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Friday, July 22, 2011

The One Where I've Never Been Gladder

I have never been gladder (Word changed this from “more glad”, so I guess this is correct, although it looks really weird to me!) for Friday to be here in my whole life! (Ok that’s probably slightly exaggerated) This has been one crazy week! Between my crazy blah feelings, workout rut, crazy eye problems (which was a stye and is now gone!) and a few late, late nights I am just ready to call this week quits. Which I will do at approximately 4:30 today!
Tonight I’m getting’ out of town (true Texan talk right there y’all) and I’m super excited! I may only be heading a few cities over but I am very much looking forward to time with my running buddies – it feels like it has been forever since we’ve all been together, and even longer since we’ve raced together (Big D Half, wow!). Lisa, Michelle, Lucy (Lisa’s friend) and I are running a 10K in the morning called the Sizzlin’ Summer Half and 10K. And since I haven’t trained all week long (I have been training, just took this week off for some reason) I am expecting great things seeing as my legs will be FRESH! Ha! If only. This is what the temperature looks like for tomorrow.

To say I’m a little bit worried about the heat would be a HUGE understatement. So I’m doing a lot of this today.

I’m trying to be smart, but I still feel as though I am unable to master the art of perfect training.
Speaking of training, the horrible rut I have been sitting in this week has finally been overcome I do believe. Man that was awful!  I am currently at the end of the 6-week training plan I had made, so I will be working on a new 6-week plan.
This one will be a little bit different because I have a weird schedule coming up. My next race (the Hottest Half, yikes!) is in 3 weeks. And if you think I’m nervous about tomorrow, you know I’m shaking in my Nikes over this one. I have never run/trained through the summer before. I have not yet learned how to best hydrate and fuel myself in this kind of weather. I have never run more than 9 miles in this weather (and that was starting at 5:45, three weeks ago!). This race starts at 7:30 (too late in my opinion) and is in the middle of August. This is also only the second year this race has been offered and I’ve heard horror stories from several people who ran it last year about how poorly managed the race was, mainly the problems with water stops! So that being said, the three weeks leading up to this race will be primarily workouts based on listening to my body and trying to do what’s best so I have the most available resources in my body on race day. I will be keeping track of all the details of training for the hottest half and plan to share them with you as I learn.
The second three weeks on the 6-week training plan, I have intentions of slowing down a little bit. I have a very full race schedule in October (3 Halfs) and November (2 back to back Halfs) and so really don’t want to be burnt out.
And the last different thing coming up is starting on August 1st I will be working with and running with my church’s running group that is raising fund for World Vision (a post about my involvement with World Vision coming soon!). My weekend runs will now primarily be with this running group until our race in October.
Once I’ve finalized my “tentative” training plan you will be able to find it on my Unlikely Training page. I do this so that I can be held accountable, but also in hopes that what I’m doing will inspire you and help you with your training as well. But I’m always open to feed back!
I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


Sean and Rain Gowens said...

Good luck tomorrow! Give us a picture recap :) I am glad you are feeling better and I look forward to seeing your training plan!

Sean and Rain Gowens said...

Oh and how fun you get to run with your friends!

Lovefitnesslaugh said...

Just found your blog!! Have fun on the run and stay hydrated!!!