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Friday, June 29, 2012

The One Where I Almost Ran A Marathon (Part 2)

I told you I was all alone!

So here I am, relieved to have made the cut-off but also extremely tired from the stress of the first 12 miles. And I’m alone. It was a weird feeling to know that I just left a sea of people only to be on the road with only 1 other person who was pretty far ahead of me. I was a bit terrified but ready for what was ahead. I reached the half marathon mark at a time of about 2:45 (I don’t remember the exact time and I would go and look it up but about a month after I got home from D.C. my Garmin freaked out and deleted everything!!) and I know that is not fast by any means but I was pleased with that time. That was exactly where I wanted to be based on my previous half marathons and the half marathon I knew I had in front of me.
I plugged along running at a pretty slow pace until right before mile 15 when there was a water stop. I saw several people walking and so I myself walked through the water stop. It was then that I realized there was a giant truck behind me coming to clean up that water stop and there were RNR official vans and people everywhere cleaning up. I ask a girl beside me if she knew what was going on and at this point we were both oblivious to the fact that they were closing the course but knew something was up.

Right about mile 15 I realize that there is in fact a trail van behind me and a group of about 5 people and I remember just texting my mom in a panic. She sent me a text back right away saying that no matter what everything would be ok. I will say that I did go into this race knowing there was a 5.5 hour time limit. I knew the RNR policy on course time limits and I knew they would still let me finish the race if I got in the sag wagon at any point. And my mom and I had talked about this as a possibility. I also knew that I was not fast enough to run a 5.5 hour marathon; my goal was somewhere around 5 hours 45 minutes. However, I thought that based on what the website said that I would be ok. I was also told (per the website and the expo) that the time clock for the time limit would not start until the last person started the race. I would find out over the course of the next few miles that that was not in fact the case…

At mile 16 I stopped and talked to the guy in the van and he told me that due to city rules certain streets had to be back opened at certain times and my options were to get in the van and he would take me up about half a mile and let me keep running until they had to open the next streets or I could get in and someone would take me back to the finish area. At that point I thought if I skip half a mile and move forward I can live with myself. So I got in the van at mile 16 and he took me and one other guy to 16.5 and let us off and went on his way.

Oh, and I must point out that at this point we had crossed the Anacostia River and we were running along some not so pretty water front pathway and then we were heading into a warehouse district. I was extremely disappointed with the second half of this race course. There was nothing beautiful or historic about it at all. It was also very hot that day and the sun was out in full force by this time. The day before the marathon was a little chilly and drizzly, the day after was cool and overcast, but of course, just my luck the day I’m running a marathon it’s hot and brilliantly sunny!

Anyways, I got out of the van and went on, running as much as I could because I really didn’t want to get back in that van. I passed quite a few people at this point which now that I think about it felt kind of good. I kept thinking, the more people I pass the better chance I have of being able to stay on the race course. It was hard to run though because at this point I was not only tired from running 16+ miles but I was also very tense from all the stress. I wasn’t able to run at a comfortable pace and it would always be bursts of running and then speed walking, running and then speed walking.

At this point there were enough people around me that I was able to stay away from the dreaded van, or as Alex likes to call it, “the struggle bus”; but I could always see it and I was keeping an eye on it. Miles 18-20 were on some odd highway and over this ugly and awful bridge and it was hot! Once we were over the bridge we ended up on this jogging/biking/driving path that would lead to a park area and now that I think about it I’m wondering why that “road” had to be opened….

At mile 21 that darn van came back and brought with it two large 15 passenger vans and started collecting people saying that certain streets needed to be opened and they had pushed their luck for too long and we had to get in the vans. I got in a van with about 8 other people and it was headed to mile 25. We moved along very slowly, sometimes so slowly that I wanted to scream and say “just let me out I promise I’ll run faster than you!!!” We picked a few people up along the way as we went and my Garmin started freaking out so I finally turned it off. My head was a mess. I remember texting Alex and my mom but I don’t even remember what I said. I was so disappointed. I do remember absolutely hating the fact that I was sitting in a van, with air conditioning and looking out the window seeing people struggle to barely run. I hated it. I still to this day hate thinking about that. I wasn’t incapable at all, I was just too slow, or rather, slower that they wanted me to be.

