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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The One Where I Gave In & Weekend Plans

I’m going to take a little break from the monthly updates for a moment and give you a small glimpse into what’s going on with the Unlikely Runners at the moment.

To start with, I had a question asking just exactly who Alex was.

So meet Alex:

A Midwestern boy who landed in Texas for a nice little job that only really smart computer geek people have (at least that’s what I tell people, because I can never remember what exactly it is that he does, but it involves computers). He loves tennis, politics, Indy car racing, fish tanks and his cats (ßEw gross!).

 We met at church about 9 months ago and have been dating for 8 months. Since then he has opened my eyes to many new things (cats apparently) and he makes me laugh all the time! 

I in turn have pushed him onto the pavement, but don’t worry, I did give him some running shoes! Although he may not love running as much as I do, and will always balk at any sort of training plan whatsoever, he seems to be passionate about me and so he runs. He says he does it for his health, but I really think it’s just because he’s too darn competitive to let me be better at something, but that’s just my opinion. Any way you slice it, he’s an amazing blessing that God brought into my life and I am so happy to have him run through life with me!

Now moving right along…

On Tuesday evening I did what I have been trying so hard not to do, and that was step foot into a Lululemon.

 Yep, I caved and walked in. Not only did I breach the doorway, I walked in with every intention of spending my hard earned money. I had gotten a gift card for my birthday (thanks Shelly!) and had strategically planned and combed the website looking for exactly what I wanted. (Yes, I did do that!) I wanted to go in with a list so as to not be overcome with starry eyes for every single piece of thread in that place. I wanted to try a pair of capris, a running skirt and a couple different tank tops. Well my list quickly slipped through my fingers because I had a hard time holding on to that little piece of paper with my hands full of things to try on. I tried on a couple of capris, most of which fit nicely but I quickly tossed aside. I went for the ever-so-raved about shorts next, only to still not find exactly what I was looking for. So I busted out the skirt, this skirt; the one with the ruffled butt that I swore I didn’t like. Well but of course, of course I try it on and fall in love; Fine, 1 point for Lululemon, 0 for Lauren.

Next up, tops (now in hindsight, I should have taken pictures of the different outfits I tried on, however, I did not, so oh well). I knew I wanted a tank top. I generally prefer those to other tops since I get really hot, and well, it’s always hot in Texas. I tried on a few different ones, all of which I really loved. In fact, probably my favorite one of all was the No Limits Tank here. I loved the way it fit. But when I put it with the skirt, it just wasn’t right. Since I am on a budget here I nixed that with promises that I would return for it soon. I then reached for the Run: Wild Short Sleeve Tech shirt that I had grabbed on a whim because it was placed next to the skirt that I said I would never wear. I also didn’t particularly like this shirt because online it just looked too weird. However, Lululemon was determined to take all my pride and my dignity (along with my paycheck!) and let me walk out with two pieces of clothing I refused to like, yet somehow did; well played Lululemon, well played. (That’s 2 points Lululemon and 0 for Lauren, in case anyone is keeping score)

I have yet to wear these things except for when trying them on; they are actually intended for this weekend, so I will give you my full review of them later. I will say, it’s nice to own something with that fancy little logo (pretentious much?) but I actually wasn’t all that overwhelmed with the store. Sure their clothes are great quality (at least I hope for the price I paid they last like I think they will!) and everyone was extremely nice. And yes, they have very cute clothes. However, I think I may have gotten my fix of Lululemon taken care of; I don’t particularly have any desire to replace all my Nike and Brooks running gear and commit myself to Lululemon for all of time. Will I buy something else, possibly, but I doubt it will be any time soon. However, Lululemon did one up me, so we shall see….

Now, on to this weekend….

This weekend is actually a REALLY long time in the making, like 7 months long in the making…. Back in October, right after I ran the 13.1 Dallas race (read about ithere), Alex causally told me that there was this half marathon back home in Indiana that he has always wanted to run. He asked me if it might be something I would want to run with him sometime. Now, poor Alex, who had only been dating me for about 5 weeks at this time, didn’t know just what exactly he was getting himself into by suggesting such a thing. He had no idea that I was a sucker for any new race, let alone one I could travel for. So in his innocent ways, he threw the suggestion out there and unbeknownst to him, I started scheming….

It turns out that this small little hometown race just so happens to be the Indy500 Mini Marathon (and according to Runner’s World, it’s not so mini). It claims to be the largest half marathon in the US and this year expects about 35,000 entrants – holy wow! 
This is from this month's Runner's World

I am super excited about this weekend for many reasons. To start with, I’ve been taking it easy on the running – I got a bit burned out during marathon training and then had a pretty awful marathon experience, I dealt with a lot of stress and soreness afterwards and quite honestly, I just had the life sucked out of me by running. So break time was definitely in order. But now I’m itching to get back out there. I’m not sure what the weekend holds since I haven’t been training but I’m hoping that fresh legs and a strong desire to run hard is a winning combination.
I am also really excited about this weekend because I get to travel with Alex to his hometown and meet his friends and family and see where he grew up. I have never been to Indiana and I always love going new places. And I love meeting new people! We have a fun road trip ahead of us, with a few stops along the way (Hello St. Louis! ß never been there either!) and a few eateries we have planned to visit (Moe’s how I have missed you and your wonderful goodness!) I think this will be a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home!!


Rain said...'s not that everything in their store is great, because it's not...but they do have a few really cute items, and they are just so expensive! So, even if you only get 2 things you are over $100 almost every time. I am glad you went in and I am glad you feel like you can control yourself! :)

Thanks for introducing Alex. He seems so sweet! And he is really hitting the races with you, that's great! Look forward to hearing about your trip and road trip!

You seem SO happy :)

The Unlikely Runner said...

Thanks Rain!
Yes, Lululemon is expensive - not entirely worth it to me, but we shall see.
And yes, I am very happy and Alex is very sweet!