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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the one with a new name!

Let it be known that I have officially changed my blog title from Three Unlikely Runners to THE Unlikely Runners.
There are still 3 of us, yes. And this is still my adventures of training with my two running buddies, they will always be my most favorite runners and people to train with, they have one of the hugest pieces of my heart forever, and that is a fact. However, as my journey continues I am meeting more people and learning many new things and feel this is a more appropraite blog title. I also hope this will generate a little more blog traffic now that it's a more generic title. Nothing has changed at all with my blog, just simply the title. Happy reading and running!

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Maybe you have a lot of traffic but everyone's so jealous of the fact that you're a runner, they lurk instead of openly read! I know the running blogs make me feel at once terribly inadequate and yet inspired! So you go Unlikely Runner that I am sure is actually quite a terrific runner! :)