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Friday, June 8, 2012

The One With If This, Then That

On December 9th I will be running the Dallas Marathon, the FULL marathon. 

The Dallas Marathon was formerly known as the White Rock Marathon. This year, they changed the name, the starting location and course. At First I was a little worried that they were messing with tradition and I didn’t really like that; you don’t mess with tradition! But when they unveiled the new course I had to admit, I think it will be really nice, IF you run the full marathon, which is exactly what I plan to do. I have given myself enough time to heal and process from the disappointment that was my last marathon attempt and I’m ready to go for it again. It’s close to home, I am familiar with the route for the most part and I’ll be running and training in much cooler weather which I do so much better in.  I will also be joining my church’s running team and running this race for World Vision, but more on that to come. But for sure, I will be running a marathon on December 9th.

On Wednesday, I did this….

Yep, I entered the lottery to run the Houston Half Marathon. This race is on my bucket list and I am hoping I get in!!

If I get into the Houston Half Marathon then I will be registering for this….

Again! I absolutely loved this race and would love to run the half marathon again.
Since I’m already planning to run Dallas and IF I get into Houston that means I will run Austin and IF I run Austin then that means I will get this…..

Do you see where I’m going with this? The” Marathons of Texas” is a special challenge in which you complete a combination of marathons or half marathon in the 3 major marathons in Texas in one season. You have to do them within the 3 month span or it won’t count. So that is means that I will only run Austin again this year if I can run Houston. As much as I would love to run it every year I have to be practical. So that is my plan and I hope that it will all work out the way

In other random Friday news, I found my new favorite sports bras! 

I got them at Wal-Mart and they are only $9.95!! They are super soft, seamless and very comfortable. And they come in fun bright colors!! I most definitely stocked up! I also go those tanks right there for $5! They aren’t my absolute favorite tanks but for 5 bucks I cannot complain one bit, especially not with the heat already taking residence in our state….
I think that’s about all I have for now – have an awesome weekend!!


Erin said...

You have an exciting race schedule planned! I've run Houston before - it's a must do! I also love the Austin Marathon, but of course I'm biased since I live here :)

ljpowell said...

Way to go Lauren! You can do it! Now I want another Marathon's of Texas Medal! haha!