 The van was headed to mile 25 to unload and then head back out to get more people, but watching people running as we were passing them was just too much for me and so as we approached the mile 24 marker I told the van driver to stop and let me out. I at least had some dignity left in me and I wanted to run as much as I could. I got out of the van and immediately my feet felt like they were on fire!! I had been sitting for close to 15 minutes in the van and my body was tense and stressed and while my socks hadn’t worn blisters on my feet they had cooled off and so getting back out was painful. I walked some and I think I ran the longest 2.2 miles of my entire life. At this point I was no longer alone and many people who were running were on pace to finish at about 5:20-5:40ish range. I saw a lot of corral 15, 16, 17 and 18 bibs. The scenery was still nothing spectacular and the finishing stretch was on this highway leading into the Armory stadium where the race was held. It was so hot and I was so emotionally spent. I just wanted to be done.

I remember when I got to the finish area and they had the barricades set up I just wished at that point that I could be invisible because so many people were cheering and encouraging me. I could hear the peppy announcers and how they were congratulating people and I know I had tears streaming down my face, but not because I was excited about what I had just done. Instead I felt like I was cheating. I wanted to tell every single person that was encouraging me that they needed to save their cheers for the next person who actually ran the whole thing. I wanted to grab the microphone from the lady and tell her that she should stop cheering for me and when they handed me my medal, I couldn’t even put it on. Just the raw emotion of disappointment and defeat was too much.
you can tell I'm crying here

not the face I was hoping for when I finished my marathon

Alex was the first to call me the moment I crossed the finish line. I had signed up for runner tracking and it must have alerted him. I was crying, so thankful to be done but so frustrated. My mom called while I was talking to him and I clicked over and immediately broke down. I think the hardest part for me was knowing that I was capable of something but due to so many things beyond my control I wasn’t able to accomplish them. Thankfully I wasn’t mad at myself for what I had done that day, in fact I was proud given what I was able to accomplish. But I most certainly didn’t feel like I had accomplished what I had gone to D.C. to do, and that was to become a marathoner. I don’t feel right calling myself that. I ran 22.7 miles that day and while that’s still the furthest distance I have ever run I cannot say I ran a marathon. I respect those who do run marathons too much to take that away with my 22.7 miles. But I did keep my medal. I never wore it, I only carried it. It hangs with my other medals as a reminder of what I am capable of but have yet to accomplish. I know I will have another chance and I know I will do well. My official results say that I finished in 5:24. That includes the 15 or so minutes I sat in the van and I had just a bit over a 5K left to run had they let me finish. I could have finished and I would have been close to my goal time as well.... 
So there’s my story. It comes with many tears, then and even still now. I didn’t realize just how much that story still hurt. I think what stands out to me the most though when I think about that day (and what makes me all choked up the most) is thinking about how even though I was alone in D.C. my mom never let me be alone that day. She sent me so many encouraging text messages and was always prepared with loving words no matter what I sent her. I cannot tell you how grateful I was for her support. I know as a mother it pained her to know that she wasn’t there to hug me at the end but I’m not sure if she truly knows just how much she helped me that day. She even had my sisters and my grandmother send me texts of encouragement. It was so wonderful to have so much love and support and know that no matter what my family was proud of me.

Next week I plan to put up a post about what I learn from running 22.7 miles and why I don’t think I’ll run a Rock ‘N Roll race any time soon….

I also still need to share about the rest of March, I still had more races to run…..

