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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The One with the Second Verse

Here I am folks, same song, second verse: I’m a blog slacker and need to repent!!
I would not lie to you, I really am busy, so let me just fill you in on the happenings in Unlikely Runner world.
I have a new job, I have mentioned this before, I know. I am still working at the same place, same people, same boss, just new responsibilities. However, I did move offices, which was a bit of a pain. And then add to that the fact that I don’t usually like change, and this was my first real job ever, I got sentimental about moving desks and offices. I also was not only doing the job I was hired for, I was also taking over two other jobs because they seemed to think I was capable and we had no one at the time to fill those responsibilities. So that leaves me here, in my new office, training two new people on the jobs that weren’t really mine but that I was doing and also trying to learn the responsibilities of my new job. Like I said, busy!!
I may not be blogging, but I am actually running (shocking I know!!). My running fever has returned and I am still managing to get in three runs a week. Cross-training and my weight-lifting is lacking but as long as those runs happen I’m good. (It’s 17 days until my next half marathon….I best get my booty into gear!)
If you do want to keep up with my workouts I always update my dailymile account (you can befriend me here), and I Twitter (follow me here).
This past weekend I needed to run 8 miles to keep up with my training plan, but I was too lazy to do it. (in my defense, my sister was here and I wanted to spent time with her!) So that meant that Monday night it was now or never for those 8 miles. To be honest, my lack of motivation finally got the better of me and I just got so fed up that motivation poured out of me like none other! Michelle agreed to run with me but she didn’t want to do 8 miles. So I decided I would do 5 with her and then finish up with 3 more at home. I’m really not sure what got into me but that was the best 8 miles I have ever run in my life! Maybe it’s that I’m pushing myself when I run on the treadmill. Maybe it’s the nicer weather. Maybe it was I’ve been missing my running buddies….I have no idea. But we killed those 5.25 miles! We stopped once exactly at the half way point for me to go into a local school and use the bathroom, but other than that we kept a steady pace and never walked once. I was so proud of us. I drove home (which is right across the street from where we met) and immediately hopped on the treadmill and did 3 more miles in 32 minutes. My overall total for the day was 8.25 miles in 1:38 (11:55 pace). It felt awesome and needless to say I was a bit impressed with myself!
Last night I knew I needed to get a hill workout in and had plans to run with a guy from church after Bible study. We set out to the run the two miles to “the hill” and then did 4 hill sprints (ugh, total reminder of how out of shape I am) and then walked half a mile and then ran the mile and a half back. Overall we did 4.3 miles (running, not including the walk) and 4 hill repeats in 52 minutes (12:10 pace). This was also another great run for me and left me feeling mighty proud (so this now means I’ll have a really crappy run next time right?).
Since I’m burning the candle at both ends lately I most definitely had one of these this morning (and I won’t lie, I will be having one tomorrow morning too, they were on sale for 2 for $3).

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