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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The One With An Actual Blog Post

So apparently this little blog is still around, who knew! And I’ve even had hundreds of page views over the last 5 months of my absences – I guess people want to see if I’ve died or not. Well I haven’t died yet and after furiously editing my pictures on picnik the past couple of days before they close up shop I decided I should go ahead and give the blog and mini face lift and attempt to revive this here little thing. I cannot guarantee I’ll be good at this, but I would like to continue to document all my running adventures.
I think to catch myself and everyone up on the blog I will begin by just doing a simple month by month update so that each month I’ve missed has its own post – that way you won’t get overwhelmed with reading. Who am I kidding? I don’t want to get overwhelmed writing it all!!!


So I didn’t actually run the 8Mile Turkey Trot, I only ran the 5K and it was probably one of my most favorite Turkey Trot/races all year long. I really did want to run the 8 miles but I had cowboy tickets for later that day and time just wouldn’t allow me to do both. So Dad and I jumped in the 5K corrals with all the fast people and took off and never looked back. I was sucking wind by the time we hit the 3 mile mark and turned the last corner but I had my eyes on a 5K PR and boy did I get me one! I will take it!

Two weekends before the Turkey Trot I was in San Antonio to run Rock N Roll San Antonio – it was a very hot and very humid day! While I do enjoy the Rock N Roll race series I’m not sure I would do this race again – there were so many, many people there and it took me 45 min after the first corral went for my corral to go!! 45 minutes! That is just crazy! The whole course I had to constantly watch my footing and make sure I wasn’t running into or stepping on people. The last 2 miles were the worst because the marathoners joined us again and so all the half marathoners had to be pushed to one side of the street. Then the finish line area was not organized well at all and it was too hard to get out of the area and it was so hot! I saw lots of people throwing up and looking like they wanted to pass out. I did manage a fairly decent time that I was happy with though.

The weekend after that I was in Tulsa to run the Route 66 Half marathon. This race was hands down my favorite race all year long. It was really cold the day of the race (49 at the start and 43 at the finish!) but I love the cold weather!! I had no plan other than to enjoy this race – I was a week off of RNR SA and had the turkey trot (what I thought were 8 miles) in 5 days, so I really just wanted to finish. I took off and started out a bit faster than I normally would at the time and powered up some early hills which gave me a big boost of confidence. I was feeling good and completely enjoying the cold weather. About mile 2.5 I was actually being passed by the 2:30 pacer and decided to just jump on the tails of that group. I had never run in a pace group before and so I wasn’t sure how it would be. But I told myself if I could stay with them for 5 miles then I would be really happy with that. The pace group was the best decision I could have made and technically I ran this race really well. I was entertained listening to the people in the group, I fed off their energy and I was able to draft off of them since there was some wind that day. My breathing, fueling and hydration were great. As I started approaching my 5 mile bargain I decided to hang on until I hit mile 8. At mile 8 I was still feeling good so I said ok, mile 9 then. At mile 9 I was still feeling good so I hung on with the pace group until mile 11!! I was so dang proud of myself. At this point I really wanted to stay with them but at mile 10 we had turned and were now running north along a river bed and the wind was brutally cold, I mean brutal! The pacer also started to get a big kick at mile 11 and since I had never run a race that hard before I just couldn’t hang on. I walked a lot between miles 11-13 but at this point I knew I would be in the 2:3x finish range and I was simply happy with that. I crossed the finish line against a huge headwind and my time was 2:33 and change! I was so happy! My mom and sister were there that day and I am so glad they were there to celebrate with me. 

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Welcome back, sounds like you have been BUSY!