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The One Where I Almost Ran A Marathon (Part 1)

I chose the location of Washington D.C. to run my first marathon for several reasons:
  • For starters I wanted a location race and some place where I could enjoy the scenery. I absolutely LOVE Washington D.C. so I couldn't think of any better place to run a marathon.
  • I wanted to train through the winter because I do much better running in colder weather and I knew long runs on a cool winter morning would be much better for me.
  • I wanted to run 26 miles for my 26th birthday and while I searched for a marathon on my actual birthday (March 25th) I couldn’t come up with one and this was the next best thing; 26 miles BEFORE my 26th birthday!

*I did not know when I signed up for this race that there was a strict 5.5 hour time limit on the course for the marathon, but I did know before I went to D.C. However, everything I had read online and at the expo said that there was a 5.5 hour time limit BUT if you made it to the 12.2 mile marker by 11:20am then you could continue on the course. So that was the information I had going into the race.

If only I had known then what I know now….. Famous last words….

Anyways, I still struggle to write this so here is my best shot at it; I woke up race morning fairly early but I woke up feeling refreshed and surprisingly calm. I still look back on that morning in that crappy hotel room that was surprisingly like a mini sanctuary to me and am in awe of how prepared I felt. Most races I find myself wishing I had run more, or bargaining with myself saying it’s ok to walk or run a certain time, etc.; But not that morning, that morning I was so ready. I think that’s what makes this so hard for me to write, I was so confident and prepared. Mental focus is something that is very hard for me to achieve and for some reason I had it that morning and then watched it slowly slip away….

I got myself ready, packed up my iFitness belt, check, double checked myself and made sure I had my St. Patty’s day bow in and then I was out the door. The guy from Texas (Curtis) that I had met agreed to share a cab to the race site with me since we weren’t close to a Metro station, but once we got to the hotel lobby we realized there were several other people at our hotel that were running that morning and so the hotel had agreed to have a shuttle take us to the race site. This was a nice relief because I could save my money for a cab ride home instead!
There were 3 people on the shuttle with us that were running their very first half marathons and they had so many questions and so I was happy I was able to answer them and help them out. I still remember how nervous I was for my first half marathon…..

We got to the race site a little after 6:30 and I quickly jumped into a port-o-potty because there weren’t any lines! Then Curtis and I just walked around a bit, it was a little chilly but perfect for me. I had a light jacket that I planned to toss once we started and I was fine with that. I got a couple of pictures with the finish line before the race started. There weren’t that many people yet for an 8:00am race and I was kind of surprised. I found out later that one of the Metro trains had broken down….

At about 35 min out I got in the ever growing port-o-potty lines again and went one last time just to be sure and then I went and found my corral. I was in corral 17 and there were at least 20 more corrals behind me. I was still relaxed but frustrated because I kept trying to send text messages to my mom and there were just too many people on their phones for my cell phone to work.

The race actually started about 15 minutes late due to the broken down Metro and then it took me a good 25 minutes for my corral to get to the starting line (all of these things will become important later on and unfortunately they were things that were completely out of my control, but if I could make a list and give it to the Rock ‘N Roll race people on things they should change I would!). Once I got to the starting line I took off and told myself that this was it, it was what I had spent six months training for. I tried really hard to keep a steady and slow pace but I had moved up a corral and was with some faster runners (add this to my ever growing list for RNR…)

I know that I went out way too fast, but once I started running all my adrenaline kicked in and I just could not for the life of me calm down. I kept a decent, but too fast pace through the first 4 miles and those miles were awesome! The first 4 miles were exactly why I chose D.C. because there were beautiful city streets, old architecture, and you could see the Washington monument and the White House.  But I knew I was killing myself!

