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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The one with a desired nap

I had every intention of writting a post today about World Vision, I honestly want to tell you all about this exciting opportunity that I have. But unfortunately my "adult" life and job came calling. It's been a busy couple of days in these parts, mainly because we recieved good news at work that we are all keeping our jobs (it's a long story, but a good thing). However, that means lots of changes and added work. But I cannot complain!! That is until about 3 o'clock today when the urge for this

came along. Thank goodness it's Thursday because the urge is hitting really hard! And since I've given up these
it really makes life super hard here on the job front. But in other news, just some random updates here...
Last night I did some speed work on the treadmill at the gym (which was PACKED at 9pm, and dreadfully hot because of that!). I started with a 10 minute, 1 mile warmup. Then I sprinted for a tenth of a mile on level 8, then walked for 2 tenths. Then I ran at 5.5 for a tenth, then sprinted on 8 for a tenth. Then I walked again for 2 tenths. I did the whole cycle 3 times. Over all it was 2 miles in 23 minutes followed with a 6 minute (.25 mile) walk afterwards. Then a 15 minute bike cooldown. Wow I was sweaty and tired!!!

Another note of randomness, here are the ONLY two pictures I took this weekend with my best friends in San Antonio (one of which is yes, a picture in the bathroom!). I still can't believe I didn't take more than 2 pictures, it makes me want to cry!
Andrea and I

Andrea, Darcey and I
We've known each other our whole lives and basically been best friends for just as long. I'm so blessed to have these two girls as friends. I've always known we have a special friendship but I was reminded of how amazing they truly are this weekend. I love you guys!
Alright, enough randomness....Ke$ha concert tonight....yes, really. (It was a Groupon, and Lisa wanted to go, I must return the friend favors for the rest of my life)

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Sean and Rain Gowens said...

I sooo want to crawl under my desk like that sometimes! I say bring naptime to the workplace! Glad to hear you still have your job....we just recently went through something like that at our job. It's stressful! Have a great weekend :)