the first repeat which would explain why the second one was probably my fastest one. Three was hard and 4 was so brutal I almost quit at that one. But I was bound and determined to get my quota of 5 repeats in so I trudged back down the hill and told myself that even if I have to crawl as fast as I can up that hill I’m getting back up it, and besides, if I wanted to get back home I had to go up anyways. So before I could change my mind I jogged back down the hill for one last repeat. And it sucked, tremendously, but I did it nonetheless.

All of my sprints lasted from 55 seconds (that was the 2nd one) to about 75 seconds (that was the last one) and I covered about 0.13 of a mile on each sprint. Boy was I glad that I only had time for the small hill today! Hopefully as the weather gets cooler and I get more used to doing hill workouts again I can go to the BIG hill and get in some serious hill repeats, I’m going to need them this winter when I run Austin again. 
See, major hill work is required!!

But for now I was happy with that workout and I felt accomplished.

I was spent after that last sprint and walked for a little bit before jogging the half mile or so back to the church in time for bible study. As tough as it is to get my act together and make myself go out and run before bible study it really works out well for me to utilize that time right before so that it’s over and done with. I like that it’s always a shorter workout and I know that in an hour’s time I’m done for the day, I’m thankful that I’m able to have that time built into my evening.

And if you happened to read this really long and boring post about my hill repeats workout, then thank you, I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The One With A Link Up

Today I’m going to be linking up with This Kind of Love and participate in What I’m loving Wedneday! This is my first link-up and I’m excited!!

So, what am I loving on this fine Wednesday afternoon:

I am loving (and hating) The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Next.
 Wow these books are awesome! They are probably hands down my favorite books. But I’m really sad that I only have about 150 pages left and then I will be finished.

I am loving McDonald’s Sweet Tea, oh how those things are so nice and refreshing!

I am loving that tonight I have a workout and I will be doing hill repeats! They are some of my favorites!!

I love that I’m finally adjusting to my new minimal shoes!!

I am loving that tonight is Bible Study night!

I am absolutely loving that the Olympics start in 2 days! 2 days people!!! It’s better than Christmas, I swear!

I am loving my sweet boyfriend Alex! He is so patient and kind to me, I feel blessed to have him in my life. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

The One With My New Favorite Workout And Gym Class Obsessions

If anyone asks me what I did this weekend I will say that I worked out (a lot) and I read, and dog sat. Both my mom and Alex were out of town so I was left to my own vices for the weekend and at first I was a little sad at the thought that I would be alone with 4 dogs and checking on 2 cats but then it actually turned out to be a really nice weekend that I needed.

I spent Friday afternoon checking on Alex’s cats and attempting to flood his new apartment with the washing machine. I did not actually flood the apartment but I did not have a good experience with his washing machine. From there I went home, took care of all the dogs and decided to try a new speed workout that I had found and added to my running schedule.

Workout #1:                                                                                     
10-20 min warm up
1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 (all with 200m rest)    
10 min cool down

Here’s how I did it:
12 min/1 mile warm up
1000 m @ 10:00
800 m @ 9:31
600 m @ 8:57
400 m @ 8:31
200 m @ 8:13
1000 m @ 10:00
Half mile cool down at 11:30
Over all I went 4.5 miles in 49 minutes (10:53 average)

I loved this workout, absolutely loved it! I seemed to go by really quickly because you were constantly changing your pace and for how long, but you still covered a lot of ground! I was impressed with how quickly I could go and I really want to see if I can make those times even faster. I may have to incorporate this workout at other times, even when it’s not on the schedule.

Saturday morning I had to babysit and then stopped by Alex’s to make sure the washer was still in tact and that his apartment hadn’t flooded overnight. Then I went to the gym to get in an hour of elliptical and then had to head home to shower. That night we had a going away dinner for one of my friends, who is moving to Florida. I’m sad to see her go, but excited for her in this new chapter of life!

Sunday we a me day; I skipped church and decided to workout for 3 hours instead. I got up and hopped on the treadmill to bust out 6 miles in a little over an hour. Then my plan was to go to spin class at the gym but by the time I got there it was already full. I was so bummed. And since I was staying for yoga class that started after spin class I couldn’t really leave, so I just hopped on the bike for 50 minutes. I was really wishing I had brought my book with me though. Yoga was wonderful and exactly what I needed! Lots of deep stretching and good balance poses, I really like this teacher. I spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading my book and doing some grocery shopping for the week.