Finally at mile 4 I actually stopped to walk because I couldn’t think of any other way to slow myself down. I text my mom at this point as well which would be the first of many text messages between us that day to tell her that I just couldn’t slow down and I was having a rough time already. And this was where my mental game started for me…

I walked/ran through most of mile 4 and 5 just trying to calm myself. I finally got myself under control and kept a steady pace until mile 10. At mile 10 I had to pee so badly (thank you to my monthly visitor I just couldn’t hold it any longer) so I found a port-o-potty and waited in line; that stop took about 5-6 minutes, ugh!
At this point I was actually freaking out because I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut-off at the 12.2 mile marker (remember, I still thought this was the only cut-off point along the course) and so once I felt better from my potty stop I hustled as best as I could to get to that cut-off point. There were lots of hills at this point in the course and we had turn into some not-so-nice-and-friendly residential streets after mile 6.5 or so and so there was really nothing motivating at all at this point other than making the cut-off.

The course finally loops around to close to the original starting point and I can see the mass of people being forced to stay to the left of the street to go finish the half marathon, while I stayed to the right of the cones to make the rest of my journey. I sent mom a text saying that I made the cut-off but that I was all alone! And it was true; I was one of two runners left on the street once I made the cut-off. I was relieved to have made it but oh wow what a daunting feeling to be running a marathon alone!!

If I had only known then….

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The One About March

When I revived my little blog a couple of months ago I started doing monthly updates to catch myself back up on everything that I had missed while on my blogging hiatus; partly for you to know what has been going on but more for me to be able to record my thoughts and my journey. I finished off February in 3 parts and then just stopped there because March was a hard month for me. I have refused, until now to actually write about March and my experience in D.C. for many reasons, but mainly because I wasn’t even sure myself how I felt about the whole experience. But I really want to make sure I record my thoughts before I forget too many things or block too many things from memory, so here goes my attempt at talking about March…..

March was busy in a lot of ways, but not really for running. I was officially in my taper period, although I’m not sure I did the whole training thing correctly; that is to be debated. But I don’t really remember any significant runs or anything going wrong. I was just really excited to finally reach my goal. I do remember though when March got here thinking, “holy cow, it’s here! I’ve been saying ‘March, March, March’ for everything and suddenly it’s March!!!”

The race was on March 17th, St. Patrick's day and I was planning to leave for D.C. on March 15th so that I could have all of the 16th to enjoy D.C. and make sure I got my packet without any trouble. I really love Washington D.C. and I wish that I had had more than just a day there, but I was really thankful to go.

I was supposed to be traveling with a friend and then less than two weeks before we were leaving she sent me an email saying that she wasn’t going. I struggle to write about this portion because this is part of what I have blocked from my memory… This girl was at one point a good friend and although we had spent less and less time together in the previous months I still thought she would go. But her email was hurtful and quite honestly stressed me out a bit because I was running my very first marathon and now I would have to do it alone. Add to that, I have never travelled alone either! In hind sight this ended up being a very good thing and the experience as a whole was great for me to go through.

I decided I was just going to carry on my bags, I didn’t want to risk losing anything along the way and I also didn’t want to have to pay ridiculous fees. Thanks to my dad I’ve learned many ways to pack lightly and will try as much as I can to carry on my luggage. I wish I had more pictures for you but since I wasn’t really keeping up with my blog then, I didn’t think to take too many pictures. I did pack a lot of snacks with me for the plane ride and for walking around D.C. I made sure I had my running gear, that went in first of course and then I packed one pair of pants, a pair of yoga capris and a couple of comfy, lightweight tops. I also brought a rain jacket and I’m glad I did!

I had to fly into Dulles airport because that was cheaper, so from there I took the train into Union Station in D.C. I thought that the hotel I was staying at was within walking distance of a metro station but when I called them to let them know I was going to be coming in for a late check-in I thought to ask and they told me that they weren’t within walking distance but that they did have a shuttle from Union Station to the hotel and the last one for the evening was going to leave about 5 min after my train got in! I told them to wait for me because I most definitely wanted to be on that shuttle!

