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Monday, June 4, 2012

The One With A Plan

I mentioned in my last post that I was finally getting back on track with running and just working out in general. I don't know about you but I do a much better job of sticking with something when I have a plan. I am very detail oriented and very goal oriented and I like to see things on paper and then be able to cross them off my list of things to do. A long time ago I would make 6-week training plans, most can be found on my Unlikely Training Page, and I found that would work well for me. I am a very busy person and at times my schedule will fluctuate and I need to move a few things around or a workout will unfortunately be skipped, but for the most part I like knowing well in advance what I'm going to be doing and then to work at crossing off each day as a small little goal. I decided to do that again since it has worked well in the past. I also needed a tangible schedule because I have a pretty serious race coming up next month and I'm a little nervous at my lack of training lately. I will talk about El Scorcho later this week but I do not want to take this race lightly and blow it off as no big deal; I don't run in the heat very well and since I haven't been training for the past two months I don't want to kid myself into thinking I can just wing this one the way I do half marathons sometimes. All that being said, this 6-week training may be a bit ambitions in regards to running since I have taken such a long break (Runner's world said you should only increase your mileage about 10-20% per week if you've been off) but I do know I am capable of the distances and I would like to push myself and in essences force myself back into the routine. I plan on listening to my body and being smart - I don't want an injury or to suffer any negative effects now that the heat has arrive in Texas. I plan to hydrate well and simply stop fighting the mind game that I am not capable of doing something, because I am very capable of doing just what I set out to do.
So, without further ado, here is my current training plan:

Sun. 6/3
Softball game
Mon.  6/4
Run 4 miles
Tue. 6/5
Wed  6/6
Run 4 miles
Thur. 6/7
Gym- elliptical 60 min         
Fri. 6/8
Gym – cardio for 60 min, weights for 30 min
Sat. 6/9
7 miles

Mileage total = 15
Sun. 6/10
Softball game
Mon. 6/11
Run 5 miles
Tue. 6/12
Gym - elliptical 90 min
Wed 6/13
off - travel
Thur 6/14
Off - travel
Fri. 6/15
Run 4 miles
Sat. 6/16
9 miles

Mileage total = 18
Sun. 6/17
Softball game
Mon 6/18
Run 4 miles with  5 sets hill repeats
Tue 6/19
Or tennis
Wed 6/20
Speed work (warm up 1 mile, 3x1600 in 10:26w/800 jogs, 1 mile cool down)
Thur 6/21
Gym – Elliptical 60 min          Yoga class
Fri 6/22
11 miles late night run
Sat 6/23
Gym – elliptical 90 min

                                                  Mileage total =18
Sun. 6/24
Softball game
Mon 6/25
Run 5 miles
Tue 6/26
Or tennis
Wed 6/27
6 miles tempo run (1 mile warm up, 4 at 11:09, I mile cool down)
Thur 6/28
Gym – elliptical 60 min           yoga class
Fri 6/29
13 miles late night run
Sat 6/30
Gym – elliptical 90 min
Body Pump class
                                                      Mileage total = 24
Sun 7/1
Softball game
Mon 7/2
Run 6 miles with 5 sets hill repeats
Tue 7/3
Or tennis
Wed 7/4
Run 4 miles/sprints
Thur 7/5
Gym –elliptical 60 min          Yoga class
Fri 7/6
Gym – cardio for 60 min, weights for 30 min
Sat 7/7
8  miles

Mileage total = 18
Sun 7/8
Softball game
Mon 7/9
Run 4 miles
Tue 7/10
Or tennis
Wed 7/11
Run 5 miles
Thur 7/12
Gym – elliptical 60 min           Yoga class
Fri 7/13
Sat 7/14
El Scorcho 25K @midnight in Ft. Worth

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