Here are this week’s workouts:

Week 4 (July24-29)
4 miles
3 easy
7 miles + spin class
14 + miles

The past two weeks have been really good for me workout wise, I have had great running weeks and have had lots of good workouts. I have also, as of late become obsessed with the training classes that they offer at 24Hour Fitness. Spin class is my absolute favorite and BodyPump is becoming a close second. I also really like going to yoga when I can find the time. Honestly the hardest part is finding the right times for the different classes; sometimes it’s like working a puzzle to fit them around my schedule. Spin classes unfortunately are usually too early for me to get to in the evenings. There is one on Saturday mornings that I do like to try to make if I can. I have found 3 different gyms that I frequent in the area that all have classes I like at various times. I really like the classes because it’s a very easy way to get in a full hour’s workout, but most of the time you are so distracted by what is going on that you don’t realize you’ve been in there for an hour! It’s also nice to have someone else pushing you and telling you what to do instead of always going at it alone. 

I hope you all had a good weekend and that your week is off to a good start!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The One Where I Fit It All In (thoughts on my new training plan, how I’m making it work)

I have been meaning to talk about my new marathon training plan – I posted it a couple of weeks ago and didn’t give any explanation for it but I did want to fill you in on some thoughts I had about it and how it’s been working thus far.

So, for starters, my new and improved and hopefully better than the last, that will actually get me to the finish line training plan has begun. I’m not sure if I ever actually posted my last training plan or not but there is really no need. I used the last marathon training plan as a base for this one and made a few modifications.

For example:

In my last training plan I only ran 3 days a week. I chose to do this because I am by nature not a distance runner, heck I’m not really even a runner, I just pretend most of the time. Anyways, that worked ok for the most part but in order to get my weekly mileage quote up I would run longer distances. For example, some Monday nights I would be running 8-10 miles and that just didn’t work for me. I like the extra recovery days and since I’m a busy person it gave me some flexibility but it also left too much room for error. I found myself just skipping non-running day’s altogether and that didn’t work.

So this time around I am running 4 days a week, but in smaller, more manageable distances. I think that overall it’s more important to train my muscles to work on fatigue than to give them too much rest (but don’t quote me on that, I’m not a professional by any means!)

I am also being much more focused on having “active rest” days. Doing things like spin class or yoga are really going to help me in the long run when it comes to endurance and overall strength. I have also been doing a lot more lifting than I did the first time around. I think last year I was scared to lift weights for fear that being sore or tired would affect my run the next day, but this time I have realized just how much that actually helps me!

I have added new speed workouts as well. That was something that was definitely missing from my last go around. I feel like this time around I’m really ready to be a well rounded runner and not just worry about being good; as long as I’m doing it, then I’m good enough. I want to make sure that I am strong and feel good about myself and I really think doing things I enjoy such as speed workouts, spin class, yoga and lifting weights will make me a better athlete overall. And hopefully it will get my to the finish line!

This time around I don’t have quite as many races mixed into my training plan. As much as I love the races they took away from the time when I needed to be focusing on mileage. I have a couple of races in there, but I really wanted to keep my weekends open to be able to do the long runs with my training group on Saturdays, I think that will be really important to my training.

**Please know that I am not a registered running couch, nor do I pretend to be. I make my training plans and schedules on my own for my own use. I may make mistakes and I may not do things the way someone else would but I am learning about myself and running through this process. I enjoy making my own schedules and I enjoy pushing myself to try new things. If you have any advice or questions I’m happy to answer them.

So how has this little schedule worked out thus far? Honestly, not that bad. Any plan I make for myself is just that, it’s a plan. And although my type-A self would like to stick to it PERFECTLY I do realize that sometimes that just won’t happen. But if there is one things I have learned (and who am I kidding, still learn on a daily basis) is that flexibility with your time and schedule is the most important thing; second to that would be a workout, no matter what it is, is still a workout whether it’s what’s on your schedule or not.

So all that being said here is how the past 3 weeks of my training plan have gone:

Week 1 (July2-8)
3.25 treadmill



Spin & yoga

Yoga and BodyPump

5 miles

Spin class

9.5 miles
Week 2 (July9-15)
Treadmill 5K


5 miles



5 miles
El Scorcho 25K
El Scorcho 25K

23.5 miles

24 miles
Week 3 (July 16-23)


4 miles

3 miles
Workout #1

BodyPump and Yoga

Workout #1
6 miles

Planning on elliptical

Planning on 6 miles
10+ miles

Hopefully 9 miles

So as you can see, things aren’t always perfect, but they either do get done or something gets done in its place.