I made it safely on the flight and the train and found the shuttle pretty easily and then arrived at my hotel a little after 8:30. While on the shuttle to my hotel I noticed a guy wearing  a Texas Ranger’s baseball hat and so I asked him about it and it turned out that he in fact was from Texas (Lubbock, out in West Texas where my sisters went to school) and that he was also travelling alone and there for the marathon on Saturday. It was nice to make a friend! We exchanged numbers and I got all settled into my room. It wasn’t the nicest hotel honestly, and the first room they gave me was on the first floor by the pool and the dead bolt didn’t work. Since I was travelling alone in a strange city in the not so nice part of town I decided that I needed to switch rooms, so I marched myself right back up front and asked for a new room. They gave me one on the second floor right by the office and the dead bolt worked so I felt much better!

I stayed in for the rest of the evening since it was already late and there wasn’t much to do. I enjoyed the quiet and watched some TV before deciding to catch up on some sleep! I set my alarm for 8 am (yay for sleeping in!) and planned to head to the expo first thing!

Once I got up and packed my small backpack for the day with snacks and my rain jacket and umbrella I was out the door. I had to take a shuttle to Union Station again and then from there rode the Metro out to the expo. I generally like race expos and I like to look around. I also wanted to see if I could find a special souvenir since this was my first marathon and I needed to pick up some GU packets since I didn’t bring any due to carrying on my luggage.

Once I got to the expo I had no trouble picking up my packet and really enjoyed walking around. There weren’t too many people and as usual the Rock N Roll races have pretty good expos. I found my souvenir; it’s a green, metal 4-leaf clover ornament that has 26.2 cut out of it. I love Christmas time and love ornaments that represent special things so I figured this was a good choice! (I’m actually not really sure what to do with it now, I will probably keep it as a reminder and maybe even hang it on my tree, but we shall see….).

Once I left the expo I decided to do some sight-seeing so I rode the Metro to the Smithsonian district and got off at the National Mall area. I spent the first part of the day in the Museum of American History and I also ate some lunch there (which was ridiculously expensive!!) Once I left that museum it started raining but thankfully I had come prepared. I walked all the way from the Museum of American History to the Washington Monument and then all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and around the World War II monument and then to the Vietnam War Memorial all the way back to the National Archives. I absolutely love the National Archives and so I ended my day there.

(sorry about the formatting, I didn't want to reduce the picture size but some of them overlap :( )

Once I was done with my sight-seeing (or rather, once D.C. closed up shop, because everything closes at 5 or 6pm there!) I headed back to Union Station where I grab some spinach pizza for dinner and hopped on the shuttle back to my hotel. I enjoyed a leisurely evening and made sure to lay all my gear out for the race! I was very excited and felt surprisingly calm. I actually felt very ready and felt like I was prepared to the best of my ability. I was sad that my mom couldn’t be with me but I was actually very thankful to be able to experience the personal growth of doing something scary for the first time. I think I finally went to be around 10pm and slept pretty soundly until my alarm went off at 4:30 the next morning!

Stay tuned for the marathon recap…..

Monday, June 25, 2012

The One With The Lottery Results

I was so excited this morning when I saw this email and then immediately I was filled with dread because I knew my checking account did not have $ I transferred money as quick as I could and all was well! I'm so excited! I really didn't think I would get in! Looks like I need to go register to run Austin.....
Hope you are all having a good Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The One With A Reminder

Just a word of warning, this post is going to be very random and all over the place! But hey, it’s Friday, who isn’t all over the place?

Since I’m not running right now all I seem to want to do is go run. I mean really? Really? Why can I not have this motivation when I need to go run? Instead though, I went to the gym and made myself sweat like crazy last night! Crazy to the point where sweat was dripping off my nose and ears, that kind of crazy sweat. I kept getting interesting looks from people and at first I thought they were impressed that a girl was actually capable of sweating as much as I did, but then when I looked in the mirror I realized I had these stupid sweat stains over each boob and it looked ridiculous. SCORE!

