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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The one with more workouts

Weekly workout update:
Monday night: Elliptical. Hard interval workout for 50 minutes.
Tuesday: off
Tonight: Elliptical and Weights

This morning I sat in a meeting for almost 2 hours, it was only supposed to last an hour. It was a very boring meeting, and by boring I mean a total waste of time, for everyone else. I on the other hand took the opportunity of doctors arguing back and forth to do some workout development and meal planning. I’m sure I looked like I was taking awesome notes (although I actually probably looked crazy since there was nothing worth noting in that meeting…).
I ended up with two more strength training routines and three weeks of meal planning done. Not too bad if you ask me.
This first workout, I call it the Mini Circuits of Doom workout, has 8 groups, each with two exercises in them to be done at 3 sets each. For example, you start with number 1 by doing 15 reps of bicep curls and then immediately 15 reps of squats. Take a 30 second break then do number one again. After the third time you take a minute break. Then you start on mini circuit 2 with 15 reps of deadlifts followed by shoulder raises followed by a 30 second break and so on. Does that make sense? I have never done this before and I’m actually really excited to try it out. It seems kind of long and will have to be done on a day when I have a little longer lifting schedule. But this could also be cut in half for time purposes or beginners. If you do this before I do, let me know what you think!
Mini Circuit Workout:
Set 1 (x3)
bicep curl
15 reps
15 reps
Set 2 (x3)
15 reps
shoulder press
15 reps
Set 3 (x 3)
reverse fly
15 reps
plie' squat
15 reps
Set 4 (x3)
side overs
15 reps
bench dips
15 reps
Set 5 (x3)
bent knees
15 reps
push ups
15 reps
Set 6 (x3)
chest press
15 reps
15 reps
Set 7 (x3)
OH Triceps
15 reps
shoulder fly
15 reps
Set 8 (x3)
Bench crunch
15 reps
pulsing lunge
15 reps

The second set of workouts I did should be done on a freestanding cable machine with arms that move. I really like cable workouts and would often do these with clients when I was a personal trainer. It’s a great way to add resistance and core work at the same time. With each exercise I tried to give a description of how it should be done, but if you need further explanation just email me!
Cable workout:
Do 4 sets of each, 12 reps each set
Reverse lunge with bicep curl
Facing cable machine step back with one leg, curl and return to start. Switch legs.
Single leg chest press
Face away from the machine, balance on one leg, keep core tight and with palms facing floor bring together in front of you. Switch legs on the next set.
Squat with shoulder press
Face away from the machine, squat, do shoulder press then release.
Torso rotations
Stand to the side of the machine and hold cable in front of you at chest level. Keep hips and shoulders aligned and rotate slightly to one side then return to starting position. Complete one side then switch.
Squat with rows
Facing the machine start with cables on the floor. Squat and pull cable up by side with palms facing in, then release together.
Single leg lat pull down
Facing the machine with cables at the top stand on one leg for balance, perform lat pull down. Switch legs on the next set.

I hope you enjoy! What do you do for strength training workouts?

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