I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

1 more week until the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games!!! I am beyond excited!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The One About El Scorcho

The first thing that comes to mind about this race is “just awesome”; it’s crazy, you are crazy for doing it, it WILL mess you up, recovery will be hard and weird but you feel like a total bad a$$ for running it, totally!

So, what is El Scorcho? Or as I like to refer to it, El Stupido…

El Scorcho is a 25K or 50K race that is run, in July, in Ft. Worth, TX at midnight. Sounds kind of cool right? I thought it sounded extreme and different and I’m all about doing extremely different things. The race is held in Trinity Park and there is a 5K (3.1 mile) loop that you run. If you are doing the 25K then you run the loop 5 times. If you do the 50K, then you run it 10 times. This makes perfect sense to me and just seems really smart to do when having a race at midnight to handle a group of people this way; there isn’t a big course you have to worry about and you can keep tabs on people well. This is the 6th year that the race was held and the race is capped at 500 runners and we were told they sold out in 10 days. I have a feeling they will sell out sooner than that next year!

Packet pick-up was held the days before the race or you could pick up your packet up until 11pm at the Fort Worth Running Club store which is right next to Trinity Park. So Alex and I set out Saturday evening to go get our packets. We go there around 10:15 and had no trouble getting our packets and easily found the park and where we were supposed to park. We had plenty of time to kill so we found the start/finish area and the port-o-potties and just hung out and walked around. Many people were setting up “camp site” type areas with blankets and coolers. It was a very cool atmosphere around the starting area.

I was a little nervous about this race for many reasons – I have had some health issues going on for the past 2 months and so that has made working out and running hard. I’ve been doing it but I haven’t logged nearly the miles I wanted to going into the race. I also got new shoes that I’ve had a hard time adjusting to and have been dealing with some pain and soreness which has also kept my mileage down. So I knew going in that this was not going to be my best effort but I was going to enjoy the evening and just finish.

The 50K race started right at midnight, there were 200 runners doing the 50K. And then 10 minutes later the 25K started. I had downed my pre-workout drink about an hour before and so I was ready to go. I was nervous, yes, but also just ready to get moving. So off we went with 300 other runners along a pathway in the dark. The race director strongly encouraged everyone to wear headlamps or carry a light or to run with someone that had one because there were many places along the trail that weren’t lit very well. I knew starting out that I wanted to run as much as possible and I most definitely wanted to run the entire first loop the best I could. Alex took off pretty early since he’s taller and can run a bit faster pace than I can, but that was ok.

 I should also point out that the weather was awesome! I know that sounds ridiculous to say that the weather in July in Texas was awesome but it truly was! It was about 85 degrees and there was a breeze the majority of the time we were running. I had anticipated much worse conditions and it was a wonderful surprise to have a wonderful evening.

I was keeping about a 12:20 pace throughout the first loop, which was a little slower than I wanted but I was ok with it. I did run the entire first loops and felt really proud of that. I loved coming in to the start/finish area where everyone was camping out and cheering people on. It was awesome to be able to do this each loop! I remember as I was coming in a lady yelled at me saying “looking good! Strong and relaxed!” I’m not really sure how relaxed I was but I did feel strong and totally appreciated the comment!

There was a water stop right after you crossed the start/finish line and so I took a walk break and grabbed some water. I knew that I couldn’t run the entire loop again but I was feeling really good and so I told myself that I would run intervals; I would run for a quarter of a mile and then walk for a tenth.  I kept this up the entire second loop and felt really good about that. At this point I was thinking that I could really keep this quarter mile to tenth of a mile interval up and have a time right around 3:20, which I would have been thrilled with. I was feeling really good, I was feeling strong and I had energy. But at the very end of the second loop I came upon Alex who was walking. It just happened to be my walk break as well so I stopped and asked how he was and he said he wasn’t having a good race and he wasn’t feeling well (I should point out here that Alex had spent the entire week and weekend moving into a new apartment. Most nights he and I would load stuff and take it to the new place and then Friday night all the big stuff was moved. He still had a 75 gallon fish tank to move on Saturday and so he was tired and I don’t blame him one bit. I was actually just very thankful that he even came out there with me. Boyfriend of the year award right there!!).