Anyways, I spend 65 minutes busting it out on the elliptical. Most days I get on there and do interval training at about a level 3 or 4 and kind of just get my heart rate up. Well last night I set it on level 5 and made myself keep the RMP at 130 or above and kept my heart rate at a 150 average, hardcore for me indeed. I cooled down on the bike for 20 minutes and then decided that since I announced to the world (or rather, my miniscule portion of the internet) that I was going to be doing weights I decided that I must do just that. So I pulled out an old school workout that I love from over a year ago and got to work. Man I was working hard I felt shaky by the time I was done! I call that Thursday night.

So you guys know how I’ve completely stopped drinking sodas. Right, that was 22 days ago. I have also been eating eggs and spinach every morning for breakfast, along with a salad full of veggies each day at lunch, and about 5 servings of fruit a day. Sounds pretty good right? Well something just isn’t right because none of my clothes fit me! None! My pants and shorts are too tight and my stomach, which is always the first thing to flatten out if I stop drinking sodas, just seems bloated all the time! I’m not really sure what is up but I’ve been totally obsessing about it over the past week. I have even gone so far as to track calories and measure stuff. Nothing is working. I’m thinking something is wrong. So I made a doctor’s appointment for early next month. I’m going to continue to track my food and exercise and then take everything to my doctor to see what she suggests…. (I wasn’t going to share all this just yet but my obsession over it is driving me crazy and I figured I should vent about it!)

I saw a Groupon today for a 10K on July 4th not to far from me. 

Now, I really have no business running a 10K on July 4th, but for $15? I mean how can I say no? Plus you get a tank top! How cool is that? So that’s that, $15 well spent on something that will force me out of bed on my day off to go run, if you ask me that’s a pretty good investment.

I like to sign up for races on a whim, it’s a bit of a problem but not many things in my life are spontaneous so I think I find joy in giving money away spontaneously to run around for a long time in exchange for a medal and t-shirt.  I even recently signed up for a marathon on a whim, a marathon! 

I haven’t even had one good marathon experience and here I go signing up for one for next spring because it’s only $45! I’ve completely lost it! Alex laughs at me and tells me I have issues but he encourages it. In fact, we are planning a trip to Ohio and Indiana this fall and not only did he find a race for us to run the first weekend we get there, but he also found (HE FOUND) a trail race for us to run the following weekend before we leave. He’s a good, good man…..

I got an e-mail today with race photos saying it was my last chance to order them. I cannot tell you how many “last chance” emails I get each week, its ridiculous! Boarder line spam here people. But this one caught my eye because it said “Cowtown”. Well I ran Cowtown a year and a half ago!! That was my very first 10K back in February of 2011. 

I look to innocent and calm. I was actually really admiring these pictures because of how calm I do look. I remember that day well, I was not happy, it was very hot and I felt sick most of the second half of the race. But it’s also very interesting to look at that face and know everything I’ve done and accomplished since then. I had no idea then that I would have done so much when it came to running. It’s kind of surreal to see them. And while the first thing I noticed was how skinny I looked in those pictures (see above paragraph for why I’m obsessing) it was a great reminder that even when I get frustrated and feel like I’m not making any new strides with my running I am still running, and that’s all that matters. Who would have thought 18 months ago that I would still be running? Who would have thought then that I would be signing up for 10K’s and marathons on a whim? I certainly wouldn’t have thought that. So thank you photo people for that wonderful reminder. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One Where I Must Reevaluate

If you follow me on DailyMile (you can do so here if you don’t) then you would have probably noticed by now that lately most of my post have gone a little something like this one…

Most of my runs will last about 1-2 miles and then I have to quit because of pain in my calves and shins. To say that I’m annoyed and frustrated would be a huge understatement! I know I have several things going against me right now....

  • Like how I am not a very good summer runner. The heat really does a number on me and I much prefer and thrive on the cold weather.
  • Or how maybe I took two months off of pretty much all physical activity.
  • Or how I just switched shoes to a more minimalist shoe and I haven’t been very good about properly changing over to them….

