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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The one with 10 days

So it has been 10 days since my last workout! TEN! That’s all the fingers on my hands! TEN! That is ridiculous! I’m sure you can tell by my daily mile post, or lack thereof that I’ve been a slacker. Oh yeah, and the fact that my blog has been growing cobwebs might also be an indicator that I’m a lazy bum and haven’t been doing too much.
Well, for the record, although I am a lazy bum in the workout department, it’s not because I haven’t been doing things. I’ve been distracted, a lot! It’s in a good way, but definitely distracted. I’ve been preparing for my new job and still doing things that can’t be neglected on my old job, which takes a lot of my time and attention. I’ve been asked to be a leader for my adult bible class at church, and so I’ve added responsibilities there, and with that have come many more new friendships and people to spend time with. I’ve also been taking advantage of Ranger’s games, since the season is almost over. And I’ve spent some family time. All in all many fun things, but clearly distracting me from my workouts.
When it’s all said and done, it will be 12 whole days before I workout again…that’s right, I’m not working out until Saturday! I do miss my running buddies…I miss the consistency we had and I’m ready to get back on a strict running schedule again. So with that being said, I’m using spare time to make my new running schedule that will start on Monday.  
This schedule is going to be a BIG one! It will actually take me from September 1st all the way thru all of my marathon training! I have so many races coming up and also want to make sure I properly train for this marathon and give my body plenty of time to increase mileage. So I will have 6 months of training. 6 months!! Holy moly that’s a really long time! As overwhelming as that seems, I am a bit excited to see how my winter will look. You all know that I love plans and schedules and even though 6 months seems daunting I know that it is just a plan.
Essentially though it makes the marathon a real thing for me; and I never thought I would say this but I’m excited to run a marathon, EXCITED! Am I crazy, absolutely! But you can’t have fun if you aren’t just a little bit crazy! So we are just going to plunge forward and I’m completely determined to enjoy the ride, bad days and all!
Another thing I’ll be doing in my spare time (since I’ve had so much accumulate over the past couple of weeks, ha!) is to get my eating back on track. Since my workouts have been a disaster, my eating has been a disaster as well. And by disaster, I mean a full out train wreck! So that is definitely going to be whipped back into shape real quick! I’ve also been researching different supplements and health food options to make sure that I am completely healthy and fit while training. I’ve been introduced to JuicePlus and I even got to go to a really interesting talk last weekend by Dr. William Sears on healthy living and aging. I will start my JuicePlus regimen this weekend and I will keep you posted as I go along.
So, there you have it; I’m not dead, just out of sorts lately. I’ll find my motivation somewhere soon, don’t worry. I’ve got lots more running to do and I’m ready to take it on!
P.S. I signed up for my first ever marathon relay today!