Alex and I ran the last quarter mile in to the start/finish area and took a walk break. He reminded me that it was time to take a GU packet so I grabbed some water and a GU. The nice thing about this race was they had 3 water stops and at each stop they had water, Nuun, GU, pretzels, bananas and oranges. One stop also had ice cold towels they were handing out. I loved that!

At this point Alex wanted to walk for a bit, we were on our third loop and I really wanted to keep my intervals up but I also wanted to make sure Alex was ok. I asked if he wanted me to stay with him and he said yes because he felt light-headed. So it was there that I made the decision that no matter what we were staying together for the rest of the race. I was a bit disappointed because I knew I could have kept going and I felt really good, but I also know that Alex and his well-being are much more important. And besides, there have been plenty of races that he has stayed with me when I was having a bad day.

So we walked the third loop and let me tell you that was the longest stinkin’ loop!! Alex kept going back and forth on whether he wanted to continue or not. I told him that once we finished that loop if he wanted to stop then he could. It was totally up to him. We reached the start/finish area again and he said, “Let’s just do this!” so we kept going.

The forth loop we didn’t do any specific intervals other than just run some and then walk some. At the water stops I would take the Nuun each time and I know Alex would mostly take water, a GU and sometimes oranges, he said that usually made him feel better.

We finally reached the fifth loop and I was excited and ready to get it over with. It actually went by pretty quickly because we picked it up and ran some more this loop. This time we would run half a mile and then walk half a mile and did that until the end. We definitely picked the pace up towards the end because we really wanted to be in under 4 hours! We finished in 3:53 and I was so glad to be done!! We grabbed some water and Nuun and then I found some watermelon and oranges and ate a few of those. Alex had some cucumbers and jelly beans and trail mix.

It was weird to be finishing a race at 4 in the morning! And by the time we got ourselves together and go to the car it was nearly 5 am, that’s the time I wake up for work every day! It was such a strange feeling.

So here are highlights of what I loved about this race:
  • It’s a small group of serious runners.

  • I love that it’s on a loop – you get to see the faster, stronger runners pass you multiple times and I actually really like that, it motivates me. I like that since it’s at night, the loop makes it easy to run. You know what to expect and when and you know exactly where the water stops are. I loved that each time you were finishing a loop there were people cheering you on and a crowd to encourage you. Loops aren’t for everyone, but they did this race right and a loop works here, I thought it was perfect!

  • I loved the course support, it was amazing! Having all those different things to eat and the electrolytes and GU at each stop was awesome. They really pulled out all the stops at the water stations and at the finish line, it was wonderful!

  • I also loved that there was race crew out patrolling the course at all times. I never felt unsafe in any way and if there were an injury or any medical needs (which there weren’t any that I was aware of) they were right there and were keeping an eye on you.

  • I liked that while I may not have run the race I wanted to run I still felt like I was part of an elite group of people who do crazy and extreme things and that is just right up my alley!!

The thing I did not like about this race was the recovery! Oh man it was hard! Running 15 miles is hard enough, but to run it while you are usually sleeping is another thing. I had plenty of energy while running but it was the day after and the day after that that really got me. I got home around 6:15 and took a very quick shower and then slept until about 9:00 when my dogs woke me up. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I did take a short nap later that afternoon but that was it. I realize that I didn’t allow myself the time to recover because I had things going on on Sunday that I needed to do, so my only advice would be to clear your schedule for the following day if you want to recover properly. I was a mess at work Monday and Tuesday just because my body hadn’t caught up from the lack of sleep.

So that was my El Scorcho experience. I would absolutely put this on the list of races to run again. I am not really a fun of running the same race multiple times, I save that for only a few races, but this would be one of them. Who knows if I’ll have the chance to do it again or not anytime soon; but one thing is for sure, I will have my El Scorcho revenge and next time I will dominate the course!

Oh, and just to put it in perspective of how SLOW I am - the first female of the 50K finished in 4:07 and beat her own course record of 4:17 from the previous year. Um, wow, ok! It was awesome to watch her run (which you got to do since it was a loop!!)

*Erin - the entire time I was running this race I thought about you! There was just something about this race that made me think you would be awesome at it! It's flat, it's fast and it's a fun group of elite runners. You would definitely be a contender in this race!