Yea, I know, I really stacked the odds in my favor. I think sometimes I just get way too far ahead of myself and I want to be perfect right now and all the time. And if I’m not? Well then it’s an uphill mental battle for sure!

So when once again shin pains came along (even in my old shoes!!) I knew I needed to reevaluate just exactly what I was doing training wise. I hobbled home and went to ice.

 So many thoughts and questions were going through my head and the biggest question mark is “What does that mean for El Scorcho?”

After Alex spent a good deal of time talking me down from a ledge here is what I’ve decided I need to do…

  • For starters I need to take a break from running, but ONLY running! I will give myself one weeks rest to allow my shins and calves to take a break. I WILL continue to workout in other ways by going to the gym or playing tennis.
  • When I do start make with mileage next week I will start with short distances on my treadmill. Alex pointed out that not only am I changing my foot strike in my new shoes, but I’ve also taken away some of the cushioning that my legs and feet have become accustomed to. So I will be keeping the runs on the treadmill and slowly build up from 2-3 miles at a time to allow my body to adjust.
  • I will be diligently foam rolling!!
  • And as for El Scorcho, well, it breaks my heart but I have to accept that it won’t be what I had planned it to be. I will still run El Scorcho, don’t get me wrong, I will be there, it’s a very popular race and only very few spots are available. But my hopes of running it in 3 hours just won’t happen. My plan for El Scorcho is to just run when there is no pain and walk if there is.

As for the rest of my training, I want to focus on lifting weights again and just run some easy miles. I said last summer that I wasn’t going to run through the summer again, so I think I might just try to stick to that. I have mentioned that I will be running for World Vision again this fall and our first official base training starts on June 30th and it’s a very low mileage base plan for about a month, so I think I will try to follow that loosely on the treadmill. I do not have another race until the end of September so I’m going to take a little pressure off myself and just focus on other forms of cardio and weights. And that’s that.

In other random news, I renewed my Road I.D. today.

 I absolutely love this thing and think it’s one of the greatest things out there. I highly suggest you make the investment. I actually read another blog post today about another lady being murdered while out running and I just would hate to think that could ever happen but it does. I know Road I.D. won’t necessarily keep you from being attacked, but it may help in many other ways. I truly believe the $15 I paid up front and the $10 I just spent to renew my yearly membership are well worth it.

I also decided to buy a tester box of these 4 bars.

 I’ve heard a lot about Picky Bars and I’ve been curious but have never really wanted to pay the price. But I am trying to be much more diligent about eating whole and natural foods and these seem to be top notch in that department. So I will give them a try and let you guys know what I think. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The One With Some Motivation

So I was looking around on my Pintrest boards today because many other bloggers are posting their "Fitness Bucket Lists". I like this idea but didn't necessarily want to put a fitness bucket list up just yet, but I did want to share some of the pins that I use for motivation and encouragement when it comes to fitness. If you would like to follow me on Pintrest please do! Follow Me on Pinterest

well put
Totally what I need to hear recently!

I"m pretty sure I would pay any amount of money to look like this!
This keeps me going.

will I?

Success is never wondering what if.  #Inspiration. #Workout #Weight_loss #Fitness

Be strong.
This is so true!!!

I absolutely love this!

I hope you were able to find some motivation today! Follow me on Pintrest!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The One Where I Stopped Every Half Mile

Last night I went out to run the 4 miles.

AND I stopped every half mile.

To Stretch.

Yes, to stretch my poor calf muscles.

But let’s back up a little bit and talk about this weekend first…

On Friday I decided to hit the gym for a spin class, I forgot just how much I absolutely love spin class and it was just what I needed that day! Right after spin class I wanted to get in about 4 miles because I hadn’t run yet all week thanks to rain and being busy. I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be capable of since I had only ever done 1 brick workout before and that was when I was in much better shape. But once I got on the treadmill and got going it was a great workout.

