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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The One About My 8 Fears

8 Fears:

1. I'm terrified of snakes, the horribly creep me out, ugh! I also do not like spiders!

2. I have a very "worst-case scenario" type brain at times and I often fear that my mom or sisters will die in some horrible freak accident. I know, it's strange, but I really hate it when they don't answer their phones. I've been known to call my sisters on multiple occasions because my mom won't answer her phone. I really have no idea where this fear comes from.... anyways, moving on....

3. Never having a job that I just feel so unbelievably proud of (or more specifically, not being able to go to and finish Physical Therapy school)

4. Not being finacially secure.

5. Not being able to have biological children. I understand this seems weird, but it's a fear that I have simply because it's so important to me.

6. Running/ overuse injuries and not being able to accomplish my dreams

7. Cancer

8. Of losing someone I love.

Honestly, this one was hard for me. I think a year ago I was definitely a very fearful person. I was constantly worried about the future and about what would happen in my life. I was in a very insecure place. But since my world has changed so much in the past year I have truly been able to witness God's unfailing love for me and I've seen the truth in His protection and as a result not too many things phase me anymore. I don't get overwhelmed the same way I used to. All those fears that I listed are there, but honestly, I never think about them, they are more just realities of certain situations, yet I know that if any one of those things happened to me, or even if all of those things happen to me at one time, I would still be just fine and I would be a stronger person for it. I have friends who's lives are consumed with worry and fear and it breaks my heart because there is no joy whatsoever in their lives and it is constant bondage. I just wish I could help them see how God truly does love and guide their lives at all times, because I've seen it and it is absolutely amazing!

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