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Monday, November 7, 2011

The One About, well, EVERYTHING!

The One about, well, everything!
Who knew I still had a blog, it’s amazing really. I almost forgot about this little thing here. Ok, not really but I have been extremely neglectful. But I have great excuses, I promise! Today will be bullet style just to give a few recaps, and my goal this week is to finally catch up on all my race reports and the happenings in my life.

§  October 22 I ran 13.1 Dallas with my dad and stepmom. I was also running this race for World Vision. This was my Dad and stepmom’s first half marathon! They finished in 2:53. I got to finish with them and I was so proud of them!!!

§  The following weekend Lisa and I went to Los Angeles. We took a few days vacation and were there to run Rock ‘N Roll Los Angeles.
§  At RNR LA I got an 8 min PR!!!!! Super excited about that.

§  Also, by completing RNR LA, I had just finished 3 Half Marathons in 22 days! I never thought that would be possible, and I thought surely I’d be crawling over the finish line, hurting and dead tired. But instead, I’m ready for more!
§  The pain in my right leg had almost completely gone away – the foam roller is hands down the most important part of training for me! I will preach that foam rolling for as long as I live! The pain is still there on occasion, and shorter distances are hard for some reason, but because of foam rolling, icing and pain meds I’ve been able to really make improvements and become stronger.
§  This past weekend I didn’t have a race, I was a kind of relieved. However, I was off traveling again, this time in Searcy, Arkansas visiting my Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. I went with Nanna and we had a very relaxing weekend.
§  While there I had a meeting set up at Harding University (the private, Christian college that my uncle works for) with the head of the Physical Therapy school…just to explore my options!
§  I also had an amazingly successful long run while there; Searcy is a small town and so I ran from my aunt and uncle’s house all the way thru downtown, over to campus, around campus, on the University’s track and then back thru downtown and back to their house. Overall my run was 10 miles. I ran the whole things in 1:59 flat! That is the fastest I’ve ever run 10 miles and I felt great. I was also happy because there was no soreness afterwards. This run was so relaxing and beautiful. The weather was perfect and the trees and scenery were wonderful.

§  I’ve been traveling so much and I’m just ready to be home!
§  Due to travelling so much, work has been super crazy and very busy, I am in love with my new job, but it is definitely time consuming!
§  This weekend I’m headed to San Antonio with Lisa and Lucy to run Rock ‘N Roll San Antonio. I’m really excited because I know several blogger/twitter friends that are running. And RNR LA was such an awesome race experience that I’m totally looking forward to this one.
§  I signed up for three more races in the past week, yep, I’m that person (ok, so one of them was only the Turkey trot, but still!). One is in December, the other one next May, both of which I’m very excited about (and details to come later!). Alex and I will be running these together, and I think it’s so amazing that even though running is not his thing, and racing is DEFINITELY not his thing, he still wants to enjoy the experience with me. Such a sweet guy!

§  When I signed up for the Turkey Trot today, I did something I’ve never done before – I elected to not be chip timed. It saved me $5 and I have my Garmin, I don’t really need official results. I’m also hoping that this may in some small way give me an incentive to actually run faster. I really want to be under 1:35 this year. My Dad is running with me (see, he caught the running bug from me too!) and I told him I really want some time redemption from last year. This race started it all for me and I want to see improvement. I know I’m capable of a 1:35 time, however, this will be my third race in 18 days….hmmm. Not sure how the legs will feel and what will happen, but I’m motivated.