But that left me just a little bit sore and tired. I knew I had 7 miles on my calendar for Saturday and I also knew that what I was doing was going to make me a bit sore, but I decided to harness the motivation while I had it and deal with the soreness and mileage later. So run I did.

Well then Saturday morning comes around and I wake up bright and early and get out the door by 6:15 with the anticipation of running 7 miles. I made it 1.25 miles before I realized that my calf pain was too much and it was starting to turn into shin splints and shin splints SCARE ME! I have dealt with so much pain due to shin splints in the past and I was not about to start that again. So I hobbled home to foam roll saying I’d try again on Sunday.  (I wore my old Brooks Ghost shoes thinking some of the soreness might go away)

Saturday was a fun filled day that included a trip to the farmer’s market,

 an hour or so of tennis and then grilling out for lunch
 and my first Indy Car race experience on Saturday evening 

– needless to say I was tired and so were my legs!!

So Sunday came, my alarm went off, I got out of bed and said no thank you to a 7 mile run, I was just too sore still.

On Monday night I went to the gym and got in some cross training and a core workout which was just what I needed.

Then that brings us to last night, and 4 miles. I should at least say this – I knew when I put on my new shoes that I should have probably gone with the Brooks Ghost; I’m still transitioning, or should be, into the new Brooks PureFlow shoes and I just love them way too much. I can’t seem to go back to my old shoes. In fact, I look at them with disgust as I walk off wearing my shiny new shoes that are so much lighter and more comfortable. But apparently I’m paying the price because once again within a mile I had pain and tightness in my calf muscles and Achilles. I stopped at the half mile mark and stretched them out and then took off again. I stopped again at 1 mile and stretched, again; and again at 1.5 miles. At this point I considered calling it a night and going home, but it was such a nice evening and I wasn’t in any particular hurry and I really wanted to get my mileage in. So I listened to my body and would stop for about 60-90 seconds and stretch at just about every half mile. After about 2.5 miles it became a little easier, and after mile 3 I felt pretty good. I was just really proud of myself to sticking it out. I would rather alter my workout in a small way just to stay true to the end goal and accomplish what I set out to do than quit all together.

So what have I learned? Well apparently nothing because I had to pack for a weekend trip last night and guess what shoes I packed for my 9 mile run on Saturday? 

Yep, you guessed it, these guys!

But in all seriousness, I did learn a few things:
  • I’m crazy. I have decided to not only “return” to running in the month of June [in Texas] after taking a 2 month break, but I have also signed up for my first 25K which is next month and I’ve added new shoes into the mix. If that’s not absolutely crazy I’m not sure what is!
  • I don’t listen well to advice when I really should. I knew these shoes would make my calf muscles and Achilles sore and I was told to ease them in slowly, but I didn’t. I just fell in love instantly and I haven’t looked back.
  • I can accomplish things and push through some of my mental battles if I just relax and let myself do them. They may not be as planned but they still get done.

I actually wasn’t all disappointed with my run last night, I had some good mileage times and it felt good to be outside and running again. I was so glad I stuck with it.
To add to that, it feels amazing to finally have my motivation back. I have worked out, or done some sort of physical activity for 5 days straight now and it feels good. I find myself looking forward to my workout, whatever it is. One thing that has really helped me is the Weight Loss Wars Challenge that my friends and I are doing. I love seeing my minutes of exercise add up! I am currently sitting at 655 minutes of physical activity since June 1st! That’s just crazy to me!!!  Forget the competition; I want to see just how many minutes I can get by the end of the challenge.

I also have been eating really clean and the no soda thing is still going strong, I honestly haven’t really wanted one! That’s all I have for now. Tonight is a Ranger’s Baseball game with Alex and then tomorrow we fly to Indiana for his best friend’s wedding, fun times are ahead!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!